Dave McGinnis may fill in for Rams if Gregg Williams is suspended

In the likely event that Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams is suspended for running a system of paying players bounties during his time with the Saints, Dave McGinnis is expected to fill in coordinating the Rams’ defense.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that McGinnis, whose current title with the Rams is assistant head coach, is the likely choice for Rams head coach Jeff Fisher to take over the defense.

McGinnis, the former Cardinals head coach, is a longtime friend of Fisher’s who worked for him with the Titans.

According to the Post-Dispatch report, the Rams believed as recently as Friday that Williams would be fined but not suspended by the NFL. However, the allegations that Williams also paid bounties during his time in Washington and Buffalo, and the fact that Williams has been summoned to the league office to discuss the matter, now has the folks in St. Louis concerned that a suspension is coming.

If that suspension does come, Fisher has his backup plan in place.

29 responses to “Dave McGinnis may fill in for Rams if Gregg Williams is suspended

  1. Look for the next headline to come in the next week or so….

    “Dave McGinnis promoted to Defensive Coordinator”.

    The witch-hunt is on, deservedly so!

  2. Nothing to do with the football side, But Mac is a SOLID human being. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet and it’s too bad things didn’t work out in Arizona for him.

  3. I don’t understand why the Rams would want to deal with this distraction for the length of time Williams is there. They should eat his contract and move on. It’s not worth it to keep him.

  4. Side note here on the Saints. Gonna go out on a limb and say a certain #25 FORMERLY of the Saints told mommy on them.

  5. “IF” Greg Williams is suspended? Dude, if they slap wrists on this-Im walking from this sport. The League tries every year to make rules to keep players from getting hurt-ya know why? CRAP LIKE THIS ! If The NFL smacks wrists this time-it just may be the thing that does them in. Troy Aikman may be right, after all.

    Golic’s PATHETIC rant this morning “in defense of his fraternity of defensive guys” was THE most idiotic thing I have ever heard. You cant defend something like this. GW needs at least a year susepnsion, and 7-0’s fine and any other coach involved should go right along with him.

    This affects the whole sport, and look-it may affect 1 of the BIG names (Peyton). Do NOT tread lightly on this one, Roger. You job may ultimately depend on it.

    This is NO JOKE. Dont treat it like one.

  6. 1. I think Sean Payton should get just as much punishment as Gregg Williams, including suspension and fines. Being a head coach means you are resaponsible for what goes on with your team. This goes for the head coaches of every other team that Gregg Wiliiams had a bounty.
    2. That is a sun burn, not a sun tan.

  7. So this means that Gregg Williams actually plans to remain in the NFL, and the Rams, considering they haven’t asked for his resignation papers already, are actually going to support him.


    Not a good look, guys.

  8. Goodell needs to take control of the game.

    Greg Williams should be suspended for two years on the condition that he gives up the names of all the players he paid. Otherwise, he should have a lifetime suspension.

    The players who took part should be suspended at least one game and up to as much as two full seasons.

    This would restore some integrity to the game and deter other coaches from doing the same. Come on, Goodell, show us that you have some cajones.

  9. Word has it that McGinness may not have time to take over as he will be in Mexico shooting a Coppertone commercial.

  10. I would agree with uberniner that Williams should be able to avoid a lifetime ban from the NFL by giving up names but the guy is already a known liar. How much could you trust that he was “coming clean” even with an incentive?

    Ban him, ban Payton, fine the lot of them and take away the Saints next two first round picks or their franchise tag.

  11. Can we all chip in and buy Williams a gym membership for his suspension?

    If I have to see his man boobs bouncing around on NFL network again I’m going to go blind.

  12. I expect we’re going to begin to hear that Bounties are as common as teams using cameras in the stands to (legally) tape signal calling.

    Everyone – except for a few clueless PFT posters – knows how common signal taping and stealing is.

    Anyone who has watched a football game on TV sees coordinators covering their mouths when calling in plays.

    Goodell knows this too – he wrote the rule that allows filming from the stands. But because most fans were unaware, Goodell came down hard on the Patriots to make it seem like he was protecting the sport.

    He’ll do the same thing here, even though Bounties – which are worse since they cheat the Salary Cap and put players health at risk – have been part of football for a very long time.

  13. Again this is not worthy of the attention its getting because all teams do this, the witch hunt & bulls eye is on the Saints & their coaches. A fine would suffice since a greater scandal occurred w Belichek & Pats who got slapped on the wrist for cheating. Move on media!

  14. Fisher is known to be stubbornly loyal to people who are loyal to him (see Chuck Cecil in 2010 season). Unless Williams gets a full-year suspension, don’t expect JF to replace his DC this year.

  15. Wouldn’t be totally surprised to see a lifetime ban for Williams, as more info comes out. I mean, this is on the level of gambling on games, no?

  16. Deadspin also has a good post about the situation, saying that the only reason this came out was so Goodell could boast about player safety in an inherently violent sport

  17. Dave McGinness is actually known as a genuinely great guy, a real class act…..Its hard not to root for a guy even if he has nothing to do with the team I root for, that being said Ive always heard such nasty things about williams and its equally as hard not to root for a severe punishment for this clown….I believe he did have bounty bonuses on each team he has been involved with, but I also believe there are probably a few other teams and big name coaches that the league is Im very sure not wanting to come out making it an even bigger mess, that would be the leagues nightmare……I can only imagine how messy it could get if folks started squealing about what goes on behind doors, there is no way this BOZO is the only one pushing bounties…..I do believe the league is getting softer and softer and Goodell is on this relentless greed induced quest to lengthen the season that this can make him look even better in some ways as this pioneer out to have a safer league…..The one thing I dont get is why folk arent absolutely tearing up that even bigger joke of a coach…Buddy Ryan , all I read is how this maggot pushed and pushed his guys to intentionally hurt folks, yeah Buddy that is quite a way to win a game to know ya injured folks in order to win, hows about putting together a good enough team ya dont need to pull that insane crap!!!! Everybody should really be talking about this jerkoff Buddy Ryan!!!!

  18. So worrying about a guy who has not been in the league for what decade and a half is more important the focusing on the here and now. Some people amaze me.

  19. Pftrocks…

    How can you say Spygate is worse than this?

    The NFL allows signal taping. Belichick’s fault was thumbing his nose at the 2006 rule which prohibited it from the sidelines. Are fans still confused about this? Do fans really not notice ALL cooridinators covering their mouths even today?

    I’m growing weary of explaining this to fans who are either ignorant or feigning ignorance.

    Paying players to take out other players both cheats the salary cap, like the Broncos did during their Super Bowl years (which resulted in a $2 million fine and the loss of a draft pick) and puts the health and safety of players at risk.

    If you think the placement of cameras is more important than that you’ve got some serious problems.

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