Brett Favre happy that truth on Saints coming to light

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There was plenty of information about the Saints bounty program bouncing around over the weekend and one of the biggest was that Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma reportedly offered $10,000 to any defender who could knock Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC Championship Game.

The Saints gave it their best shot by hitting Favre on what seemed like every play, but they never got him out of the game. Some of the hits were flagged and plenty of them were right on the borderline, something that plenty of people were thinking about in light of the allegations about Vilma’s offer. Peter King of spent part of his Monday Morning Quarterback column on an interview with Favre about his thoughts on what we learned over the weekend.

“I’m not pissed,” Favre said. “It’s football. I don’t think anything less of those guys. I would have loved to play with Vilma. Hell of a player. I’ve got a lot of respect for Gregg Williams. He’s a great coach. I’m not going to make a big deal about it. In all honesty, there’s a bounty of some kind on you on every play.”

Favre’s respect for Vilma and Williams doesn’t mean that he thought everything was on the straight and narrow, however.

“Now, in that game there were some plays that, I don’t want to say were odd, but I’d throw the ball and whack, on every play. Hand it off, whack. Over and over. Some were so blatant. I hand the ball to Percy Harvin early and got drilled right in the chin. They flagged that one at least. I’ve always been friends with Darren Sharper, and he came in a couple times and popped me hard. I remember saying, ‘What THE hell you doing, Sharp?’ I felt there should have been more calls against the Saints. I thought some of their guys should have been fined more.”

In the end, Favre said that he’s happy to see the story come to light although it won’t be his biggest takeaway from that Sunday.

“Now the truth comes out. That’s good. But that’s football. The only thing that really pisses me off about the whole thing is we lost the game. That’s the thing about that day that still bothers me. And that’s the way it goes. If they wanted me to testify in court about this, they’d be calling the wrong guy.”

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  1. I’m confused. You say Brett Favre is quoted here, but these appear to be the words of a decent human being. Please clarify.

  2. Why isn’t anyone asking questions about the officiating? Didn’t the officials in that Saints/Vikings game see what was obvious to even the most casual observer?

  3. I really wonder how many injuries players have obtained from the Saint’s greediness to earn a few thousand dollars. Truly ridiculous and the Saints should be ashamed.

  4. blatant cheap shots all game. bountygate just confirms what we already knew

  5. If Favre sticks to comments like this he’s likely to help his image. One of the few quotes where he isn’t stuck trying to get his foot out of his mouth. …Er wait, that’s Rex. With somebody else’s foot. One of the few quotes where Favre isn’t calling his cellphone provider to unsend a text message

  6. I just hope the Rams void the contract and move on. Leave the cheating for teams like the Saints and Pats.

  7. Favre should only be mad at his stupid team for not realizing what was going on.

    One payback play on Brees would have stopped all that non-sense and the Vikings would have gone on to win their first SB title.

    But that’s the breaks you get when the HC is a freaking idiot.

  8. I think he should be happy about the truth coming out, a whole heck of lot of people on this site, in particular, were calling the Vikings a bunch of cry-babies. While I don’t know if a couple calls here or there would have changed the actual overall outcome, I am certain that malicious intent was visible then and is certainly visible now. Football is football, I get that, but actually trying to remove a guy from the game so you do not have to keep facing him is the height of cowardice. Sort of like wanting to play a team armed only with their scrubs.

  9. Classy statements…could have been bitter but overall is just mad his team lost. That is football

  10. This is muchado about nothing! Football is a violent sport and a player could be injured or killed on any given “legal play” with or without a bounty program. I compare this situation to what it would be like if NASCAR officials handed out speeding tickets to their drivers during the Daytona 500. NASCAR drivers even put each other in the wall at over 200 miles per hour with zero penalties or suspensions. Any player that says the Saints Bounty program or any teams bounty program frightens them then they are indeed a ‘scaredy-cat’! I suggest they quit football and take up a soft girl sport like say, golf. Ha Ha. Goodell has been trying to soften up football for years and he also hates the Saints with a passion. Oh well, the Patriots survived their cheating scandal and the Saints will too. Us Saints fans have always said that the Saints never get enuff press coverage and that their defense is just too soft. Well, now we’re getting gobs of publicity (there’s no such thing as bad publicity) and it turns out our defense ain’t so soft after all, kinda mean and tuff and gritty and cool. Geaux Saints!

  11. msstiller58 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 11:42 AM
    Why isn’t anyone asking questions about the officiating? Didn’t the officials in that Saints/Vikings game see what was obvious to even the most casual observer?
    great question.
    the Saints pity party went on all year.
    i saw it plain as day.
    refs letting them get away with questionable crap all year.

    glad i did.. made most i have ever made in vegas that year.

  12. I lost respect for Brett the last few years on how he handled this retired not retired. I have to say good Brett and I hope you file a law suite against New orleans..that would be the altimate gesture to the NFL. I saw some footage of the playoff game and had forgoteen how many time the Saints hit him high and low at the same time and how many hits weree after the ball gone toward the neck area.

  13. Don’t you just wonder if some of the officials were getting some payola, too?

  14. I hate the Saints but still say Bountygate is ridiculous. A $10,000 “prize” doesn’t work out mathwise. The fine is much more than that and the player is making 100sX more than the fine. This is like Austin Powers threatening to blow up the world for……one mill….ion….doll…..ars! Who takes that seriously?

  15. +1000 respect for Favre after reading this. This is a witch hunt by the NFL and you mean to tell me the Ravens have never had a bounty? If they are going to bring it to light they should bring it ALL to light.

  16. We are happy to brett and we thank you for busting your ass in 2009. vikes should have won it all but did themselves in. Now 2010, wth? taking millions and being self absorbed in the sexting scandal ? not good.

  17. ihatesocal says: Mar 5, 2012 11:44 AM

    Does this guy just not know how to shut up and retire?

    One thing at a time. He finally got the retirement part figured out.

  18. Favre just wanted to throw his hat in the ring.

    Subsequently, the hat was intercepted and returned for a touchdown

  19. Anyione who watched this game knew that the real crimne was committed by the officials. Dump Rush!

  20. There were so many cheap shot late hits that the officials just stopped calling them. Kind of like when your little brother can’t throw a pitch across the plate so you stop calling balls so you can just get the game going. The officiating in that game was sickening, which I think is a bigger scandal than setting bounties. And maybe AD could not drop the ball on the 5-yard line in front of a hole a mack truck could drive through.

  21. salmen76, Seriously? Your defense isn’t tough, gritty and cool. Their weak, cheap and cowards! Football is a violent sport, any given play could be the end, but while other players are making attempts to play with “controlled rage,” your Saints were on a (career)murder spree. I love big hits, big plays in big games, but I want to see the best versus the best. Your team didn’t! Apparently the french influence has really made its way into your football team.

  22. Regardless of where you stand on this issue or whether you like/hate the commish, Goodell always does what he thinks is best for the NFL.

    Saints players and coaches (including Payton) are going to get suspended. It’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “for how long”. If he can suspend Big Ben for 4 games without an arrest or charge, he can suspend Saints players and coaches for participating in their bounty program. It goes directly against their player safety program (so does an 18-game season but at least that makes $ for the NFL).

  23. good to see him taking “the high road” in this articly, but seriously, how excited yout hink favre got when he saw this story mentioned him by name and he would have the chance to be in the news again.

  24. Brett Favre got the crap knocked out of him once by Greg Lloyd. Lloyd was flagged on the play, and Favre got up (couldn’t believe it at the time). After the game Favre said it was a clean hit. Seems like the same ole Favre to me. Guy is tough as nails.

  25. I’m curious if there could be any potential legal action taken against the Saints and NFL by a player. Think about it, if any offensive player went down with a season ending injury at the hands of a Saint Def player who was paid a bounty to end your game. They were profiting on seriously trying to injury your livelihood. That’s blatant violation of the NFL Code of Conduct. Now if your contract was incentive laden which required you to miss out on possible snaps, I’d say a player has the right in a Court of law to recoup those potential losses. I’d imagine that the Marcus Williams vs Bill Romanowski lawsuit sets a precedent for ‘Extra Curricular’ play inside and outside of a game when it comes to ones career/contract. Tricky Waters ahead….

  26. Anyone remember Adrian Peterson complaining that the Saints were twisting his tender ankle under the pile after the Saints played the Vikes this year?

  27. The biggest story from that Saints Vikings game is how the refs gave the game to the Saints with no-calls and poor spots. Vikings should have won it all that year.

  28. I would be interested to see the number of games lost by players due to the actions of each team. Some how I don’t think the Saints would stand out, compared to some of the other hard hitting teams.

  29. One of my best friends (a Lions fan since the days of Herman Moore and Scott Mitchell) and I were talking about this and speculating about the punishment. His response was pretty good so I’ll quote it as best I can.

    “You know, the Saints likely went to, and won a Super Bowl as a direct result of their bounty system. Look at what they did to Brett Favre in the NFC Championship game, for example. Would he have thrown that pick at the end if he hadn’t been suffering from busted up ribs and a maimed ankle on his plant foot? Probably not. So then I’ll ask you, as a Vikings fan, how many draft picks is a Lombardi Trophy worth?

    The answer to that question is how stiff the penalty should be.”

  30. Nice comments from Brett. As much as I wanted the Vikings to lose that game it sure seemed strange how much the Saints seemed to get some “help” from the officials. Even without that “help” the Vikings were poised to win the game until Brett did what he did against the Eagles (2003 Playoff Game) and the Giants (2007 NFC Championship).

    Regarding Brett, as a life long Packers fan who did not become a FavreVikings fan in 2009 and 2010, I look forward to his jersey being retired and his entrance into the Packers and NFL Hall of Fame!

  31. The real problem isn’t the Saints late hits, holding, first downs when replay shows them short. The problem is that the official’s didn’t throw the flag. That high/low hit the official was looking right at it, plain as day. Not only should it have been flagged for high/low but also for hitting below the knees.

    The real story is going to come out in a few years that the officials involved in this game were compromised such as being paid off or involved in illegal gambling. Much like what happened in the NBA to the Sacramento Kings. This is what a good reporter needs to bring into discussion. Same thing for the Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl.

    The refs are what needs to be investigated.

  32. Best response over this nonsense and it happened to come out of Favres mouth. Good for you Brett! Perhaps the O-Line could do a better job to prevent those cheap shots. Its football afterall!

  33. Brett has always been a great guy and a great QB.. I’m a long time Vikings fan, I’ll admit I disliked him when he was a Packer but I still respected him. Also this is NOT a witch hunt, the NFL didn’t go out and try to dig up dirt on the Taints until they found this. Someone blew the whistle on this and now they’re getting what they deserve. I hope they look into the refs from that game as well, the way that game was called was almost more troubling than the whole bountygate thing.

  34. I’m sure many QB’s were the primary target. They are always lined up for sacks. But, intentionally causing bodily harm is a criminal offense, period. You don’t need to break their bones, snap their necks to get a sack. Good, clean, hard hits are what is expected in any game. To promote and condone head hunting for money is unnecessary and shows the mentality of those who enjoy violence. The story is out, it grows by the hour. The fines and suspensions will be substantial. Williams, no doubt will take the BIGGEST HIT of all. I’d be surprised if he coaches at all in 2012, perhaps never again in the NFL. Spygate and Tripgate were nothing compared to this scandal. Just play the game. Players don’t need more motivation above the millions they make. If you can’t win on your abilities, talent and playmaking, then try to live off a regular fan’s wages. You wouldn’t survive a week.

  35. 2009 Superbowl Champions New Orleans Saints*

    *technically won the SB but should not have been in the game.

  36. I dare anyone to rewatch that game. It proves Favre just may be the toughest football player to ever play the game. Its almost difficult to watch.

  37. “The biggest story from that Saints Vikings game is how the refs gave the game to the Saints with no-calls and poor spots. Vikings should have won it all that year.”

    If the Vikings don’t turn the ball over 5 times in a 3-point game, then their fans aren’t whining about officiating 2 years later.

  38. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Mar 5, 2012 12:18 PM

    There were so many cheap shot late hits that the officials just stopped calling them.


    Leave it to vik fans to cry about officiating, if you don’t like the hits, get an offensive line that can protect somebody.

  39. Some of the best MNF games ever played were QBed by Favre. He just took a cultural nose-dive as he aged. Now he’s planting soybeans? Sounds like great fun. 😉
    As far as the bounty monies, could those cheap-shots be legally termed assault and battery? I don’t know. But IMO, you don’t stop penalizing players who repeatedly throw cheap-shots, you toss them out of the game.

  40. I have always said That Nfc championship Game was the Closest thing i have ever seen to an Assault in Pro Sports … Turns out now it pretty much Was

  41. msstiller58 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 11:42 AM
    Why isn’t anyone asking questions about the officiating? Didn’t the officials in that Saints/Vikings game see what was obvious to even the most casual observer?
    The officials get 10% of the bounty money after the game.

  42. Remember the ones that are bashing Farve are the same ones Dumb enought to pay$275.00 for nothing. Oh they call it stock. Dumb ASS

  43. You’re comments are stupid at best. Let’s see, retire 5 years before he made it to the Championship game.


  44. Only in football would the players put a bounty in place where you lose money! vilma put 10K on Favre but how many fines where dished out for hits in that game for 25K? players would actually lose 15k for winning the bounty! What a motivator!

    This is really a non-story but I hope it at least takes the skins down with it! Loss of 1st round draft picks for both teams is fair!

  45. No wonder the Saints are hard to beat. The players are dirty players. To Me, a bounty is a form of cheating. Sooner or later this had to come out.
    If it had been any other quarterback getting pounded like Farve did in that game, the game would have ended sooner. Go Brett Farve… GO PACKERS…
    Saints Suck badly.

  46. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Mar 5, 2012 12:46 PM
    thankheavenfornumberseven says:Mar 5, 2012 12:18 PM

    There were so many cheap shot late hits that the officials just stopped calling them.


    Leave it to vik fans to cry about officiating, if you don’t like the hits, get an offensive line that can protect somebody.
    Leave it to a lowly packers fan to bitch at a Vikings fan at the throw of a hat.

  47. I’m a die hard Vikings fan and yeah the officiating in that game was brutal. However, you just can’t turn the ball over six times and expect to win. The cheap shots on Favre didn’t make AP fumble or Harvin or any of the other guys. Bottom line is we turned it over too many times to expect to win.

  48. As a vikes fan this just makes you feel even more cheated then how bad the calls in that game were. This was their opportunity and they were so close….

    Looking back even if they win that game there is about a 5 percent chance Brett could even play in the super bowl 2 weeks later. You know he would have gone out there and started but he wouldn’t have been able to move at all. It took him 7 months to recover from that game and he still wasn’t right in 2010.

    If Brett wins that super bowl he goes down the Michael Jordan of football. But with how that game ended he’ll always be remembered the toughest qb of all time that was great but… always had those gunslinger moments.

    That NFC title game was the best game I’ve ever seen as a vikings fan. Favre is all heart all day on the field

  49. Brett is the best, a regular throwback. as tough as nails he never complains about hits actually uses them as motivation -and All the clowns that diss him for all silly things should have there football minds checked out

  50. Wow you Viking whiners must be in heaven. It’s like the next best thing to winning the superbowl for all of you. You walk around as if the NFL is going to hand you the trophy now.

    Well guess what, THEY WON’T.
    You still lost and you still don’t have a Lombardi and long after all this BS fizzles out you still wont have a trophy and the saints will.

    P.s. you dont see the colts fans, who actually
    Made it to the superbowl, crying as much as the Viking whiners, what a miserable franchise.

  51. “Brett Favre happy that truth on Saints coming to light.”

    And Vince will be happy when we can go a full week without having this moron open his mouth. Get back and the tractor and keep your mouth shut for awhile, idiot.

    I used to be a big Favre fan, but to paraphrase Costanza, “I genuinely dislike him.”

  52. Favre took a lot of hits in that game. But, how many sacks did the Saints have? None. Probably the most hits on a QB in a zero sack game in the history of the NFL.

    For those who think QBs are overprotected by the League, they can thank the headhunter, dirty Saints, who went after Warner and Favre on consecutive weeks.

    Refs calls + Dirty Hits = Saints win. Not whining. Just a fact.

  53. People have to trash Favre even though he’s retired now but with this thing coming to light, he had to say something! He handled it in a respectful, polite manner! Not “trashing” anyone!! Look at those clips, people. Even if you hate him, did he deserve those hits???

    Good for you, Brett. Thanks for speaking up.

  54. bfosser – I’m with you 1000%. Not only are defenders paid to make big hits, the program simply doesn’t justify such scrutiny.

    1) The NFL czars review every player’s every play after every game. If any of them took a cheapshot, they would have been fined.

    2) The math doesn’t work. Who will risk a $25K, $50K or more fine on a $10K prize (that was the max…some of those prizes were as small as $500)?

    3) In the 70’s or 80’s when players stayed with the same teams and rarely fraternized, this would be more believable. However, even division rivals go out the night before, pray afterwards, smile together, etc.

    4) The Saints have an offense led by a seemingly humanitarian, humble guy. As a team captain and someone who knows that one cheap shot to the knee could cost someone tens of millions of dollars, I can’t imagine he’d let a true no-holds-barred bounty program go on.

    In all fairness, I get that the idea that a bounty program is despicable. However, unless players were paid for cheapshots, what exactly is the problem????

  55. Some people still don’t get it. There is a difference between rewarding sacks, tackles, turnovers, etc., and rewarding “cart offs, knocked out of game, etc”. The PR machine that is the NFL will not allow this to happen. Expect the harshest penalties against a team, coaches, and players, that you have ever seen. Millions of dollars, draft picks, and suspensions, will be the start of what Roger Goodell has to say. The NFL as a whole will always come ahead of anything else, which is why it is the most watched sport in America.

  56. A football player being paid millions shouldn’t need $10,000 as an incentive to go out there and hit the QB.

    The Saints broke the rules for no good reason. All that needed to be said is “Hey guys, if we get after the QB and keep on him, we’ll win this game and go to the superbowl”.

  57. Um, ‘jake’, nobody is denying that the bounty program existed. We’re well beyond that now. The verdict is in. The only thing left is to pray for mercy at the feet of Judge Goodell.

  58. The officiating in that game was about as bad as the cheap, late, malicious hits Brett Favre took in that game. And just to correct the the author of this article, the Saints were flagged only once for all the late hits they made. And any fines that were given to players amounted in a measly $15,000 or less. If Roger Goodell is at all concerned about player safety and protecting the integrity of the game, he has to go after everyone involved – Williams, Payton, Loomis, the players, and the officials. It still floors me people are still defending the actions of these clowns because they’re too dumb to realize player actions, they’re Saints fans, or they still have a soft spot over Hurricane Katrina.

  59. To deserve the SB, the Vikes should have overcome all the crap the refs and the Saints threw at them — they didn’t so they didn’t deserve anything more than they got. That doesn’t mean the Saints shouldn’t be punished for paid delibrate attempts to injure, as that type of bounty wasn’t and isn’t the norm. Lastly, Favre said all the right things — give him a break.

  60. one thing that you guys are forgetting is that its football. Brett Farve been in the game long enough to know that there are bounties out there. yes the Saints should be punished for their actions but there were teams before the saints and there definitely will be teams after them doing the same thing. your favorite team has a program but they are smart enough to know that there’s no leaks within their programs. so lay off.. none of y’all are on the field and none of them even know that you exist. go do something else with your life

  61. What’s amazing is that even with a $10k bounty and a whole bunch of dirty players aiming for his head, no one could knock the oldest player to ever line up behind center out of the game.

    There were even losers here who said his bruises were fake! Bet you feel foolish now.

    BF had the most amazing football career of any player to ever lace em up. I could give a crap about who he is or what he stands for (if I did that, I’d hate every NFL player), I just care that he played his ass off every minute of every game for his entire career. If you don’t respect that, go watch MLB.

  62. For the people that clutched their pearls when the “Bountygate” story broke, remember that the Saints had the 8th least personal fouls in the league over the last 3 seasons, and I don’t remember any Saints player being ejected from a game during that span. So whatever the payout was for knocking a player out of the game, it appears it didn’t have a major impact on the defensive players.

    And for people saying the refs were complicit or wanted the Saints to win in 2009 because of Katrina, I have two questions:

    1. Why wait an extra 3 years to “give” the Saints a championship? They were in the NFCCG in 06, after all. The Bears had 1 penalty for 5 yards in that game, while the Saints had 7 for 47. NFL refs must suck at fixing games.

    2. Why do you watch a sport that you think is fixed? Seems like it would take the fun out of watching the games if the outcome is predetermined.

  63. vikesfansteve says:
    Mar 5, 2012 12:32 PM
    The real problem isn’t the Saints late hits, holding, first downs when replay shows them short. The problem is that the official’s didn’t throw the flag. That high/low hit the official was looking right at it, plain as day. Not only should it have been flagged for high/low but also for hitting below the knees.

    The real story is going to come out in a few years that the officials involved in this game were compromised such as being paid off or involved in illegal gambling. Much like what happened in the NBA to the Sacramento Kings. This is what a good reporter needs to bring into discussion. Same thing for the Seahawks/Steelers Super Bowl.

    The refs are what needs to be investigated.


    Man you sound like my dad whining about calls saying refs are paid off lol. As a vikings fan you should be thankful they dont call low hits all the time, since half of Jared Allen’s sacks are low blows. I live in MN and see all there games he should be fined more often then Harrison in Pittsburgh. Jarred Allen was only voted the dirtiest player in football by the players 2 years in a row so whine about the refs calls a little more lol

  64. Take Dan Marino out of the Hall of Fame, take his name out of the record books, he was giving away those sweet Isotoner gloves to his linemen and WR’s for making him look good. Who wouldn’t want to play better for Dan to get a free pair of Isotoners?

  65. You guys know if this article had been written by the lawyer it would have the same headline and only include one line of Brett’s statements…”Now the truth comes out.” and a bunch of crap implying that Brett Favre was angry and then mention of possible lawsuits.

    Glad to see someone on the site shared the whole story instead of throwing pieces at the wall hoping to create a stir.

  66. 2 things

    1) Favre when he was playing was as tough as they come. The fact that he overstayed his welcome for a few years with that annual soap opera should not be held against him.

    2) Someone out there please note the names of the starting 22 for the Saints on the first day of next season. At the end of the season please let us know how many of them are still there.

    3) Those of you who so delight in dumping on Favre – wouldn’t you love to have HALF the balls that guy has?

    I know I said “2” things and then said 3

    I lied

  67. Many fans knew the Saints were up to no good! But as we voiced our displeasure, many called Viking Fans Whiners. Now the facts are out and vindication does dampen the 2009 NFC Championship loss a bit. But that does little for what could have been. The NFL looked the other way because they felt the Shi##y city that is called New Orleans needed a boost after hurricane Katrina.

    With that being said. The Saints punishment should be to relinquish their 1st round pick to the Vikings and their 2nd round pick to the Cardinals. In addition, Both Sean Peyton and Greg Williams needed to be fined, sanctioned. The injury caused to Favre’s ankle was intentional and it affected the whole Vikings 2010 season as far as a quarterback was concerned.

  68. Here we go again. Wrong – heck yes they are wrong for this – they practices un-ethical pro ball with very disgusting ways. Yes the team, coaches, loomis have to pay for wrong doing. . . .
    But cheaters- heck no. So if they hit hard and were aggressive and the other teams couldn’t counter-act their actions – thats not cheating. If it was an illegal hit, is that not what the refs are in the game for, to throw the flag??? If anything, the officiating is where the cheaters are not the players being overly aggresive with their hits.

    Like all the Vik fans saying the Viks should have won or be given the SB. If they couldn’t out play them (no matter the drive) why should they be given anything? They lost, hard hitting in football is not cheating.

  69. Lil’ Abner favre the attention ho is just happy to hear himself talk and see his name in print.

    Leave it to his man-crush peter king to give him the opportunity.

  70. Couple comments….if the league is looking into “bountygate” and specifically the saints games against kurt warner and brett favre, then how can the league also not look into the officials from those games???? Every fan that watched those games saw the blatant “missed calls” on illegal hits, late hits, unnecessary roughness etc. but yet the officials pulled a Sgt. Schultz. The league has to look into these officials. Secondly, King’s interview with Favre is why BF will go down as one of the greatest QB’s ever. He played his entire career the way football was meant to be played and the most amazing NFL record is BF’s consecutive games played. Other QB’s can garner the limelight today becuz of the rule changes that guarantee them to be “stats machines” but if you took the skirts off the Brady’s and Rodger’s, they wouldn’t last an entire season. Favre, Montana, Staubach, Bradshaw, Tarkenton, Unitas, Starr, etc. played the game, set the records, won titles when QB’s could be hit and WR’s could be touched.

  71. An obviously hobbled Farve was driving the Vikings for the winning FG when his last pass was intercepted. He threw a bad pass across his body when he could have run for the first down. But he couldn’t run because his ankle was previously almost broken on a high hit/ low hit after he had released the ball. At that point of the game, a badly abused Farve was practically on life support

  72. So when are they getting to investigating all of Williams friends and mentors. Start with Jeff (Mr. Competition Committee) Fisher and the entire Detroit and Tennessee defensive staff. It has long been rumored Belichick leaves a little something special in guys locker for giving “a little extra.” Williams deserves whatever he gets but there is little doubt he came up with this crap all on his own. Does the league really think they can beat this down with one public hanging.

  73. Why punish the Saints …if the refs make the right call … The bounty does not come into play. Also why did the head ref apologize to Favre the following year for not calling those obvious cheap shots.

  74. I will have to add that the 2009 game between Saints and Vikings was the most brutal I have ever witnessed. I was rooting for the Saints to win but I could not believe how brutal the hits on Farve were. I’ve never seen anything so uncomfortable to watch. It looked like they were trying to kill him. Go watch the tape! Yes he threw and interception but he was so maimed by then I’m surprised he could even stand to throw the ball.
    Who’s to blame : The Saints bounty program and the Referee’s who were blind to it and did not eject some players who were obviously out for blood.

  75. hooterdawg says:
    Mar 5, 2012 4:08 PM
    …….At that point of the game, a badly abused Farve was practically on life support…..


    Stop. You’re making me cry. Favre wants the truth to come out? He can’t handle the truth.

  76. Perhaps THE most amazing thing about all of this is that Pevre said something that Any Other Player could have said, and suddenly HE’S Amazing. Is there Enough Oxygen out there? Did Pevre’s Teams ever benefit by bounties? Does Anyone remember something about Pevre throwing Every Single Teammate who kept his butt Safe for all those years, Under the Bus? That mush-wit, nuclear-powered ME-Machine says something about something other than himself, and suddenly people think he’s Jeebus. Please!

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