Dungy on Peyton Manning, bounty programs

Former Colts and Bucs coach Tony Dungy joined PFT Live on Monday to talk about two of the hottest topics in the NFL:  the status of Peyton Manning and the league’s discovery of a three-year bounty system in New Orleans.

On Manning, Dungy talks about, among other things, his assessment of the video of Peyton throwing passes, the factors that the Colts should consider in deciding whether to keep him, the factors Manning should consider in looking for a new team.

On bounties, Dungy discusses his knowledge of such programs in other cities, the effectiveness of extra payments when it comes to motivating players, and whether the league needs to do a full investigation regarding every team.

Here’s the full segment.  The audio also is available on iTunes.

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4 responses to “Dungy on Peyton Manning, bounty programs

  1. Somewhat off topic but, why not just institue
    max pay at 2.5 Million per player per team. That
    should fit under the 125 million dollars. That way all one must do is look at who is currently making
    more than that, compile the list, have the players
    line up and sign the new contracts. Everyone gets an equal share of the pie. Those that don’t want to do this can go form a new spring football league, work for the teams media outlets, or go on unemployment. After experiencing the real world of wages, 400.00 per week for six months will make that 2.5 Million per year look mighty good.

  2. It is interesting that Dungy admits he was aware of bounty events through his time in the NFL. Though he says they did not involve intent to injure they still were rules violations.

    I guess since that’s where he thinks the line should be drawn it’s okay, right?

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