Chargers pull plug on franchise tag

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After weeks of speculation as to whether the Chargers will use the franchise tag for a second straight year on receiver Vincent Jackson, the Chargers have opted not to tag Jackson.

We know this not because the time period for applying the tag came and went without Jackson being tagged.  Instead, the team issued a press release announcing that the franchise tag wasn’t being used, on anyone.

“We discussed it again this morning, and nothing changed. We did not like the franchise number, never did,” General Manager A.J. Smith said.  “Vincent will enter the market, and we will see what happens. We would like to have him continue on with us, but other teams now will enter the picture.

“We will now evaluate our contract proposal, and proceed accordingly.”

The use of the franchise tag in 2011 resulted in a one-year tender of $11.424 million.  Under the CBA, the franchise player receives either the franchise tender for his position or 120 percent of his pay from the prior year, whichever is greater.

For Jackson, 120 percent of $11.424 million ends up being more than $4 million greater than the franchise tender of $9.4 million.  And so in lieu of paying Jackson $13.7 million this year and, if tagged once more, $19.74 million in 2013, the Chargers opted instead to let the market determine his value.

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  1. Bears should give VJAX a nice 5-6 year deal worth a hefty amount. Still go after M.Manningham and Draft Rd #1 Michael Floyd or Kendall Wright.


    But I guess SD loses leverage if they actually want to resign him if they tag him… #$3.7 MM is some serious cash for a guy that won’t catch more than 70 catches per year.

    I hope he stays in SD, as it’s his best chance to win a RING (vs. other teams like the Rams, Browns, Bears, Bills). He really needs to stay in the AFC West to have a shot at a title, cause those other teams ain’t gonna do squat!

  3. Welcome to the Patriots, V-Jax. Brady has been waiting for you, and Ocho has been busy keeping your locker room seat warm (and that is about all).

  4. Cheap blisters!!haha..gotta love AJ Smith! Keep alienating the players that matter.

    You know Charger fans loved to make fun of Al Davis but he was:
    1. old
    2. on his death bed
    3. stuck in his ways (rightfully so)
    4. taking his last shot going down swinging

    but I beg of you..
    what is AJ’s excuse?

  5. This is how the system is supposed to work. SIgn him long term or set him free. See you in Foxboro, Vinny.

  6. Jackson welcome to the SF 49ers… We look forward to gaining those numbers in SF.

    That would be nice… likely to happen I hope

  7. gillette is perfect for playoff football in january vjax i think you’d love it there…why not link up with tom brady and bring in a couple super bowl wins

  8. Phil Emery could really get the fan base behind him (even though it already may be, blindly) by bringing this guy to Chicago.

    Not sure it’ll happen though, unfortunately.

  9. Despite the money, I can’t see him going to Cleveland or Minny. You’re gonna freeze your ass off and find yourself at the bottom of the division each year. Same with Jax. Chicago might be interesting, but again the cold will play a factor and what is he gonna do when Cutler’s O-Line lets him down again and he’s out for the year with a broken collarbone? Who throws to VJ then? Only two teams I see making sense would be SF or he stays in SD.

  10. <>

    Pretty simple, AJ knows the team has more important needs. Like putting the money VJ would get into say…an improved o-line for Rivers.

    Can’t throw the ball deep to VJ when he’s got linemen in his face right after the snap.

    Best of luck VJ!

  11. It’s actually a smart move by the Chargers. There is no way the open market for VJ will dictate more than 13.7 mil per year. He isn’t going anywhere. SD will sign him to a long term contract worth less than that.

  12. @jagebolt:

    Yes, of course. AJ has the well earned reputation as being the most cool headed, rational GM in the history of the league.

    I am absolutely certain this had nothing to do with personal animosity between the player and the front office and was strictly a smart football decision.

    Like the time he fired the coach who went 14-2. Nothing personal, strictly business.

  13. djvicdogg says:
    Mar 5, 2012 5:41 PM
    It’s actually a smart move by the Chargers. There is no way the open market for VJ will dictate more than 13.7 mil per year. He isn’t going anywhere. SD will sign him to a long term contract worth less than that.

    You people just don’t get it.

    He’s not looking for a contract that will pay him $13.7 next year. He is looking for one that will pay him around 36-40M for the next 4. No one goes out and expects a multi-year deal that averages the franchise number, unless your name is Drew or Peyton. That’s not how it works.

    And he’s not going to back to the Chargers at any price, so disabuse yourself of that notion.

  14. It’s always comical when people say that a players first instinct is to look for a winner to join. That only happens if that player is about to retire and wants one more shot at a ring. Jackson’s first and only thought here is to get the biggest, longest, most guaranteed money contract he can get…from anybody. And then he will say; “it was never about the money. It was about going to a team that really wanted me.” Even though they all take the money. And so would I. And so would you.

  15. Speaking as a Chargers fan who has watched every snap this guy has played – AJ is about to willingly make his next mistake.

    Rivers may have had a down year, but he’s a great QB – but be prepared to watch him be forced to do too much again this year. There’s nobody available in the draft or free agency to replace this guy.

  16. For that amount of money I’d let him walk. Rivers was worse with Jackson in the lineup for most the year last year than he was when he was throwing to Crayton and 7 other nobodies the year before. Would rather see the money saved put to good use on some defensive play-makers. The Chargers have no problem putting up points on anybody with ow without Vincent Jackson. Completely non-essential.

  17. VJax good riddance…he has no break away speed and will not fight for the ball. Never lived up to the hype.

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