Lamar Miller says he’s the best back in the draft


A week ago, former Miami running back Lamar Miller generated the fastest 40-yard dash for any running back at the Scouting Combine, at 4.4 seconds.

Two days ago, he said on PFT Live that, along with being the fastest running back in the draft, he’s the best.

Of course, Trent Richardson currently is regarded as the best tailback available.

Then again, Knowshon Moreno had that label three years ago. A full 42 picks later, the Eagles picked LeSean McCoy.

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14 responses to “Lamar Miller says he’s the best back in the draft

  1. Is everyone going to freak out about this like they did with Molk or are we all too distracted with the Saints and bounty gate to care?

  2. Does anyone think a player isn’t going to say something like this or shouldn’t say something like this? Cause if said player doesn’t think they are the best at their position then they shouldn’t be playing the game

  3. NFL Teams, thank me later. Bobby Rainey a RB out of Western Kentucky holds the draft stock of a 7th round pick right now, he wasn’t even invited to the combine to compete with the other RB’s in the ’12c class. He ran for 4,542yds on 895carries (5.07ypc), had 80catches for 682yds, 1,682ret yds, 42 total Touchdowns. He’s being overlooked because of his shorter stature. This is known to ignite the smaller backs, ask Darren Sproles, MJD, Ray Rice.

    He is not the best RB on my board and not even top 5, but he has shown he has the ability to make defenders miss and break the big run. A nice fit for a 3rd down receiving back to start his career, and see what he can do from there. I would take him in the 3rd round based off of what I’ve seen on him. He’s a bigger Noel Devine, without the injuries and arrests.

  4. I will take Richardson any day over anyone coming out. Of coarse there is no such thing as the best, but I really can’t think of anyone already in the league who is really better.

  5. Any idiot can be the best “whatever” in the draft and are work out marvels – it’s who BECOMES the best in the NFL that matters.

  6. Starting backs coming out of the U almost always succeed at the next level. He will be no exception.
    (i.e Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Clinton Portis, Edgerrin James, Chuck Foreman, Ottis Anderson, Alonzo Highsmith, Cleveland Gary, Najeh Davenport, etc.)

  7. I love me my Hurricanes {season ticket holder} and I sincerely hope I’m wrong but Lamar Miller isn’t ready for the pros after only two seasons at The U. I don’t see him sticking around long enough to get past his rookie contract.

    Disclaimer: I said the same thing about Vince Wilfork so if you actually listen to me, you’re a bigger fool than I am {and that ain’t easy}

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