In St. Louis, Redskins viewed as favorites to trade up with Rams


With the Rams almost certain to trade the second overall pick in the NFL draft to some team that wants Robert Griffin III, the big question in St. Louis is which team that will be.

The Rams have already begun talking to other teams about a potential trade, and according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Redskins are viewed as the frontrunners to be the Rams’ trading partners.

However, there appears to be a fairly large sticking point: According to the report, the Redskins don’t want to include their second-round pick this year in moving up from No. 6 to No. 2, and the Rams want that pick to be a part of it. The Redskins are willing to include their 2013 first-round pick in the trade, but the Rams apparently want more than that.

The old draft trade chart suggests that the Redskins would need to trade more than just their first-round pick and their second-round pick to move up to the No. 2 overall pick. But you can probably throw the draft trade chart out the window on this one. The Rams are going to trade the pick not for what is considered a fair price according to the chart, but for whatever is the best deal they can get. And assuming there’s more than one team enamored with Griffin, the Rams can likely get at least one team to overpay.

At the moment that team doesn’t appear likely to be the Browns, however: They’re reportedly unwilling to give up both of their first-round picks (No. 4 and No. 22) to move up two spots and grab Griffin.

The Rams are likely looking for something along the lines of what the Giants gave the Chargers in the Eli Manning-Philip Rivers trade in 2004. That year the Giants got Manning (the No. 1 overall pick) in exchange for Rivers (the No. 4 overall pick), plus the Giants’ third-round pick that year and their first- and fifth-round picks the following year.

So if the Redskins are the team moving up, they might be able to keep this year’s second overall pick. But they’d probably have to give up this year’s first and third, and next year’s first and fifth.

78 responses to “In St. Louis, Redskins viewed as favorites to trade up with Rams

  1. It appears the Rams may have to look for a DC, not that that would affect this trade.

  2. So does anyone think they will continue to beat the NY Giants with RG3?? Like if u agree, Dislike if you disagree.

  3. I love RG3. But the Ditka trade did not work. And even though the Giants did get a great QB so did the Chargers. I believe with reports of agents saying Browns not trying to win and still building. And the people saying the Browns were hoping Barkley would come out this year. You will see the Browns trade down. They will still get important pieces and build ammo to get Barkley next year. Barkley is perfect for West Coast Offense.

  4. The Rivers/Eli trade was the best thing Ernie Accorsi ever did for the Giants organization. And at the time — and years after — he received endless criticism for it. I’d do that trade 100 out of 100 more times knowing what’s transpired since.

    IMHO, I think the Redskins should give up whatever it takes to get Griffin. They have been desperate to get a game-changer at QB for a long time, and this is their opportunity. I honestly thought they’d make a play for Cam Newton last year, but something tells me they won’t make the same mistake two years in a row.

  5. So how exactly do the facts of this article make the Redskins the favorite to trade up with St. L. ? It seems the media is buying into the RGIII hype more than the interested teams are.

  6. You know the Rams are being stupid if I was any team for the price they want I wouldn’t trade with them force them to use the pick and if they decide to draft RG3 tell them good luck with your upcoming QB controversy cause they would end up having to release or trade RG3 or Bradford at some point and teams then would either get RG3 for free or at a discount from what the Rams are trying to steal right now ( or even Bradford for that matter )

  7. njkid says: Mar 4, 2012 10:28 AM

    So does anyone think they will continue to beat the NY Giants with RG3?? Like if u agree, Dislike if you disagree.


    You want us to like/dislike a question?

  8. The Redskins should NOT overpay for this kid, they never heard of him 18 months ago….
    5 years from now, Ryan Tannehill AND Russell Wilson >RG3….
    Besides, we already have RG1….(Thanks for whoever thought that up)

  9. i cant wait skins havent had a qb in if they could build there o-line up there winning the east

  10. The old chart is and has been obsolete the last few years, and especially now with the rookie wage scale in place.

  11. If Clev. does indeed choose to stick and use their 2 first rounders, they better be playmakers! Because RG3 is the real deal and they are nuts not to make the play to acquire him. Colt McCoy…are you kidding me!?

  12. All the Skins have to do is wait until FA officially starts and let the QB chips fall with other teams that are QB needy. This would eliminate giving the Rams a kings ransom to move up 4 spots. If they still want to play hardball I say call their bluff and start negotiations with Minny for pick No#3.

  13. Hey, Cleveland calling. Don’t feel bad for us. We’ll get this pick if we want it. We can bring more to the table.
    Whomever gets RG III though is getting a leader. A war time general. I heard him speak on The Jim Rome Show and he blew me away. He is wise beyond his years. I would draft him over Luck in a heartbeat. RG III took the entire Baylor program to another level. He wasn’t liked, he was Loved and to people who say it’s better to be feared then Loved, I beg to differ. People will defend themselves in fear, they will KILL for Love and that is the truth.

  14. The Browns are in a position of strength, and shouldn’t need to give up both of their first round picks to move up. First off – there is an incredible difference in value (probably a second rounder in itself) between their #4 pick and Washington’s #6 – because the guys St. Louis has targeted (Kalil and Blackmon) will be there at 4 but not at 6. The Browns second round pick is better than Washington’s second even if Washington was willing to give ther’s up. You can’t believe anything you’re reading right now, but if you could, I’d think the Browns have Washington beat in this trade easily. I’m more worried aobut surprise teams moving up – or St. Louis deciding they don’t like any offers better than a long-term solution at LT in Kalil, and then worring about what Minnesota does at 3. I’d like to see the Browns get RG3 – but don’t think its the end of the world if they don’t – and would like to see them move up to #2 for the #4 and #36 this year, and a second next year.

  15. I’d feel bad for rg3 if he has to go play in washington. Shanny will ruin that kid and what’s worse is rg3 would be all they had in a division with 4-5 of the top sackers in the nfl.

    It’s just not a good spot for him. I know they have qbs but IMO the Vikings or bucs would be the best fits. Or philly even but we don’t have the ammo to get to 2 and if they did get their I’d rather have Blackmon since we have Vick

  16. From Cleveland’s perspective, this isn’t about moving up two spots, it’s about moving one spot.

    The Rams have no interest in RGIII, or they would simply draft him. No one else can offer picks as good as Cleveland, so they’re right not to negotiate against themselves.

    The #2 pick in this draft is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it, value charts be damned. In my own subjective view, this year’s #4 and #36 is better than this year’s #6 and next year’s Redskins’ 1st round. If the Redskins improve to just 8-8, not easy but not impossible, next year’s 1st from Washington could be #15 or higher.

    More importantly, the chance you draft a starting player at #36 this year is at least pretty good. If your draft board doesn’t project a need being available there, you can use it to trade for someone before the draft even happens.

  17. Simply more propaganda from the Rams to get the Browns to ante up. I hope the Browns just stay put at four and make the value pick. No matter what happens at the second pick the Browns are getting a great prospect with the fourth pick. Cause thats all they are until they prove it on the field. Go Browns!

  18. If am Griffin I say no thanks to the Skins. When that much is given up where are my blockers coming from? Where are my We coming from? Where’s my rb?
    No thank you! Unless all he cares about is going high.

  19. My guess is STL trying push the Browns into including the 22 by saying WASH is favorite to get it. STL would miss out on their guy at 6. Unless they plan on reaching for a WR or an OT if they move back to 6.

  20. So what happened to all of the 3 #1’s, a 2, a 3, a first born etc.

    Seems like STL will have to settle for something less than they wanted.

    If I’m CLV. I offer #4, our 2nd rnd, 4th rnd, and next years #2. If they say no, publicly back out, let them settle for washington’s best offer and watch as CLV potentially takes their targeted player @4.

  21. If they (Rams) trade their second pick to the Redskins, they’ll eventually get burned in the short-term, and long-term! Honestly, what benefit would they have trading with the Redskins, compared to a trade with Cleveland? If they trade with the ‘Skins, they won’t get either player that they need (I doubt Brandon Lloyd will be back), meaning they will not get Blackmon or Kalil! They are also in the same conference! It would be crazy to send a QB into the same conference, you could potentially face in the playoffs! Smarten up St. Louis media!

  22. bluejays20091 says:
    Mar 4, 2012 10:26 AM
    i have been saying this since the season ended rex and john both suck


    Whoa!!!!!!…….Quite the Nostradamus. Thanks for stating the obvious. Now kill your self

  23. Skins will probably give up too much. But if Vinny were still in charge, they would have already traded 3 ones & 3 twos.

  24. Bijdve would be fired as a GM faster than Todd Haley got canned as coach in KC. The Browns are in the catbird’s seat…………..if they want RG III

  25. bluejays20091 says:
    Mar 4, 2012 10:26 AM

    i have been saying this since the season ended rex and john both suck

    Since the season ended? You mean you didn’t know that before the season even started?

  26. The media hype, broken down:
    1. Redskins want Peyton Manning
    1a. Peyton Manning is throwing better
    2. The Redskins are going to trade all of there draft picks for the next 2 years for RGIII.

  27. The fact that the Redskins are in the lead and they are not even including this year’s #2 at this point, is a pretty good indication that the Browns are not offering both of their #1 picks.

    Because that would be a better deal even if the Skins DID throw in their #2 this year.

    Browns fans, discuss………….

  28. bigjdve says:
    Mar 4, 2012 10:35 AM
    1st and 3rd this year. 1st and 5th next year. That is a fair price.

    To draft a potential franchise QB who you can lock up for 4 years and around 20 mil, less than free agent QBs with far less potential upside will get?

    No way, not to go down 4 spots and lose not only RGIII but Blackmon and Khalil too.

  29. As a Browns fan, I was hoping they’d get RGIII because if there’s one thing the Browns are famous for- and seem to never pass up the opportunity to do- it’s to NOT take the playmaker in the draft that could most likely help the team right now. They love to pass on the proven players and take guys who are overhyped and then don’t contribute much (I’m looking at you, TJ Ward.) Yeah yeah, I know- Joe Haden. Meh. He was getting burned constantly in the 2nd half of last season. he hasn’t proved anything yet, except that maybe he’s a slight upgrade over Eric Wright.

    So I won’t be surprised at all if the Browns don’t meet the Rams demands to get Griffin. Howwever, the more I think about it, the more it does make sense to try to keep the high draft picks, TRY to make something useful out of them, see if Barkley is available next year, and get a damn receiver or two this year to see if it helps Colt McCoy. I have done a whole lot of believing in McCoy lately, but it definitely IS TRUE that the guy just doesn’t have any help downfield. If the Browns could land a Blackmon at 4 and another good WR later in the draft, maybe McCoy would look a little better.

  30. StL loses some leverage as they have to trade the pick to get some value. Otherwise they’re just drafting someone they could’ve gotten at 4 or 5 anyway. Potential trade partners know this so they will not have to give up as much as people think.

  31. td40 says:
    Mar 4, 2012 11:30 AM
    “I have done a whole lot of believing in McCoy lately”

    Oops. That was supposed to say “I HAVEN’T done a whole lot of believe in McCoy lately…”

  32. I don’t think Holmgren’s ego and history with quarterbacks will allow him to take RG3. He doesn’t think he needs a first round QB to win. Favre (second round), Hasselbeck (sixth), Montana (third), Young (first round supplemental but widely considered a bust until traded to SF). He thinks he can find and develop QB’s in the later rounds. But I think the game is different now and Favre, Young and Montana probably aren’t coming to Cleveland. Good luck Brown fans. Keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting. Do you think you can compete in your division without a “franchise” ( I hate that term) QB? Colt is no Montana, Young, Favre, or even Hasselbeck. Every year you wait, is another four win season. I guess you could go with Flynn as Holmgren did with Hasselbeck but he could be a bigger risk than RG3. Call the Rams, give them your two firsts and a fourth. You can be in the playoffs in 2014. Or you can just wait.

  33. donphin99 says:
    Mar 4, 2012 11:10 AM
    They can get Drew Brees for just two 1picks. They have the cap space to pay him.

    No they can’t. Brees has the exclusive franchise tag on him.

  34. “So does anyone think they will continue to beat the NY Giants with RG3?? Like if u agree, Dislike if you disagree.”

    Guess you forgot that the Giants had won 9 out of the previous 10 games the two teams had played. BTW – When was the last time the Skins won a Super Bowl?

  35. Anyone shocked that smart teams have no interest in RGIII while the dumbest team in the league does?

    So many GM’s LOL’ing right now at the idea that people are in love with RGIII.


  36. And ohhhh yes, anyone who watches college football more than the odd game here or there and bowl games has little faith in RGIII.

    While all the “I watched his highlights and I watch 4 college games a year” types are in love with him.

  37. bigjdve says:
    Mar 4, 2012 10:35 AM
    1st and 3rd this year. 1st and 5th next year. That is a fair price.
    To move up 8 spots ?Mabie a 1st and 3rd this year and a 2nd and 4th next year.

  38. But you can probably throw the draft trade chart out the window on this one. The Rams are going to trade the pick not for what is considered a fair price according to the chart, but for whatever is the best deal they can get.


    But normally, teams just go by the trade chart and don’t attempt to get the best deal they can. Do you guys read what you write?

  39. That’s a deal I would make given that I had no QB and not much else to hang my hat on. Shanahan knows that he is going to be just another ex-Redskins coach if they don’t do something radical to improve the team and give them a chance. Snyder has been a good boy since Shanny arrived and the way to keep him quiet and out of football side, is to do something spectacular, like get RGIII and build the team around him. That may buy Shanny a couple more years.

  40. What happens it the redskins lose there first round pick for bounties, just like the saints are expected to lose. There was already one player that openly admitted the redskins had bounties so I can’t see how you can penalize the saints, and not penalize the redskins. Just because the saints are the most recent doesn’t mean it wasn’t just as bad if not worse when the redskins did it. I guess it depends on what you consider the statue of limitations, and how much evidence they can find after the fact.

  41. It’s a smoke screen…here’s the way it’ll play out 2 yrs ago the skins wanted Bradford but didn’t have the ammo to make the move same as last year with Newton, the Rams would love to have RGIII instead however Bradfords contract makes him hard to trade this is where the skins and all that cap room comes in. For taking on Bradfords contract the Rams reduce the compensation they would normally ask for and the skins get Bradford to rework his contract take some of the hit off the cap he makes it up in a signing bonus…

  42. Do some of you actually watch football? McCoy has zero weapons on offense and no right side to the oline and still won 5 games. He wins 2 more if the defense breaks huddle vs cinn and the longsnapper doesn’t hike the ball off the guard vs rams. Give him legitimate threats and the browns could be something nice

  43. In my opinion, the Browns would be better off keeping the 4th and 22nd pick overall and take Richardson with the 4th and taking Stephen hill/Kendall wright / Michael floyd or mohamed sanu.. Just my opinion on this

  44. Don’t over look Miami, they say that Peyton is there first choice, then the back up QB from Green Bay , if that don’t work out they may go with the kitchen sink to get the second pick, the Miami owner wants a seat selling QB, so we will see how this turns out. Bill

  45. tjacks7 says:
    Mar 4, 2012 12:01 PM
    But you can probably throw the draft trade chart out the window on this one. The Rams are going to trade the pick not for what is considered a fair price according to the chart, but for whatever is the best deal they can get.


    But normally, teams just go by the trade chart and don’t attempt to get the best deal they can. Do you guys read what you write?

    Actually, this far up they don’t usually stick to the chart.

    Last year for example, the Falcons gave up far more than chart value for Julio Jones.

    The chart was designed before the rookie wage scale, when the top 5 picks got ridiculous contracts with huge signing bonuses, which made those picks less valuable.

    Now the #2 pick automatically gets about $20-$22 million spread out over 4 years, which is much less of a risk.

    So teams that hold those picks are going to justifiably ask for more than chart value.

  46. @tjacks7:

    I just read your post again and realized you were being sarcastic.

    My apologies.

  47. I’m not a huge fan of giving up the farm for anyone, but I can deal with two first rounders and some other picks, preferably no additional second day picks. This situation is quite different from the Rivers/Manning draft. First, St louis doesn’t need another quarterback. Second, RG3 didn’t disrespect St louis, forcing them to trade the pick. With that pointed out, the Skins can really do some exciting things in the off season, they could pick up a nice addition to the offensive line, a big reciever and a starting cornerback. You add RG3 into the mix and I don’t think any reasonable football fan can deny the team would appear dangerous.

  48. Another thing, Brown’s fans, get serious, RG3 is not a west coast style qaurterback. He is not known for his short to intermediate route accuracy. His strength is in his speed on roll outs and ability to heave the ball down the field. You can try to compare him to other true west-coast QBs and I bet you will not be able to find an accurate comparison.

  49. I can’t believe people on here actually think the Rams will get a ton from the Skins on a trade. Shanny has a better chance of duping the Rams, I.e the 2004 trade the sent Portis and a 2nd for Champ Bailey, Shanny being the mastermind. Last year we got Hightower for a 6th and Vonnie Holliday

  50. If it’s only going to cost you two 1st’s a third and a fifth in exchange for the second overall pick then you’re only really losing a first a third and a fifth. That’s worth it to get RG3.

  51. I feel bad for you if you are a Browns fan. This is why your team is always mediocre. They need to overpay and make the trade. No one has a clue how good the kid may be in the pros. But you need to take the chance. Because what is for certain is you are not going anywhere without a QB. The Redskins will eventually relent and overpay. Sometimes you need to just roll the dice

  52. The skins need to get Vincent Jackson and a beast offensive linemen from free agency, and trade 1&3 pick this year and 1st pick next year. to get RGIII

  53. Who ever is dumb enough to make this BOUNTY trade for rg3 is doing so to sell tickets for a few years, not win a championship! He will not win one.

  54. So, what happens if the Rams don’t like the ‘Skins offer, and the Browns won’t deal?

  55. Still don’t get why Browns with 2 first rounders this year wouldn’t want to trade both plus something else to go up to #2? That way the Rams get two first rounders this year, cost not as much as in past, and they get better more quickly. Think the Browns have more leverage than Redskins.

  56. March 13th is the Rams deadline to make a deal after that they lose leverage…look for a deal on the second pick to be announced by this time next week…

  57. The Eagles will offer their 1st round pick, one of their 2nd round picks, DeSean Jackson and Asante Samuel to the Rams in exchange for the opportunity to draft Griffin. If they have to, they’ll offer to pay half of Samuel’s salary.

  58. I think Washington will get it for its 2012+2013 first rounders and a 2012 second and fourth round pick, unless Cleveland offers something ridiculous like its two first rounders this year and its first rounder next year.

  59. That makes sense…rg3 is certainly a eagles type of player. They couldn’t win it all with McNabb, (even with a great team and coach) nor Vick tdk or Vince Young. Time to lose with rg3!

  60. I love how everyone still thinks the Browns should trade the farm for Griffin. Okay, you trade the farm and then what? No right side of the line, no receivers, and no running game. Okay, that makes sense. Let’s give the ball to RGIII and go 3-13 again next year. And then when RGIII gets 3 concussions and breaks a leg, we can have no first rounder next year to pick up any other pieces. I mean come on!

    I love the guys potential but Shurmur and company are not going to build the offense around him. They have already made it clear they are going to run the WC and he doesn’t fit into it. If they aren’t satsified with Colt, then draft Blackmon at 4 and either wait for Tannehill at 22 or package that pick and the #37 to move up. Or, if they still believe in Colt, take Blackmon at 4 and either take the best OL at 22 or take that same package I said earlier and move up to get Richardson.

    Let Washington trade everything and continue to suck. He isn’t going to take that garbage team to the playoffs anytime soon either.

  61. The eagles will trade a first, second, desean Jackson, Asante Samuel and Jason peters to the rams for rg3.

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