Paul Soliai will probably hit the open market

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The Dolphins used their franchise tag on nose tackle Paul Soliai last season, but it doesn’t look like it will happen twice.

With a $15 million salary attached to tagging Soliai again this season, the Dolphins would be giving up most of their cap room to assure themselves of another season with Soliai in the middle of their defensive line. They would still be able to sign him to a long-term deal that would free up some of the space, but Soliai might sign the tender immediately and leave the team hamstrung in their search for a quarterback. That’s too big a risk.

In comments to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Soliai’s agent David Canter said that the player’s first choice is to remain in Miami.

“I was told that the team will make a push to keep Paul. I remain confident that that will be the case. If not, they know there will be significant interest in the marketplace for Paul,” said Canter. “Soliai has said time and time again that he’d love to remain a Dolphin, but that isn’t up to us.”

Despite those wishes, the lack of a tag likely signals Soliai will hit free agency. The market for guys who can plug a hole like Soliai is always strong and it would make no sense for him to give up the chance at seeing what other teams will offer by signing a deal with the Dolphins before March 13th.

16 responses to “Paul Soliai will probably hit the open market

  1. Cowboys on line 1!!!
    This would free up Ratliff to play end on passing downs and let Spencer play on run downs!

  2. Unfortunately being a Dolphins fan I know first hand that Soliai was a bust till just two years ago. He was fat and lazy till he was on last deal of contract and has put together two solid seasons in a row. I would love RG3 but chances are it doesn’t happen, in that case dump Soliai and take Dontari Poe and his 4.87 40 and 44 bench reps. Poe can play nose in 3-4 or two technique in 4-3 making him a much better fit than Soliai. I believe Soliai will get a big deal somewhere and will let a lot of people down. Think Albert Haynesworth except without the drama.

  3. Soliai is a great space-eating NT, but if Miami is going to a base 4-3, he is not dynamic enough to warrant 15 million. Simple math, really.

    Odrick and Starks/McDaniel are a better fit, and Poe or a 2nd/3rd round guy could be an upgrade.

    If Miami tags, it will be a roll of the dice trying to get a 2nd/3rd in a trade.

  4. It’s time for the Fins to move on. Soliai doesn’t what his agent is asking and all he’s doing right now is creating a market for his client. We were very disappointed last year with him when you compare the $$ he was paid. He’s not Wilfork nor Ngata; we should definitely get a cheaper NT through the draft or Free Agency. He has been on a free ride, for many years, and that’s why NFL teams should try to avoid him. Not worth the risk at all.

  5. Dallas would make sense… need depth and need to free up Ratliff. Allow a better pass rush.

  6. Good 3-4 nosetackle, but I can already predict he will get overpaid by some team!

  7. Soliai underachieved until his contract year. He played well and then got franchised for twice as much money as he deserved. Last year, he was not as good as 2 years ago. That said, he is a solid NT that does stuff that doesn’t show up in the game stats. He is not worth the money to keep and unless he is willing to take significantly less the Dolphins need to move on. Let some other team overpay for average talent

  8. I know every one will say he should go to their team, but in Kansas City, Soliali is the only thing they need to be an ELITE defense.

    You know what you need to do, Pioli. go get Tamba and Derrick Johnson some help before it’s too late and the window closes….

  9. I think every Dolfan wants Soliali to stay but think he is not worth the BIG Contract. I heard on NFL Network that this is a good draft year for DT…..with that said let Soliali walk…..dont break the bank for him. Draft a DT and pray he works out….I dont think they get Poe…they have other needs to use the 1st pick on like QB and RT or maybe a pass rusher and we all know Poe will be well gone by the 2nd rd.

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