North Alabama coach didn’t know about Janoris Jenkins’ kids

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Under coach Terry Bowden, North Alabama has become a Division-II hotbed for transfer players seeking another chance after circumstances led them away from a Division-I school. Bucs receiver Preston Parker turned his playing career around at North Alabama after Terry’s father, Bobby, dismissed Parker from Florida State. In 2011, cornerback Janoris Jenkins and defensive end James Brooks played their final years of eligibility for Bowden after leaving Florida and Arizona State, respectively.

Bowden does intense background checks on individuals before accepting them on the Lions. He did the same on Jenkins, a projected high pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

“I tried to figure out as much of his background as possible to find out if he was just a kid who made mistakes or if he was not a good risk,” Bowden explained, per the Akron Beacon Journal. “… He really had three strikes at Florida. You have to understand how many guys I don’t take who get in similar types of trouble.”

While Bowden insists University of Florida officials “assured me he was worth the risk,” Jenkins apparently left out one detail. He never told Bowden about his four children, all under the age of four and allegedly by three different women.

This is the red flag on Jenkins’ past that may scare off the most NFL teams.

“He has a girlfriend; I’ve had to call him at her house plenty of times,” Bowden said. “He never told me any of that stuff.”

Bowden sounds willing to vouch for Jenkins when NFL teams call, but Jenkins’ secretiveness about this one issue begs the question of whether he’s been fully revealing during Senior Bowl and Scouting Combine interviews. Jenkins already has baggage that will likely eliminate him from several draft boards. He can’t afford much more.

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  1. “He has a girlfriend; I’ve had to call him at her house plenty of times,” Bowden said.

    And if any teams werent previously concerned about his off-field behavior,they will be now…

  2. Just more kids society will have to pay for unfortunately. Time to castrate those that live off others.

  3. They’re kids. I don’t talk to people in interviews about how many children I have. It’s nobodies business unless I say so…

  4. The program/teams need to do their own research and come to whatever conclusion.

    He’s supposed to mention what is, in reality, NOBODY’S business? Have a kid and get back to me.

  5. So if Bowden is vowing to help Jenkins why come out with this and hurt him? Pro sports and all of its tentacles are filled with scumbags all around.

  6. Go eff yourself, Silva. As you might have noticed, there are plenty of actual NFL news stories to be pursued. You don’t have to continue to make lame attempts to influence where a player might be drafted. POS as a writer and a human being.

  7. Those are some pretty nice Tattoos all over his arms.

    Still can’t figure out how he could afford those with 4 kids all under the age of 3.

    Wonder who or what paid for all those diapers/ Baby formula/Baby Food and all that cheap stuff.

    And your going to find this one just as funny guess what his Major in College was? Social & Behavioral Sciences

  8. Looks like he’s taken career advice from an idiot named TO. Next he’ll have him some goad teef and a twitter account by the name of shutdowncorner or something else he’ll never be. He might as well open an account by the name of futurecon.

  9. Janoris is a pretty cool guy. I had an easy class with him and a few other players my senior year. Marcus Gilbert was always clowning around like the jackass he is and Janoris would tell him to show respect etc.

  10. There will be some baby Mama drama after he gets paid. His ex’s are counting the cash already.

  11. I just know that the Seahawks don’t need to take a chance on this clown. Now if he was a defensive end I might be little more forgiving.

    The character issue is less of a factor under the new CBA and lower rookie wage scale. If a young player acts up under their rookie contract, the main concern is the wasted draft pick and not the salary.

  12. The reason his team wants to know is it shows how irresponsible he is. And if he is keeping it secret then it also speaks to lack of honesty.

  13. “touchdownroddywhite says:
    Mar 4, 2012 3:32 PM
    They’re kids. I don’t talk to people in interviews about how many children I have. It’s nobodies business unless I say so…”

    Your employer is also not paying you what this guy is going to get paid. I’ve never been asked about my kids in an interview, and I’ve been on my share of them. They’re looking for character flaws due to the massive investment they’re making in these guys. This is a huge flaw.

    Even though my team needs a CB, I wouldn’t bother with idiot. There’s no word of him supporting his kids at all, so all he cares about is himself.

    I mean, how does a first round draft pick get kicked off an SEC team, outside of murder?

    This guy has trouble written all over him. I’d take him off my draft board, unless he fell to me in about the 4th round.

  14. Hey Gator2006 seeing you know so much about him can you tell me who the mother of his 4 children is or at least tell us are the kids from just one woman?

    Telling someone else to show respect for a person does not explain his life decisions what so ever…

  15. I guess that’s why Bowden is now coaching in nowheresville. Clueless.

    Crowmartie light. He’s only half way to C’s total. Better get partying.

  16. Its prob something he isn’t proud of but he will learn to be proud of once him and his kids are partying in the clubs together in 15 years

  17. Just another example of the products of a disgraceful culture. And the generational cycle repeats…..

  18. I wouldn’t draft the kid if he were available in the 6th round!!!!!!!! AS A BENGALS FAN PLEASE MR BROWN STAY AWAY FROM THIS LOSER!!!

  19. patfic15 says:
    Mar 4, 2012 3:27 PM
    Travis Henry 2.0

    Jenkins has 4 kids by 3 women, which is amateur hour compared to Henry and his rare 9-by-9.

  20. I wonder what its like to be so stupid as to have that many kids, with that many different women, by that age. It’s not like anyone actually intends to set up franchises, its just a matter of self control, and some of these dead beat dad’s dont have any. Atleast pull it out first you airhead.

  21. luckynumberlucas says: Mar 4, 2012 3:19 PM

    Jenkins probably didn’t know anything about them either…


    That is so wrong! I haven’t laughed that hard in weeks! :p

  22. I’m not saying he does not make bad decisions. I was just pointing out he’s not a bad teammate or abrasive personality. No doubt he’s made some idiotic decisions.

  23. I hate to tell you this, but I live in Florence, AL home of North Alabama and Terry Bowden is not here anymore. He is now the head coach of Akron as of December 22, 2011.

  24. Little known comedian Corey Holcomb used to have a good joke….”I’m so ghetto I have two five year olds and they ain’t twins”.

    I have to imagine, having 4 kids “under the age of 4” applies here.

  25. if im not mistaken, travis henry is up to 11 kids… his most recent transaction was twins

  26. Flat out not worth a risk in any round. You would think he would have learned about personal responsibility with the 1st baby, but then a 2nd, 3rd and 4th. He has no regard for reponsibility. Of course, he may go to school, play ball, work several jobs or is independendtly wealthy. In which case, he is more reponsible than I give him credit for, but I doubt it. My guess is he is exactly what most people think he is. I would really like to see his wonderlic score. I could be wrong on this guy, but the NFL wont be. If he lied in any of the interviews, the word will get around. The last thing the NFL needs is another Pacman. If these statements appear bigoted, they are not intended as such, but when you see the same behavior over and over the odds are that it is a young black male from a broken home in an impoverished area, and his upbringing or lack of upbringing has damned him to his eventual fate. 10 kids with no father, prison before 26 if lucky and death before 30. The salary CAP has little room for gambling on someone who does not learn.

  27. stop with the cromartie comparisons. this kid is a walking red flag. my guess is that the bengals pick him up, theyre the only team who picks up guys like this. his 2nd chance college coach comes out and says jenkins didnt tell him about a major factor that may scare off some NFL teams?! thats crazy man!

  28. @ billsfan1

    “if im not mistaken, travis henry is up to 11 kids… his most recent transaction was twins”

    That’s too bad that he had twins. The only way he would end his perfect record of new baby mama for each new baby. Certainly there must be some extenuating circumstances in a case like this.

    If and this is a big IF, the twins are identical, there should be an asterisk, as these kids were from the same fertilized egg that happened to split. Come on, can’t blame Travis Henry for that, in my eyes, he’s 10 for 10 and this record is not tainted.

  29. Perhaps the state should garnish his wages pre-emptively. Yes an 18 year trust fund for each of his offspring. Otherwise we are going to be paying for them.

  30. “This is the red flag on Jenkins’ past that may scare off the most NFL teams.”

    why? i would see his run-ins with the law as a bigger issue, since more incidents could affect his availability on Sundays (or Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays). who cares if he has a few kids already?

  31. @howiehandles… just to add to your valid point, if he makes a lot of money on his contract, he’s going to spend A LOT of time in court because of child support and he may also pull a Cromartie, i.e. ask for a portion of his salary up front for said child support.

  32. Seems to me the first step in doing a background check would be a websearch – surely some newspaper article about the high school star mentioned his kid(s). Or maybe the paper printed a birth announcement(s).

    Then you do a simple public records search. In minutes you know if he has ever been arrested or if he shows up on any birth certificates.

    Did they even do that much? They certainly should have.

  33. lolb23 says: Mar 4, 2012 3:28 PM

    I’m just happy my tax dollars take care of his kids while he smokes weed with him homes and trains for the NFL.
    Hey lolb23, F you and your tax money. I suppose, you’d rather have “your tax money” buying bombs to kill innocent kids, than to feed them – idiot !!! This is a football forum, not stormfront.

    That said, I would not draft him, unless he stayed around to the middle of the draft. Strictly as a business based decision, he’s too risky.

  34. Having kids is never an issue but not being honest and hiding the fact that u have 3 kids by different mothers is also this shows recklessness b4 he has even gotten into the league so u have to wonder if it will get worse once he makes millions soon.

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