Titans expected to franchise tag safety Michael Griffin

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Conflicting reports surfaced late this week regarding the Titans’ 2012 franchise tag. NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora said the team would “likely” assign it to free agent cornerback Cortland Finnegan. ESPN’s Adam Schefter insisted that wasn’t happening.

If Schefter’s latest report is true, Finnegan definitely won’t be tagged.

Citing a league source, Schefter reports that the Titans will “likely” place the franchise tag on free agent safety Michael Griffin.

Whereas Finnegan’s cornerback tag would have cost Tennessee in excess of $10 million, the value of the safety tag is a much more reasonable $6.2 million. NFL teams can’t use two franchise tags in the same year, of course.

It looks like Griffin is headed back to Nashville, and Finnegan to the open market.

11 responses to “Titans expected to franchise tag safety Michael Griffin

  1. I’ve been sayin it, Cortland Fignewton benefits from consistent pass rush and pretty good safety player year in and year out. Not saying the guy is bad but I think I could comfortably name around 15-20 corners that i’d rather have than him. Go get him Jerry

  2. I hope this report is false but it’s probably true.

    Griffin should have been gone last season but the Titans kept him.

    He’s not a leader. Hardly make plays. On the downhill. Waste of money for a team rebuilding.

  3. Then ur an idiot sorry….udk nothin bout football then….finnegan is easily top 10….i’d like to see those 15-20 in front of finnegan ur krazy….he’s a great corner with great leadership ability and now simce the titans dont like to pay their star players i’d like to see what guy they bring in to replace him…finnegan is gettin paid like a top corner for a reason…and he kan play nickel….

  4. We had no pass rush this yr…and our secondary did well with finnegan leading the way lol ur obviously just talkin out of ur ass hahaha and whose safety play? Michael griffin’s inconsistent play? U kant be a titans fan

  5. I like the move to franchise Griff.
    Get out there and do your thing Griff.
    Griff & Babs will be a good safety duo.

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