McGahee says he’ll retire a Bronco


Broncos running back Willis McGahee reportedly wants more money from the team, even though he has a contract that covers the next three years.

In response to the item in the Denver Post explaining that a request for a raise was made, McGahee took to Twitter.

And while McGahee didn’t directly deny the report, he said without equivocation, “I will retire a bronco #nuffsaid.”

Of course, an intention to retire as a Broncos doesn’t mean he hasn’t asked for more money.  But another tweet seems to indicate that he indeed disagrees:  “I don’t understand how you can write a article about a person without confirming if it’s true about him/her.”

If McGahee wants more money, he doesn’t have many options.  And if he wants to retire as a Bronco, all he has to do it keep showing up for work.  Unless he gets cut before he’s ready to retire, he’ll get what he wants.

7 responses to “McGahee says he’ll retire a Bronco

  1. I know Raven fans liked him. I know Broncos fans like him.

    McGahee is a stand out person, teammate, and citizen. Honestly, and I know this is hypothetical, but anyone who watched McGahee at Miami knows if he had entered the pros healthy, by now he would be considered a Hall of Famer.

    I remember watching his 5 TD games at Miami before he declared. And if you don’t know about #23 you should look up his stats in the league. One underrated dude. Not only talented player, but a talented human being. Humble, polite, and friendly.

    Go Willis.

  2. Solid guy in buffalo.not sure what the haters are talking about.always friendly and approachable. Then he wanted out of buffalo for reasons everyone wants out of buffalo.

  3. I remember him saying he couldn’t be in Buffalo anymore because they didn’t even have a Dave & Buster’s. Found thar hilarious. He’s been solid on field his whole career. Feels odd saying this as an FSU fan, but, it was a bad hand to be dealt with his knee injury in college. As stated earlier, if not for that, he’d likely be soaring into “first ballot” territory by now.

  4. He deserves some sort of medal for coming back from the injury he suffered in the ’03 Fiesta Bowl.

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