Report: Vincent Jackson “almost certain” to avoid franchise tag


Kevin Acee of the Union-Tribune San Diego reports that the Chargers are “almost certain” to let Monday’s franchise tag deadline pass without assigning the mechanism to free agent receiver Vincent Jackson.

While there have been mixed signals as to the likelihood of Jackson receiving the tag, including Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith’s recent unwillingness to commit one way or the other, Acee and the Union-Trib have all along been adamant that Jackson won’t be tagged.

Acee spoke to “multiple sources” about the topic last week, and they set the possibility at “1 percent.” Acee insists Jackson receiving the tag would be “shocking to anyone with a firm grasp on all the Chargers have to do.”

Jackson is reportedly willing to accept a hometown discount to finish his career in San Diego, however, so avoiding the tag wouldn’t necessarily mean he’s headed for greener pastures.

Thus, the key date for Jackson’s future is March 13, the beginning of NFL free agency, as opposed to the March 5 deadline for tags to be applied.

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  1. I don’t like the bears much but I think they could surprise play for him. If they do the bears become a very strong NFC North team and are very dangerous watch out.

  2. Vincent Jackson’s situation has been by far the most annoying in the league over the last 3 years or so. Either sign him or let the guy go. Both Jackson and this “GM” for the Chargers have always been unclear on either of their motives, and it is beyond irritating. End this story and sign with another team. End this pain.

  3. I doubt he will go to the Foreskins, come on down to Tampa V-Jax, we are the east coast version of San Diego and we have a better QB than Washington

  4. He will be a Bear, write it down. Chicago has $25 million in cap space, is a player or two from a Super Bowl run, an elite QB and the willingness to overpay for a big time receiver. VJax is coming to Chicago

  5. Report: Vincent Jackson “almost certain” to avoid franchise tag

    A.J. Smith: Vincent Jackson is “highly unlikely” to get the tag

    Chargers tell Vincent Jackson’s agents that franchise tag is “improbable”

    Vincent Jackson expected to hit open market

  6. Come on skins pick this guy up! Shanahan is desperate for a winning season because he knows another like the last two he will be fired. Trading up for RGIII and getting a really good wide receiver would help us a alot. Also get some oline help

  7. done deal he signs with the vikings. they basically had a contract done in 2010 when he was a holdout and they were desperate for a wr, until a.j. smith backed out of the deal

  8. I wouldn’t mind if the 49ers signed him, but I have some reservations. I don’t know how good of a player he really is. He seems to lack commitment at times, don’t you think?

    But a lot of fans on this comment forum, from different teams who need a good wide receiver, really want him to sign with their team. But is he really that good?

  9. 2 yrs ago the Bears identified they needed pass rushing help and got Peppers. Some people said he would take too many plays off and not worth it. 2 years later and 2 Pro-bowl berths later, he’s shown he was worth the risk and he’s a disruptive force, even if sack numbers aren’t in the top of the league.

    This year the Bears know they need receiver help and Jackson is the best out there. Before Cutler got hurt they were averaging 27-28 pts/game which isn’t too bad considering avg receiving corps and avg O-line. People that don’t watch bears regularly will say that receivers and o-line are garbage but they are not as bad as they seem to be. They were too often put in BAD situations due to Martz. There was a stretch of 3 games where Cutler got sacked 1-2 times total and they were rolling.

    You put Jackson as you #1 WR, Bennett as your #2, Hester/Knox as your #3/4 in whatever order and that’s a good receiving corps. That will open up more holes for Forte in the running game and the offense can be really explosive. You get Jackson on FA, get Finnegan or Carr and build depth with your draft and Bears are one of the top teams in NFC.

  10. Bears will target him, and why wouldn’t he want play for a team where he would be the immediate #1 receiver for Cutler, Rivers’ old nemesis. He would immediately be a fan favorite for a team that hasn’t had a receiver of his capabilites in a long time. Isn’t that what most NFL receivers want? To be a star? But they still should spend their first round pick on one of the top three pass catchers in this year’s crop of very promising receivers.

  11. bmurphy3451 says: Mar 4, 2012 11:23 PM

    Bears will target him, and why wouldn’t he want play for a team where he would be the immediate #1 receiver for Cutler, Rivers’ old nemesis.
    Ummm, because he’s already a #1 receiver in San Diego and Rivers is a much better QB than Cutler. Vincent Jackson has had Rivers throwing to him since he came into the league, why would he want to change that now?

    Oh and Chicago is a garbage city that could never compare to San Diego.

    Maybe that’s why.

  12. He’s not gonna leave San Diego? They’re not gonna tag him. They haven’t been able (or willing) to sign him long term. Is he gonna play there for free? What am I missing?

  13. Ha! I get you now. Gotcha. What was I thinking! Ok, let’s say those are facts. I happen to be a big fan of Rivers, and he probably is a better quarterback than Cutler. I’m not sure how you saw my comments as saying Cutler is better or Chicago is a better city. You sound really defensive! Oh, and I forgot, Jackson will walk into the bosses office tomorrow and say, “Hey, even though I held out most of the year after you last franchised me, and we have never been close on reaching a deal and there is no sign that I will be offered and will sign a contract with the Chargers, San Diego is such a great city and much better than Chicago and poopy Cutler, so. . I’m gonna play here. That cool?” . . What was I thinking. Obviously I didn’t understand how it really works in the NFL! Sorry. I didn’t realize my rationale comments insulted you and your love of your team. I love the Bears. and I love Chicago. I love NFL. but I also appreciate and respect fans that love their teams (my wife is a die-hard Packer fan, and I love her more for it). I also like living in reality, and looking at situations like a grown up, not a nine year old. Luckily I’m smart enough to know you don’t represent most Chargers fans, unless your talking about those that are under the age of twelve.

  14. I would be surprised if he left San Diego. He’s openly said he’s willing to take less to stay here, AJ has said he wants VJ back. The bolts are reportedly offering a 10-11 million dollar annual salary and no one thinks he’s going to see anything north of 12. If the bolts can offer 11 a year and make 20 of it guaranteed he will stay.

  15. Plus, my comments were meant to be taken in the context that he would NOT be a Charger after the tag deadline tomorrow. Kinda thought that was obvious, but try reading my post with that thought in mind and you will realize how foolish your last comment was.

  16. on san diego radio the other day convo had him resigning with san diego before the 13th deadline of FA. report sighted that owner dean spanos wont let him go and dont want to wate franchise tag on him..spanos knows if he lets him walk he will have no support towards the new stadium vote and piss off season ticket holders after keeping norv turner and aj smith.. realistically he’s prob not leavign san diego and his new wife is a san diego native and her family is rooted there as well and VJ has sid he would take a discount to finish his career in san diego look for a deal with him to get done before march 13th.chargers are aslo said to be interested haevily in mathis of the colts and m williams of houston..spanos has aid they are gonna be more aggresive in FA than they have been in years and are going all in..very important year in san diego..

  17. VJ wants big money AND a ring opportunity! And he will only one get one of those if he leaves SD and of the other team mentioned above.

    Buffalo is not a playoff team, and not with the Pats (and Jets) in the same division.
    Chicago is second fiddle to GB (and maybe the Lions)
    Carolina: Saints (and ATL?)
    Skins: ha!
    Browns? HA!!

    …he’s better off staying, and staying in the AFC West.

  18. As much as I have disliked the drama around him the past few years, he happens to be the Chargers’ only receiver that isn’t made of glass.

  19. I don’t know where he will land, I’m guessing not back San Diego. What I do know is that this guy is overrated, and some team will pick him up as an overpaid number one receiver and he will flop and eventually be cut. He has been living off the fact he is Rivers’ top target over the years. There are a lot of guys if given the chance to be Rivers’ top WR that would put up similar and even better numbers. And I haven’t even mentioned his issues off the field or the deep free agent WR market. Personally I would not want this guy on my team.

  20. I don’t have anything figured out. Its fun just speculating, and as a Bears fan maybe hoping. What IS a fact, though, is this: It is impossible for it to ever be a situation where Jackson simply “chooses” Chicago and Cutler over Rivers and San Diego. Which is why your statement’ “You guys are hilarious” and “ummm. . . Because he already IS a #1 receiver. . ” Is just amusing. I mean’ DUH!! My post was him making a choice of the OTHER teams making a play for him and why Chicago (even though it’s a “garbage city”) may be appealing to him over other teams vying for him. Being a Chargers fan, you sure don’t understand the situation. The ONLY way he will stay a Charger is if BY TOMORROW they place the franchise tag on him (which last time they did that he got pissed and held out for most the season) or sign him to a contract that he already said NO to a year ago BY TOMORROW. In other words, this has nothing to do with your team! As of Tuesday he is no longer a Charger! As a fan, how can you not know that??

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