Bears expected to make run at free agent Vincent Jackson

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The Chargers haven’t given up hope of re-signing free agent Vincent Jackson, but refusing to franchise tag their No. 1 receiver suggests they’ve at least prepared for the possibility of losing him. Jackson is easily the best wideout left on the market, and will command top dollar if he makes it through the next eight days unsigned.

Both Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune and John Clayton of ESPN believe the Bears will be aggressive pursuers of Jackson if he hits free agency.

McClure explained on Twitter Monday that the Bears were targeting Jackson and defensive end Cliff Avril in advance of the franchise tag deadline. Avril was tagged, but Jackson wasn’t. McClure anticipates Chicago making a push for Jackson.

Clayton also tweeted Monday that he believes the Bears will “make a big run” at Jackson.

At 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds, Jackson would easily be the biggest receiver on Chicago’s roster. Currently, the Bears’ biggest receiver signed for 2012 is 6-foot, 206-pound slot receiver Earl Bennett.

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  1. Philly will make a push for him too if they trade djax. If Philly does go after him, imo they will get him over the bears.

  2. Cutler’s best years were when he had a #1 WR in Brandon Marshall. With Forte as their RB, Hester and Knox stretching the field, and VJax being the go-to guy he’s been for the Chargers, the Bears could make one last serious push at a championship because the defense only has a little bit of time left.

  3. I hope the Bears make this happen. With the Lions improving to elite status, and the Packers already at another level, they need some major improvements to keep up in that division. Plus, it would be an upgrade from Roy ‘butterfingers’ Williams….

  4. Washington will need someone for RG3 to throw to. They will try hard to sign VJax!

  5. Most overrated football player ever. Jackson is nearly 30 years old and has never reached 70 catches in his career. Averaging only about 40 per season in the NFL. On the same team as Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, etc. The clubhouse janitor could average 40 catches a season on that team.

  6. It’s no secret the Bears need receivers and even Cutler came out and said he wants some big receivers 6’2″ and bigger. VJ fits the bill, but so does Colston and a few draft picks, so we’ll see what happens.

  7. A possibly-improved offensive line, Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Vincent Jackson, and the always-dependable Bears defense?

    Bears could be dangerous in 2012.

  8. Glad to finally see the possibility of the bears making a move for a decent WR, now lets just hope Michael Floyd falls to us at number 19 in the draft and suddenly the receiving core is looking strong.

  9. If he comes to the Bears he won’t find ‘the laid back atmosphere’ that he’s accustomed to in San Diego….he’d better get ready to get blistered if he doesn’t perform.

    If you can’t handle the heat, go somewhere else!

  10. Minesota may also make a big stab at getting him. They tried to get him before so watch out BEARS fans. Ponder needs someone tall to throw
    to also. He’d be cheap alternative to some other receivers out there.

  11. Who cares about catches? The Bears need a redzone target and a guy with consistent hands. They’ll get 50+ catches from Bennett. They don’t need Jackson to have 90+.

  12. That’s fine if the bears sign him, but then they have to get a guy who can throw the ball to him.

  13. He won’t hit free agency. Kevin Acee has said several times that VJ wants to stay and is willing to take a “hometown discount” and the Chargers are comfortable giving him 10-11mil a year. A.J. Smith just wasn’t comfortable tagging him then negotiating.

  14. A.J. Smith is intolerable, especially to a lot of players. He has a huge ego for a GM who’s never won anything, and that ego shows up in his dealings with the Charger’s players.

    On another note, silly Bears……trying to get the Lion’s players!! Ha ha, things have sure changed in a hurry in the NFC North haven’t they?

  15. Eagles will not trade DeSean Jackson. Jeff Lurie is giving Andy Reid a “mulligan” for 2011 and he’s going to give him the best chance to get it right in 2012 and go to the Super Bowl. That includes giving him the players that have performed well for him in the past. So if Jackson wants his blockbuster contract, he’s going to get a chance to prove that he deserves it (while still getting very well paid for the 2012 season).

  16. A guy to throw him the ball? The Bears had one of the league’s best offenses last year before Cutler broke his thumb. Watch a game and knock off the ignorance.

  17. I know he played on a team with Gates who got a lot of TDs and catches; but he’s never had double-digit TDs in a season and he’s never had 70 catches in a year. I’d be careful if the price got to high.

    Colston (I think the other choice) at least got to 11 TDs in a year once and has been over 80 catches 3 different times. If I were the Bears I take the one I get the cheapest, then still look for a second-tier guy like Manningham and consider drafting another one with one of my higher picks. Bennett should be no more than their 4th WR.

    As for the fans that say the Bears won’t pull it off. I guess making the moves to get Cutler and Peppers show that they never make bold moves.

  18. As a Packers fan – this would be a great signing for Chicago. I have to wonder where their cap space is coming from though.

    Oh wait – they have so much room because they only have about 6 really good players on their whole team: Urlacher, Briggs, Peppers, Cutler, Forte and Hester. Out of all those, only Cuthead has a good amount of wear left on the tires…

    It makes sense for the Bears to overspend for VJax. They certainly can’t draft a skill player to save their life.

    How they even got to 7 wins last year is beyond me.

  19. vikj says:
    Mar 5, 2012 7:06 PM
    Minesota may also make a big stab at getting him. They tried to get him before so watch out BEARS fans. Ponder needs someone tall to throw
    to also. He’d be cheap alternative to some other receivers out there.


    The story states he “will command top dollar.” if he goes unsigned the next 8 days.

    I guess the prospects of playing for the vikequeefs at the Metrodump and having Ponder with his 70.9 passer rating throwing him the ball would be enough to get Jackson to sign for the league minimum.

  20. it would be a great move for the bears since the only thing that offense is really missing is that big time home run threat receiver…would help cutler with the interceptions too since jackson can go up and bring the ball down

  21. Sorry Bears fans you just dont have enough money to get the Bucs future WR, we have the most cap space, enough to sign any free agent we want, all of them if we want so just sit back and pick up the players we dont want. I just hope the Bucs front office puts the money where my mouth is, cause if they dont make a big splash after letting Sproles go to the Aints last year instead of signing him then there might not be anyone at a game this year

  22. Could be a good signing for my Bears – depending on price. Last I looked, Bears had some cap room. But watching Jackson over the years, he’s streaky; he’ll dominate games then get shut down others. I don;t know how much of it is effort and how much of that is just good planning/coverage, but for the price he’ll command I want someone who changes every single play (like a Fitz or AJ). Not sure VJax is that guy. Plus, he ain’t getting any younger.

    Honestly, Colston would be a nice addition – cheaper, just as good at underneath stuff, great hands. Only concern is knee injuries.

    Either way, it could make their draft board look very interesting…

  23. Vincent Jackson will be a Chicago Bear in 2012!!!Big City,Big Market , Bright Lights, and a proven QB who would get him the ball. Jay Cutler is elite when given a certified weapon to throw to!! Green Bay get ready the NFC NORTH belongs to the Bears!!! Go Bears!!!!

  24. Bears need receivers, Jackson has a bad attitude and is a little lazy. I vote no on him. Bears certainly need an upgrade, but paying him around $10 mill per season is a bit much. Bears need to target a guy around $7 mil max, when Cutler has been healthy, Bears score some points. Save some cash cause retooling starts after next year. Bears don’t have to blow it all this offseason.

  25. I don’t understand how some folks come to a conclusion about a person’s character. To say that the guy has a bad attitude is based on what? The fact that he held out for a better contract. Players do it fairly often in my opinion. What if Forte had of held out because of his contract situation? What the same thing be said about him.

    Maybe you feel he has a bad attitude because of the trouble he’s gotten into prior to the holdout situation. The guy has been a “model” player since then. And let’s not forget VJ made the probowl last year. When is the last time the Bears had a probowl caliber WR on their roster?

    Get VJ, get Forte paid and have a good draft and I think the Bears would be golden for the upcoming season. Those are my thoughts.

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