Charles Barkley rips “punk, snitch” who ratted on Gregg Williams

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Some of the strongest comments about the Saints bounty scandal have come not from a football player but from a basketball player: Charles Barkley, who said on the Dan Patrick Show that he’s appalled.

But Barkley isn’t appalled that the Saints had a system of bounties. He’s appalled that someone from inside the Saints’ locker room apparently informed on former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in the NFL’s investigation.

“You have to be a punk to snitch that out,” Barkley said. “That’s like giving a reporter an anonymous quote. That makes you a punk, if you do anonymous, but also, you don’t bring that out x amount of years later. I mean you don’t compete in it if you don’t want to be in it. But I’ve seen at least three or four well-known NFL players say all teams have bounties. So I’m glad they came to Gregg Williams’ defense. Because I’m pretty sure all teams have that.”

Barkley said bounties happen in the NBA, too, and he recalled a specific incident when he was on the losing end of a blowout and he talked to his teammates about putting a hard foul on an opposing player who was trying to run up the score.

“I’m a firm believer, if a guy shoots a three, that you knock his ass as far in the stands as you possibly can,” Barkley said. “We were getting beat by 30 or 40, I can’t remember, and the guy was shooting threes, running up and down the court, and I said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to hurt that guy right there.'”

Barkley declined to name the player he was referring to.

“I can’t tell you that, Dan, I’d have to incriminate myself,” Barkley said.

But Barkley did say that NBA players are willing to throw around more money for bounties than NFL players are.

“I think it was $5,000,” Barkley said. “We get paid better in the NBA.”

Barkley said he doesn’t believe players are looking to cause long-term injuries to their opponents, but they are trying to hit opposing players hard enough that those players don’t want to go back in the game.

“In the heat of an NFL game, when guys are trying to make tackles, you’re always trying to hit the guy as hard as possible,” he said. “I think you always want to knock the best players out of the game. I want to get Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady out of the game. That’s better for my team. Do I want to hurt them? No, but I want to hit them hard. That’s better for my team.”

Asked specifically about reports that the Saints were trying to knock Brett Favre out of the NFC Championship Game when the Vikings played at New Orleans, Barkley said he thought every team wanted to target Favre at the end of his career — less because it would help the team than because players disliked Favre personally.

“I think Brett Favre was just annoying people at that point,” Barkley said. “He had been annoying people for the last five years of his career. I think players resent that. Were they trying to hurt him? I don’t believe that. Did they want to hit him hard? Of course they did. Because you have to admit, his last five years he was very annoying.”

It’s safe to say there are plenty of NFL players who will agree with Barkley. Not just about Favre being annoying, but about bounties just being part of life in the NFL.

UPDATE: For those wondering about the game and player Barkley declined to specify, the sleuths at the Dan Patrick Show point out this 1992 story about Barkley going after Charlotte’s J.R. Reid at the tail end of a game in which Barkley’s Philadelphia 76ers lost 136-84.

133 responses to “Charles Barkley rips “punk, snitch” who ratted on Gregg Williams

  1. ..because I’m sure that Charles Barkley is the first person we’d all reach out to for advice on not only football, but life as well..

    his mouth just uncontrollably spews garbage

  2. It is hilarious to me that bounties are even a story, next you’ll tell me that members of the military use racist terms to dehumanize locals.

    It’s not officially condoned or supposed to happen, but it does, and anyone who is shocked by all this is just plain naive.

  3. Stick to a sport that you actually might know a little bit about Charles. You are out of your league on this one. Just like when you tried to get a hold of Tiger to help him out with his struggles. You are just barely coherent.

  4. Wonder is that is an extension of the no snitching thing that is prominent in the AA community. That kind of thing hurts everyone and makes it not a very safe or pleasant world. Chuck is fun, but in this instance, he is sending the wrong message.

  5. TNT would like to officially apologize for the remarks made by Charles Barkley. They do not reflect our values as an organization.

  6. oh lord.. now the NBA gonna go after Barkley and congress haul him in and make him tell all he knows about bounties in the NBA lol … is rediculous. Where is the outrage in the NBA ???????????? lol lol

  7. Charles continues to not be a role model.

    But he’s okay as a ham and semi-comedian … I got a chuckle out of his take on Favre.

    Do bounties happen in the TV business? .. Just wonderin’

  8. Charles, you sound like a retard. How can you want to hit someone hard, but not want to hurt them? What’s the point of hitting someone hard? Derp, derp.

  9. Right. If something is wrong and you know about then you should just keep your mouth shut.

    Like if someone was planning to mug Charles … stick a gun in his face and rob him … then he’d be upset if you snitched and told. Cause he hates rats you know.

  10. charles of course says things that shock people but he always says what he honestly feels. i appreciate his candor. ive played ball myself and although we didnt bet money,we would say things like get this guy out of the game anyway we can if he was just killing us. its part of sports. i figure its in hockey,soccer,baseball too. get real folks. this happens in any competitive atmosphere. its human nature to weaken the opponent. whats the big deal with bounties? it just keeps it interesting for the players. no big deal.

  11. Whether or not other teams (or sports) have bounty systems (and I believe they do) is really not relevant. What is relevant is the fact that New Orleans was explicitly instructed to put an end to the system, they refused to do so, and they lied about it to the league. Now the league will establish consequences that will effectively render issuing cash bonuses for big plays–a violation of the CBA, a red flag to the IRS, and a threat to competitive integrity–not worth it to any other teams that might consider participating in a similar pay for performance scenario.

  12. Listen, the man is saying what many people are thinking, but instead say something safe and neutral. Garbage, really?

    I’d take a shot at Brett Favre if I had pads towards the twilight of his career.

    And yes, if you have a comment, own up to it, don’t be anonymous.

  13. Says the guy who got nailed for drunken driving on his way to committing adultery with someone who turned out to be a transvestite and in explanation, actually bragging about his/her exceptional oral skills to the arresting cop.

    When it comes to morality, if Barkley is preaching sunshine, I’ll be toting an umbrella!

  14. millertime30 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 10:15 AM

    ..because I’m sure that Charles Barkley is the first person we’d all reach out to for advice on not only football, but life as well..


    Ppl go to Barkley bc unlike most media guys he will actually say what he thinks and not what sounds “pc”..I like Chuck’s honesty, whether I agree with what he says or not. Im sick of this quote friendly world where no one has an opinion…keep tellin us how u feel Chuckster! Its pure entertainment and very refreshing to hear a guy not afraid of criticism for speaking his mind. We need more ppl like this..

  15. Too bad Barkley didn’t play in the NFL. It would have been sweet to see him get the crap kicked out of his oversized melon “because he was annoying.”
    ‘Cause Lord knows, annoying has pretty much always defined Barkley.

  16. This the guy who hated the gene chizik hire at auburn but was the first one to get on his knees when they won it all

  17. I hate that term (“snitch” or “rat”). I seriously do. I don’t get hiding or defending someone who doesn’t have the guts to face the consequences of their actions.

    You’re about as much of a coward for not snitching as the person is who you are protecting.

    (Now, if YOUR life was in danger or those around you I understand. But, still you can be anonymous about it.)

  18. Everyone in the league was filming coaches signals too, but when the Pats were ratted out by weasel Mangina, Goodell dropped the hammer on them. The same thing is going to happen here with the Saints too.

  19. What’s with Chuck having an opinion on every sport other than basketball in the last year or so? Surely he doesn’t think his great golf game makes him a multi-sport well of knowlege..

  20. Reality check, Chuck. Of course they were trying to hurt the opposing player. The more effective or more high profile the player was, the more the bounty. And the opposing player had to leave the game in order to get paid.

    More interesting question. Is a Charles Barkley interview the best that Dan Patrick can do? Was Y. A. Tittle busy?

  21. Professional sports is a ruthless business played by, coached by, managed by, and owned by ruthless people. And as a fan, I’m ruthless for wanting my team to win virtually above all other concerns. Do I want a player to get hurt? No. But I don’t mind if a player on the other team has to leave the field or may not be 100% after a hard hit. I may be nice to my neighbors. I try to work out issues with my wife and kids and I’ve never raised a hand or even my voice at them (well, ok, maybe my voice a couple of times). I don’t believe in guns, I’m anti-war and think the Gulf war conflicts were about nothing but 1% greed, but give me a good shot at another teams’ player to help my team win any day of the week.

  22. Love his take on Farve. But he confuses the issue, players policing their game is legit (slamming the guy padding stats in a blow out.) During the Pats blowout run from a few seasons back I wondered why nobody decapitated Brady and took the 15 and the fine. It was warranted, and would have been good football regardless of possible injury. Here a coach is paying for players to injure in the normal course of the game. A bonus for putting a guy on a stretcher vs bonus for a great play or big hit. The latter is par for the course, the former scummy and inexcusable.
    The fat hoopster gets it half right, and earns bonus points for the Favre slam.

  23. The worst part of Barkley offering this is if another team reacted to one of his teammates being a jerk and a fight started he’s be the first off the bench defending him because he’s a teammate.

    I’ve never understood defending a bad decision even if it is your teammate. If a guy gives a cheap shot then he should suffer the consequences himself. Why does the whole team have to get up and defend him?

    Barkley offers $5000 for somebody else to knock him out. Man up and do it yourself Charles. Another game will come along that you can “get” him.

  24. Another reason why Charles Barkley stays relevant. He has it all planned out in his big, round head. ‘I won’t do my homework on the NBA, but I’ll make bone-headed comments for attention. Then, I’ll talk about other sports and make more bone-headed comments just so I can see my name all over the internet and television.’ The guy is extremely irrelevant and the fact that people listen, and then believe him is a shame. What if it was Barkley who had a player take his knee out and end his career for some bounty? I am sure he’d think otherwise.

  25. this type of misplaced tuff guy mentality is why the saints will be punished more than they deserve..

    breaks my heart … NOT

  26. Shocked? No. A story? Yes. And you’re being horribly naive if you think otherwise. The NFL is being sued left and right on cases regarding how the NFL treated its players in the past, especially in cases of concussions. The players just gift wrapped a present to the NFL lawyers who are defending those cases. If you can show that players encourage each other to hurt players on another team then suddenly its not the big bad NFL pressuring players to play hurt, its players doing the pressuring too and encouraging one another to end careers. At a minimum the NFL has to show that they are keeping player safety paramount by slamming the Saints. At maximum? They build a case that if they lose a lawsuit the fine is evenly split between the NFL and the NFLPA. You’re talking billions of dollars here for these lawsuits. Beyond that there are the IRS ramifications, possible civil suits from players who had their careers ended to a team with a “kill shot” bonus, and just plain stupidity of whoever it was who apparently kept a freaking paper trail for the NFL to follow so that its beyond the boundary of “He said, she said”.

    So you tell me, is it a story? I really don’t think a lot of you have wrapped your head around just how big a story this could end up being and how many teams it may end up effecting. If I was a Rams fan, I’d be worried. If I was a Jaguars fan, I’d be afraid. And if I was a Titans fan, I’d be downright terrified. I’m a Saints fan. I’ve had 40 years of crap before this so I’m well prepared for what’s coming down the pipe for me. And it isn’t going to be pretty. Dust off the bags boys and girls, we’re going to need them.

  27. If a player had a problem with the bounty system they should have spoke out about it when they were a part of it . The players who come out with the bounty comments after the fact are not honorable players either . I respect the players that honored thier locker rooms by keeping things in house.

  28. What a moron. This is the problem with some of the population in our society. The people that speak the truth are the one’s in the wrong. That is why crime is so prevalent in some areas because no one has the balls to speak-up and put criminals where they need to be. So the cycle continues and the police departments are blamed for crime in their areas. Same situation here.

  29. I can’t take what he says seriously.

    Any likes or dislikes he has about specific football teams or football players originate from his “did they win me money or cost me money?” gambling compulsions.

  30. Please just remember – Barkley gets paid for shooting his mouth off. He does NOT get paid extra for saying something intelligent.

    If, however, during the course of shooting his mouth off he says something really ignorant or just plain stupid enough that it catches the attention of all the intelligentsia lurking out there in cyberspace, and in so doing generates enough controversy, no matter how unfounded it may be, he probably gets a bonus.

  31. Why does anyone care what this dullard thinks? His ‘shock value’ is sooo tired. Go get another smoker from a $10 streetwalker.

  32. “Were they trying to hurt him? I don’t believe that. Did they want to hit him hard? Of course they did. ”

    Why the heck is he talking to himself?

  33. People forgot how real football play… Bounties is just a way to make it more fun to watch. I was pretty damn proud wen my RS gave Vick a free 4 weeks pass to the hospital last year. I would give them my own money for that hit if no1 did…..

  34. should the rules of football be designed to create a game the fans want to see or a game the players want to play? the fans want to see brady play. players want to knock him out. of course some fans want to see the brutal game players want to play and some players, after they are done playing and their bodies are broken, want to sue because the league didn’t protect their 50 year old crippled self from their 25 year old wolverine self.
    –figure that out, goodell.

  35. vikings & favre shoulda won that game tho

    Really? Why? Because you’re a Bears fan who is bitter because Favre didn’t “stick it” to the Packers? Too effin’ bad, LOL.

  36. would barkley still be working the street cred angle if his nba career had been cut short a few years by someone sweeping his legs as he went up?

  37. It all starts with your own mother in the stands, yelling “break his leg, son”, and “knock the crap outta him”! I’m thinking that $1500 to a pro football player is somewhat less motivating than was your football mom.

  38. Bottom line, bounties are a part of sports. If you don’t think it’s ethical, then don’t participate, but under NO circumstances do you rat you brothers out. Football players aim to hurt, not injure, on every tackle. This is a defensive mentality your taught from Pop Warner, hit to punish. When I was college, every time I blitzed I wanted to hurt the qb, not because of money, but because they are a worst team without him. In MY OPINION, bounties may be illegal, but its not cheating like spy gate was. I think its pathetic when people wait until they retire or are traded to rat on things they participated around. I swear they are pussifying the NFL, the sport I love

  39. jbpanthers says:

    Charles stay analyzing basketball, stay out of something you obviously know nothing about.


    Says the no-nothing, anonymous fan. How do you know what he knows or doesn’t know?

  40. jbpanthers says:Mar 5, 2012 10:16 AM

    Charles stay analyzing basketball, stay out of something you obviously know nothing about.

    This may come as a shock to you, but it is possible to be knowledgeable and educated about more than just one thing.

    Barkley simply is referring to what NFL players he personally knows and have told him about the subject as well as how the same fundamental system applies in the NBA.

    However, if by your logic Barkley should have no grounds on which to comment; unless you’re a former NFL player, you should immediately contact PFT to have your registration cancelled. Anything less would make you a hypocrite.

  41. Why would PLAYERS be annoyed by Favre? They ALL want to play as long as they’re able. It was annoying that he couldn’t make up his mind year after year even for a rabid #4 fan (ME). He didn’t start this and the 1st one King calls is Farve. We were called whiners poor sports losers after that NFC championship game. Maybe so but bounties and poor officiating helped us lose.

  42. Wait for the punishment Greg Williams gets after his visit with the NFL in NY today. He deserves everything coming to him, and so do the New Orleans Saints brass. Can’t wait to see what this is.
    I am surprised at Sean Peyton, so much for their Super Bowl Win.
    More teams named today too that Williams worked for in the past. He may have a problem with his present job with the Rams, so may Fisher.

  43. what sense does it make to talk about bounties? the players are paid to tackle them anyway.

  44. For the “no big deal crowd”, if this is Ok at the professional level is it ok in college? HS? Youth football? It represents the need for a cultural change. Imagine your son dropping back to pass in his homecoming game, scholarship to StateU guaranteed, and Joey comes in with a low, late hit that sidelines your kid forever. Imagine how you’d feel finding out that Joey was told to do that and incentivized to knock your kid out. Injuries happen as it is, we don’t need more happening as a result of an incentive program.

  45. Who cares what Chuck says? he’s a punk and definately not a role model. On another note you know what’s annoying? Watching Sir Chuck swing (loose use of the word) a golf club. I’ve been playing and watching golf for 42 years and I’ve never, ever seen anything so horrific. How could an athlete be such a spaz and be so uncoordinated? Hank Haney couldn’t even help him.

  46. Based on how Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry played, I am pretty sure the Spurs had bounties when they won all their championships, and they did more to collect them than most NFL teams.

  47. I think the refs. should get suspended 2x what ever happens to the saints for not calling the hits in the vikes game. If there would of been flags they would of held back on most of those cheap shots. They all want the bounty money but I doubt they would want to give up 15 yards over and over in that game.

  48. sorry dude but i disagree. i got 4 kids who played sports. injuries are part of the game. but on the pro level…thats why they make insane amounts of money, and we pay to watch. its the physicalness that we pay to see. kind of like the romans and the lions,matadors and bulls. if this was something we would be able to do,we would be doing it instead of watching. dont sissyfy sports.

  49. denverwally:

    “Everyone one in the League was filming coaches too”

    that is total BS, Your team cheated, got caught and paid the price, deal with it. Dont try to pass the blame off

    Pats are cheaters and i will never look at them the same until that organization has some turnover

  50. My take away from Barkley’s statements:
    1) If you don’t have the talent to legally stop an opponent, hack him out of the game
    2) If you don’t know how to lose with class to a more skilled opponent, hack him out of the game
    3) NBA players get paid so well that $5K to injure a player is nothing, forget right or wrong, if you have the money, hack him out of the game
    4) If you do the right thing, you are a punk
    5) If someone irritates you, implement violence

    The values and lessons he has to give makes me a proponent of vasectomies and sterilization as a way to humanize the human race.

  51. Charles is a little punk biotch for placing a bounty on a fellow basketball player. Why would you allow your team to get blown-out by Charlotte?… and then BLAME somebody else for it? Using that reasoning Brees should have had his head taken-off for running-up his stats in a blow-out win agaist the Falcons. Lastly, if being annoying is enough to get a guy “taken-out” your career would have been about 12 games.

  52. When will a reired ref come out and admit ‘ Yeah, we were told by the league to call the game tight against (team X.)’.

  53. I stopped listening to this guy after he said dirk was old and he would never play at an all star level again.Guess who.just put up 40 the other night!

  54. This is muchado about nothing! Football is a violent sport and a player could be injured or killed on any given “legal play” with or without a bounty program. I compare this situation to what it would be like if NASCAR officials handed out speeding tickets to their drivers during the Daytona 500. NASCAR drivers even put each other in the wall at over 200 miles per hour with zero penalties or suspensions. Any player that says the Saints Bounty program or any teams bounty program frightens them then they are indeed a ‘scaredy-cat’! I suggest they quit football and take up a soft girl sport like say, golf. Ha Ha. Goodell has been trying to soften up football for years and he also hates the Saints with a passion. Oh well, the Patriots survived their cheating scandal and the Saints will too. Us Saints fans have always said that the Saints never get enuff press coverage and that their defense is just too soft. Well, now we’re getting gobs of publicity (there’s no such thing as bad publicity) and it turns out our defense ain’t so soft after all, kinda mean and tuff and gritty and cool. Geaux Saints!

  55. I don’t always agree with much of what Barkley has to say but he is right on all counts here. Most NFL teams have a system to reward taking guys out. The Saints just took it to the next level with coaches handing out cash instead of players.

    Also, people who try to run up the score deserve to be hit, regardless of the sport or level of competition. I don’t care if it is the NBA or a local rec league, there is no room for trying to embrass others needlessly. If you do, be ready to defend yourself.

    The NFL is ruining the game with all of these politically correct BS. I think Troy Aikman was on to something when he said the NFL is going to be overtaken as the #1 sport in America if they keep messing with what makes it great.

  56. The only people who complain about “snitching” or “ratting” are people who benefit from that type of BS and need to hide from their misdeeds. Here’s a thought…..don’t participate in dirty deeds and you won’t be damaged when the truth comes out.

    The real punks are the people who believe covering up violations are the right way to go. Google “Penn state scandal”….tell me if that was your child getting abused, would you be upset with the snitch who told authorities what was going on?

    Barkley is a moron and so is anyone else who thinks some street level code of silence is the right thing to promote in our society.

  57. One of my best friends (a Lions fan since the days of Herman Moore and Scott Mitchell) and I were talking about this and speculating about the punishment. His response was pretty good so I’ll quote it as best I can.

    “You know, the Saints likely went to, and won a Super Bowl as a direct result of their bounty system. Look at what they did to Brett Favre in the NFC Championship game, for example. Would he have thrown that pick at the end if he hadn’t been suffering from busted up ribs and a maimed ankle on his plant foot? Probably not. So then I’ll ask you, as a Vikings fan, how many draft picks is a Lombardi Trophy worth?

    The answer to that question is how stiff the penalty should be.”


  58. Bottom line, bounties are a part of sports. If you don’t think it’s ethical, then don’t participate, but under NO circumstances do you rat you brothers out. Football players aim to hurt, not injure, on every tackle. This is a defensive mentality your taught from Pop Warner, hit to punish. When I was college, every time I blitzed I wanted to hurt the qb, not because of money, but because they are a worst team without him. In MY OPINION, bounties may be illegal, but its not cheating like spy gate was. I think its pathetic when people wait until they retire or are traded to rat on things they participated around. I swear they are pussifying the NFL, the sport I love
    this is exact problem of nfl, the preverbial tackle went from properly “wrapping up” 2 arms around guy with ball for a propper tackle to turning your body into a projecting missle using head, shoulders, and arms in airborn mode to take someone else out with absolutely no contol of your self. the preverbial tackle these days has completely hurt the real true tackle we all learned in pop warner having control of yourself, watching the ball, & wrapping up said player with ball. completely illegal, tacking fun away from football with dirty tactics IMO. if we did that in popwarner, JH, or High school, it was spearing, now its promoted.

  59. Another filthy and typical _____ .
    Living and promoting their filthy _____ ways.

    Snitches are worse than criminals and scumbags getting dealt with because that’s how most filthy _____ think.

  60. —–Barkley also triggered the brawl when he collided with Reid and was called for an offensive foul with 4:28 in the third period and Charlotte leading 90-51.

    After Reid and Barkley exchanged words, Barkley threw the ball at the Charlotte forward and both benches cleared. The fight spilled into the stands before order was restored.

    “Tonight, Charles sunk real low,” Reid said. “What he did isn’t called for in this league.”—–

    T-R-B-L Turrible

  61. Listen the league and its commissioner ( I cant mention his name or it will automatically get deleted since this website is afraid of him) are hypocrites. It may not be politically correct but EVERY DEFENSE wants to knock out the best opposing players going into the game. “smash him in the mouth and rock him”, “make him get alligator arms or dancing feet” etc etc.
    There is nothing wrong with that and its part of the game. At least it was until the NFL was turned into “now dont hit too hard boys and play nice league”.
    The NFL we all grew up with is changing in front of our eyes and not for the better. 700 players have sued so far for concussion problems and most of them played less years of NFL football than they did college. They couldnt resist the lure of ambulance chasing lawyers promising them a quick buck at the expense of ruining a great game.

  62. I love how people are crying since Charles Barkley, as a “basketball guy” has no right to talk about football- but those same people do.

    Barkley was a star tight end in high school and had football scholarship offers. In other words, I’ll bet he did more playing football than the people acting as if he can’t talk about it.

  63. no. punks are people that intentionally try to harm others.

    Charles, just go away. go gamble your savings away and fade into obscurity. you’re just another self entitled athlete that thinks your opinion should be the law of man.

  64. cgarsmoker – What does this have to do with a “street code”? This isn’t about not telling police about a murder! It’s about a player (most likely some clown who got benched and/or cut) who turned on his former coaches and teammates.

    I’m guessing you never actually played sports at any level past 3rd grade huh? Do you still have your “particiaption” trophy on the mantle?

    firstandonlywarning – That is some racist BS! I’m guessing you are way to scared to say that nonsense to a ______’s face! Punk!

  65. firstandonlywarning says:
    Mar 5, 2012 12:37 PM
    Another filthy and typical _____ .
    Living and promoting their filthy _____ ways.

    Snitches are worse than criminals and scumbags getting dealt with because that’s how most filthy _____ think.


    See how far snitching got Eric Mangini.

    He’s a pariah nobody will ever touch for initiating/corroborating SpyGate. He still doesn’t have a job, even as an assistant.

  66. deconjonesbitchslap – Football is based on “intentionally trying to harm others”! It’s a violent game played by violent men! If you don’t like it, watch soccer!

    Soon instead of hitting, players will have to grab the ball carrier and say “please fall down now”.

  67. kotapug says:
    Mar 5, 2012 11:58 AM
    I think the refs. should get suspended 2x what ever happens to the saints for not calling the hits in the vikes game. If there would of been flags they would of held back on most of those cheap shots. They all want the bounty money but I doubt they would want to give up 15 yards over and over in that game.
    This raises a very compelling point that few (if any) of the sports writers have even mentioned; should the NFL take a more aggressive stance (replay?) on in-game infractions? While fines and suspensions are certainly forthcoming, in a way, those are hard to justify as the “end-game”, in that without more instant penalties, unnecessary (if not intentional) injuries will most certainly continue.

    Presently, if a ref misses a “dirty” hit, the NFL reviews the play back in NY, then decides on appropriate fines/suspensions, etc. But nothing changes the outcome of the game. A player is still injured, and one team is theoretically stronger and the other weaker because of it.

    I don’t think anyone wants the NFL to become a version of flag football, but at the same time, no reasonable fan is an advocate of serious injury – even to an opponent – and I for one would rather my team’s best beat theirs, with plenty of hard-hitting, but fairly.

    This could be a real slippery slope here, in that often it is difficult to tell just which player caused, for example, a helmet-to-helmet hit. While officials can’t be omnipresent/omniscient, their colleagues in the booth can be very close to it.

    I do think that when the competition committee meets, this particular issue will be looked at to a far greater degree than it has in the past.

  68. Give Charles a break it might be a cultural thing. Hell if in some cultures they won’t tell the authorities who killed someone because that would be snitching and would break the code. So why would something as minor as hurting someone rate to that.

  69. jjrs89 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 12:20 PM
    what did barkley ever win?


    Respect for telling it like it is. And these hypocrites would be the same ones screaming Treason on Bradley Manning.

    Good for Sir Charles. See if “snitch” EVER works again in the league.

    I remember Tom Cable punching out Randy Hanson for his snitching to Al Davis. Ultimately, this will cost a lot more than the actual act, because the players are still playing, and no one really got hurt – in the Raiders days, it was playing “football”.

    The reality of this are the lawsuits that are coming out, and Goodell covering his a$% and protecting the Shield.

  70. Imagine if really did get elected to public office like he wants, no snitches no investigations. What a deal. Bet he’d go out of office a lot richer then when he went in.

  71. Barkley, while his team is getting their ass kicked; “I’d pay money to knock that guy into the stands”. New Orleans Saints, before the game has even started; “$10,000 to the guy that knocks Favre out of the game”. Does anybody think these two things are the same?

  72. The only punks involved in this are the players and those who enable that mentality that it’s OK to get paid to cart players off the field. I would love for Charles Barkley to put his money where his mouth is, step in a cage against any UFC fighter and see how he feels afterward.

  73. So Charles thinks its ok to pay bounties to remove your opponents from actively fighting against a persons interests. What if normal people thought this way? What if they felt entitled to act like these athletes? So by Charles’ thinking, citizens could put bounties on our elected officials? Our president?

  74. The NFL is driven by its stars. If a team openly says they are trying to injure (carted off) those stars, then the NFL is going to deal with those people. The NFL is first and foremost, a revenue generating juggernaut. All rules and discipline is geared toward making sure the stars remain playing and the cash keeps flowing. Plain and simple. The New Orleans Saints are about to experience the biggest fines and penalties we have ever seen in professional sports. They committed the crime, now they have to do the time.

  75. You have to remember a lot of the people involved in this are not models of modern mental health.

  76. “Charles Barkley rips “punk, snitch” who ratted on Gregg Williams”.. I would expect nothing less from the “mouth that roared!”. Right up there with the Baltimore Ravens line backer who wouldn’t tell police what happened in a shooting..

  77. I don’t think Charles was saying that there is never an occasion to snitch – but this individual played under the system then tries to throw everyone under the bus three years after the fact – THAT’S DISPICABLE and I agree with Chuck! And for all the haters – Chuck is a HOFmer and you couch potatoes watch him on TNT – don’t lie.

  78. Barkely does a “Ask Charles” column in one of Philly’s newpaper. He is really funny and good at it. Makes me laugh! I don’t really care about who snitched but he is dead on about it. They don’t play to injure anyone, but they do play to make someone not want to throw the ball anymore. It is the game.

  79. The difference is that this is a situation where players were asked to injure a player. Or at least they interpreted it as such. How can you knock a player out of a game without injuring him? Were they planning on players saying uncle and asking not to go back in? Barkley’s example is waaaay different than the Saints. If a guy is showing your team up and running up the score, yeah, put him on his ass and let him sit on the bench while a scrub finishes out the game. This was targeting players to gain a competitive advantage with a direct financial reward tied to it’s success.

    We as fans often lose sight of the fact that these guys are making a living by playing football. If a guy is injured and misses time or has to retire, he can’t find a comparably compensated career in many cases. Imagine at your job/career if a competitor was directed by his company to take out out in any possible way, up to and including a way that would not allow you to continue to work. Not a very savory thought off the football field.

  80. Charles is just speaking his mind.

    If you self righteous “fans” sitting at your cubicles or on your sofas on the computer think that the players in your locker room wouldn’t be thrilled to be able to knock Drew Brees out of the game to give their team a better chance of winning then you’re just…dumb.

  81. Charles Barkley has a lot of nerve calling “anyone” a punk. I got news for ya Charles….the PUNKS go to the NBA!

  82. The outward racism in many of these posts is quite telling….the internet has become a tool for low class cowards to spew hate they would never utter in person from behide anonymous names.

    Some how many of these racist posts remain up yet others that diss coaches or “friends of the site” are removed. This too says a lot about the people running this website.

    Good chance I get “banned” for saying this but it is true.

  83. about the bounty on players i believe that its there. way to many coincidences. like the year Carson Palmer led the Bangles to the playoffs and in the first play of the game Chad Johnson ( ochocinco) and Palmer are knocked out. and the first drive of the season opener when Pollard took out Tom Brady for the season. Or when Ray Lewis took out Blaine Bishop in the playoffs that was a career ending injury. Baseball with runners on the corners 1 out and clean up hitter is to bat with a running hot streak what to do? Bean him. even in little league football and baseball we were told to take them out. If it would derermine the outcome of the game. As for snitching only people that really hate sniches are people that are doing something wrong.

  84. Two things,

    Yeah barkley we Know for a fact they do it in th NBA. We all remember literally back to back plays where first Wade with one arm drops Rondo, if Rondo hadnt gotten tangled Wade wouldnt have fallen, we all remember that clip of the elbow. The very next play, to prove Wades strength, while standing almost straigt up he reaches out and just floors Allen straight down, i watched those two plays over and over and that dude is either on drugs or is stronger than any football player. Point is after the second one it is clearly intentional.

    Second, Barkley, if guys bigger than you arent doing anyting about it and choose to ignore it, how else is somebody going to get it to stop? If your locker room is fine ignoring it AND pretending it doesnt happen, whats a dude to do? Sometimes you eat the bar Barkley, and well, sometimes the bar eats you.

    I like your attitude, but if im playing te game we are both playing beter than you and your answer is to hack me, hah why do it in the game, lets do it for real out back. Ill beat you twice in one night, and then i can at least respect you for mannin up and doing it face to face not while the guy isnt looking and isnt expecting it on the court. Nice try Barkley, looks like once it is spelled out it isnt so attactive anymore.

  85. I would love to break barkleys legs with a couple of my buddies and have them all deny that it was premidated. Just part of the game of walking down the street. I wonder what he would be thinking as he lies in his hospital bed

  86. akismet-2d1718ce6c549dc522497d89e6e96214 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 12:55 PM
    Einstein said, “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.” Once again Barkley demonstrates unbridled stupidity. I’m guessing that his retort to this post would be, “Einstein!? Who the hell’d he play for?”


    A better question would be why would you quote a guy whose formula played a part in creating the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever devised, and used twice v. Japan?

    Lets keep it in context. Everything is relative.

  87. macklinr61 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 12:13 PM

    The values and lessons he has to give makes me a proponent of vasectomies and sterilization as a way to humanize the human race.


    Sorry, “Hitler” that thinking was stopped in WW2, and tried again in Bosnia – Its his opinion, and you either like it or hate it – but you can shove your depopulation agenda.

    Grow up – he’s got an opinion, and this is America.

  88. Charles is funny but I wish he would take English 101 or something if she’s going to continue to be heard by millions. Its become too much of an embarrassment to listen to this college graduate. Magic got his act together, heck even O.J. did. And just as importantly, Chuck, shut up and let someone else say something once in a while.

  89. See, I always thought a punk was someone who wouldn’t pay off his gambling depts without having to be publicly embarrassed into it.

  90. jollyjoker2 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 9:59 PM
    I would love to break barkleys legs with a couple of my buddies and have them all deny that it was premidated. Just part of the game of walking down the street. I wonder what he would be thinking as he lies in his hospital bed
    Barkley would turn you and your buddies into kindling.

    but there’s always “keyboard” pay back.

  91. noeffinway says:
    Mar 5, 2012 10:34 AM
    Barkley is a racist jerk.


    Irony being, he was in the south, still lives in the south, and still is opinionated, and is VERY popular. He is there to get people angry, talking and emailing on a variety of subjects. I’ve been to the South a number of times, and he is easily as popular with Whites as he is with Blacks.

    Whites have always respected controversial , opinionated blacks, and get them to play out this tired theme over and over again, and people take the bait for ratings. This is why Sapp, Rodney Harrison and other “analysts” get run on the different shows.

  92. You’ve obviously only “been to the south” because if you lived there you would not make that statement. No Charles is not a racist – ignorant yes, but racist no. And as far as Whites respecting Blacks here in the South you really need to come visit for a week because you are sadly misinformed.

    The only thing that has changed here is we don’t have to work in the fields any more but we still make slave wages and live in Jim Crow/George Wallace ville.

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