Negotiations between Seahawks, Lynch hit critical phase

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The Seattle Seahawks and running back Marshawn Lynch have been engaged in negotiations on a new deal for several weeks.  Absent an agreement, the team will apply the franchise tag before Monday’s deadline.

So what’s the hold up?  It depends on who you ask.  (Yes, Professor, it should be “whom” and not “who”.)

From the Seahawks’ perspective (according to a source with knowledge of the Seahawks’ position), a deal has been struck with Lynch’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, but Hendrickson can’t persuade Lynch to accept it.  From Lynch’s perspective (according to a source with knowledge of Lynch’s position), no deal has been reached, with Hendrickson or with Lynch.

It could simply be a matter of semantics, or perhaps a byproduct of the normal negotiating process.  Indeed, it’s not uncommon for an agent to tell a team something like, “I’m fine with your offer, but my client isn’t.”

Regardless, the Seahawks think the deal is hinging only on Lynch inking it.  Lynch and Hendrickson view it differently.

Either way, there are indications a deal is indeed close.  If, of course, Lynch will sign it.

Maybe the Seahawks should kick in a lifetime supply of Skittles.

27 responses to “Negotiations between Seahawks, Lynch hit critical phase

  1. Seahawks would be best served telling lynch to walk. Not worth the long term commitment.

    If the hawks walk away, do you think any team is giving this guy more than 2 years?

  2. We’ve already seen how he plays in non-contract seasons, and he has a history of lacking drive or desire to play at a high level. He hasn’t shown he deserves guaranteed money, and Schneider needs to stick to his guns and be willing to let someone else pay a lot for the running back equivalent of Albert Haynesworth.

  3. If the guaranteed money is much bigger then the franchise offer, then your a fool not to sign it. 1 game 1 hit 1 day and it’s game over for your career.
    This is good free advice.
    Use it.
    Yea.. I know… I can do better. What if you break a stick in your franchise year? SEE YA ! No more soup for you.
    Use your head.

  4. Marshawn, the team and the town want you back for more then just one year. The deal sounds fair, please sign. Management will obviously tag you, but I think they want to save the tag for red bryant. The team cannot lose red and hawthorne to free agency

  5. Marshawn from lat year may well be worth a franchise tag, although I think it’s risky using the tag on a NFL RB. However, lets remember the Marshawn from the Buffalo years, where he was basically given away for a 7th round pick.
    We all know what he can do, but the question is will he do it. Franchise tags and long term high dollar contracts are very risky with running backs whom may or may not choose to perform.

  6. Maybe it’s not skittles he wants, but the candy he would rather have is Bounty. Much better candy bar… Chocolate, coconut, almonds… Mmmm Bounty.

  7. Maybe it’s not skittles he wants, but the candy he would rather have is Bounty. Much better candy bar… Chocolate, coconut, almonds…

  8. Lynch has given top effort since day one in Seattle. I know there were problems in Buffalo but his time in Seattle has been marked by a high level of commitment, no off-field problems, and eventually a high level of production (as the line improved). Hopefully this deal gets done, or else the Seahawks should slap the tag on him.

    Bryant is very valuable in this defensive scheme but he is not a typical defensive end and might have limited value to other teams. He is critical in Seattle’s scheme.

  9. SEA will NOT franchise Red Bryant. The FT for a DE is $10M+, while the FT for a RB is $7.7M. The basis around Lynch’s contract would be around the $5-7M/yr.

  10. Once again a team is weary about signing a running back long term! Can anyone blame them? If Seahawks have a contract offered Lynch should take it

  11. Agents almost always want to accept deals that are in their best interest first. Doesn’t matter if it’s real estate or football. Their allegiance is to their own pocketbooks first. Just like everyone else.

  12. “So what’s the hold up? It depends on who you ask. (Yes, Professor, it should be “whom” and not “who”.)”

    ‘depends upon whom’…

  13. We need to sign Lynch, Red Bryant, and Hawthorne. We need to draft a pass rusher and hope our 3 injured o linemen come Bach healthy.

  14. Except in real estate, agents want to sign the first deal in the ballpark and move on, since 20,000 more to the seller is just an incremental gain for the agent and a time drain. It is a volume business. Football agents do not have an indefinite supply of big clients they need to run off to.

  15. Nothing abnormal about these contract talks. i think it unfair to rip on a guy that has given effort like lynch has in seattle. he wants to be here and the hawks want him so in the end weather with tag or a signed deal he will be here and bith parties happy. red should be a workable deal and hawthorn altjough good is the iffy one of these 3. they do want him back but for the right price, 3MIL and 3 to 4 years. he may find better but the hawks should be ok there with kj in tge middle.

  16. I would not be surprised to see Red leave in FA. Carroll want’s inside pass-rush from the 3-tech which is manned by Alan Branch. Branch can also play the 5-tech that Red plays. If they can find a 3 that gets to the QB you move Branch to 5 and say good-bye to Red and his 10 mil. pay-check. I like Big Red but I just do not see the hawks giving him more than they paid Mebain. That was around 4.5 mil. I think. So Red hits FA somebody will pay him to play DE in a 3-4 system. Yep. I think Red’s going away.

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