At least 21 teams use franchise tags

It’s been more than an hour since the window closed for using the 2012 franchise tags.  Barring word of a last-minute designation that made it before the deadline (or, perhaps in the case of the Vikings, didn’t make it), at least 21 teams used the tag.

The full list is right here.

Nearly a third of the tags were used on specialists:  five kickers and one punter, Super Bowl mini-hero Steve Weatherford.  Two were used on running backs, one was used on a quarterback, three went to receivers, one was used on a tight end, one was used on a linebacker, three went to defensive ends, one was used on a cornerback, and three were used on safeties.

No offensive linemen or defensive tackles were tagged.

Escaping the tag were, among others, Texans linebacker Mario Williams, Packers quarterback Matt Flynn, Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson, and Steelers receiver Mike Wallace.

We’ll be doing a discount double-check in order to ensure no others have been missed.

UPDATE 8:15 p.m. ET:  The league has announced that 21 players received the franchise tag.  Only Drew Brees has been tendered at the “exclusive” level.  All others may negotiate with other teams, sign an offer sheet, and leave in exchange for two first-round draft picks if their current team chooses not to match the offer.  Brees can negotiate with no one but the Saints.