ESPN gives Jaworski his own version of Gruden’s QB Camp

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Ron Jaworski has been removed from the Monday Night Football booth to give Jon Gruden more room to spread his wings, but one of Jaworski’s consolation prizes is that ESPN is giving him his own copycat version of the best thing Gruden does.

ESPN has already announced that Gruden will bring back his Quarterback Camp feature for the third straight year, sitting down with quarterback prospects to pick their brains in an Xs-and-Os session before the NFL draft. Now Jaworski tells that he’s going to start doing the same thing with current NFL quarterbacks.

“I will sit with Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and put the tape on and just talk to those guys; that is one of the elements I am really excited about,” he said. “People will get a better understanding what it takes to play quarterback.”

That sounds like good TV, but it still isn’t completely clear why Jaworski couldn’t have done both that and Monday Night Football. ESPN’s decision to push Jaws out of the Monday Night Football booth remains perplexing, but Jaworski, who called his departure “bittersweet,” says he has accepted it.

“I loved doing Monday Night Football. Jon, Mike and I, we had a blast,” Jaworski said. “We had a great crew. The memories are all great. We had five phenomenal years. It wasn’t anything about performance, they just made the business decision to go to a two-man booth and I was the odd man out.”

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  1. Jaws was the best one in that booth. The only one who took the time to talk even basic X’s and O’s. Mike doesn’t know anything about football, and gruden sounds like he is on the campaign trail.

  2. Jaws is one of the more analytical and understandable analysts who’s also articulate and easy to follow. Gruden likes everyone but he’s interesting, insightful and decisive (probably more so as an analyst than an HC). I agree that Tirico brings little to the party and if someone had to go to fuel Gruden’s ego, it should have been Mike.

  3. I think everybody gives a pass to Trico. I believe who stays and who goes is whatever Trico decides, ESPN gives this guy all the high profile jobs just like they did Chris the boomer.

  4. Jaws was too QB-centric. Gruden gives a more balancd analysis, despite any shortcomings, and Tirico is the most professional of the group.

    I see why they made the move.

  5. I will watch that show. Love his analysis.

    As for who should have gone, folks, Tirico is the play by play guy. That’s a different job than analyst and colour commentary, the jobs of Gruden and Jaws. Being good at one doesn’t mean you are good at the ther. Jaws and Gruden had competing roles. That’s why one had to go.

    If you had both Jaws and Gruden in there you’d have both of them trying to talk over each other with almost no description of the basic play such as down and distance, who of note was in the play or not, what the score is, etc. Tirico is a decent enough play by play announcer. Not as good as Al Michaels but good enough.

    Jaws was the better colour commentary and analyst. They should have kept him and punted Gruden. When Gruden leaves in two years they will be grasping at straws, trying to pull a new team together again.

  6. What’s with the Jaws love-fest? Not a big fan of captain obvious myself. And the way that he talks makes the most mundane action way overhyped.

  7. Jaws? I love this guy! This guy is a real football analyst! This guy is going to compete! This guy is everything you want in an analyst. He’s a winner!

  8. Just hang in there Jaws. Gruden will be off to another NFL team soon and you’ll be right back in there… that is if ESPN knows what they are doing. Sometimes I really question whomever is running the Disney Office knows anything about football or programming.
    It’s sad.
    Gruden is a guy I would like to have a beer with, Jaws was someone I would do SHOTS with.

  9. Jaw is one of the best X and O guys in broadcasting. His understanding of the game and the strategy is unparalleled. Sure I hate that he was screwed by ESPN, but that is television. Just like a coach, only one thing is certain, you are going to be fired someday. They gave Jaws a soft landing because the decision was likely not made using solid, hard facts, but on the gut feel of some 35 year old who can’t relate to a 60 year old and thinks others can’t as well. Oh well, Jaws has the last laugh. He doesn’t even need their stinking job, he owns country clubs, has a show with Sal Pal and Cosell, does radio, Eagles pre season and more. He is Philly’s adopted home town boy.

  10. I can’t stand Gruden. To me, he is more flash than substance. Even if the substance is fine, I can’t stand his over-exuberance, so can’t listen to him long enough to even hear if his info is good.

  11. I always liked Jaws. He may have been a bit too inside at times but still so much better than Gruden it isn’t funny. Chuckie is so bad he gives new meaning to the word bad. Compared to him, Dennis Miller in the MNF booth on ABC was an innovation worthy of da Vinci.

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