Cribbs thinks former agent planted Hillis CIA story


Browns running back Peyton Hillis has said he doesn’t know who leaked to the media the notion that in 2011 he considering retiring from football and joining the CIA.  Teammate Josh Cribbs has a theory.

Cribbs said Saturday night that he thinks agent Kennard McGuire, whom Hillis recently fired, planted the seeds of the CIA story.

“That tends to hurt a person’s credibility when you get released,” Cribbs said, via Jeff Schudel of the Morning Journal.  “It happens all the time.  Then you try to scorn a guy.  I didn’t think that was a great move for him to try to get future athletes under his belt to try to slur a guy’s good name.  We knew better than that.”

Cribbs also believes that the Browns should keep Hillis.  “If they feel we can win without him, I would have to disagree,” Cribbs said.  “A lot of negative things have been said about him in negative ways, but I know him personally and I vouch for that guy.  When he suits up he’s ready to play.”

Of course, on one occasion Hillis didn’t suit up during the 2011 because he had strep throat.  And that seemed to be the catalyst for a chain of events that caused Hillis to fall out of favor with the organization.

Regardless of what the team now thinks about Hillis, he’ll become a free agent unless a new deal is negotiated by Match 13 at 4:00 p.m. ET.  And of all the offers he gets, it’s unlikely that any will be coming from the CIA.

15 responses to “Cribbs thinks former agent planted Hillis CIA story

  1. The classic, you fired me so I’ll say the CIA wanted you trick. Never gets old!

    Seriously though, how would that help the agent? Unless by agent… he really meant CIA agent! The plot thickens on this non story

  2. “If they feel we can win without him, I would have to disagree,” Cribbs said.

    I would say the notion that you can win WITH him is also up for debate.

  3. Sounds plausible given that agents are scum, but with Hillis’ out-of-control ego and self-delusion, the CIA story does not surprise me one bit.

  4. Maybe last years disaster is why he keeps switching agents? And if it wasn’t his agent it was his team or it was true…

  5. In addition… I just saw the picture now that I’m on a computer and that looks like it hurts. Has nobody else noticed his leg is doing something it obviously wasn’t meant to?

  6. If the Browns are in the business of just selling jerseys then sign Hillis.

    If they want to win games then draft someone out of college and be done with it.

  7. Maybe Cribbs should just work on his kick returning skills. He has made 1 play (meaningless games) in 2 years.

  8. Tom Heckert says alot of it has been blown up! If thats the case then why low ball the guy? Im thinking let’s sign him to a wait and see deal with lots of incentives. If he plays well he gets paid well! Period!

  9. chasedawg1965 says: Mar 5, 2012 11:35 AM

    Tom Heckert says alot of it has been blown up! If thats the case then why low ball the guy?

    That’s why it’s called a negotiation. The GM tries to get a deal that works out best for the team while the Agent of the player tries to work out a deal that gets him the biggest cut of his players contract. They’re supposed to meet somewhere in the middle but that won’t happen if the two sides have to start all over every time Hillis decides he needs a new agent. Hillis goes through agents like the Browns go through QB’s.

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