Dwayne Bowe gets the franchise tag


The Chiefs did what just about everyone expected them to do on Monday afternoon by placing the franchise tag on wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

It is the non-exclusive franchise tag, which means that Bowe can still receive offers from other teams when free agency opens on March 13th. That would cost a bidding team two first-round picks, however, which makes it unlikely that anyone will make the effort. If Bowe signs the tender, he’ll play for roughly $9.4 million in 2012.

“Today was the league’s deadline to designate a franchise player and we felt it was in the best interest of the Kansas City Chiefs to place the tag on Dwayne,” said General Manager Scott Pioli said in a statement from the team.

Bowe has 356 catches for 4,927 yards and 36 touchdowns in five seasons with the Chiefs since being taken in the first round of the 2007 Draft. With Bowe squared away, the Chiefs can now move on to trying to sign cornerback Brandon Carr to a long-term deal and/or addressing their needs on the offensive line.

16 responses to “Dwayne Bowe gets the franchise tag

  1. very much expected.The chiefs didn’t want to see this guy sign with any of the other AFC West teams.

  2. I guess the franchise tag on WR is about the right number it will take on a contract. Seems awefully high to me though 10 million for WR..

  3. The big fear is this guy will stop playing once he gets a long-term big money contract. Ala Larry Johnson. The Chiefs had to Franchise somebody so it might as well be him. Then after they see how Ballwin and Breaston play in 2012 they will let Bowe hit the market.

  4. No chance Carr signs with KC, as the Chiefs already have some $15 mil invested in CB’s Flowers and Routt for next season. Carr will command another $7 mill +, making it a highly unlikely move for KC (even though they have ridiculous cap space).

  5. Why not sign him to a long term deal… he shouldn’t cost more than 9 mil/year on a long term deal as well… he is no. 1 wide out…

  6. Highly doubt Carr signs a long-term deal with the addition of Routt. If we could have signed Bowe, we may have tagged Carr but now there’s no chance we keep him. Happy Trails, Brandon! Hope you get crazy-rich in free agency!

  7. mattsffrd says: Mar 5, 2012 3:55 PM

    Man, is it just me or are a ton of WRs getting franchised this year?


    Kind of funny when you think they still can’t get into the HOF 😉

  8. It’s a smart move by the Chiefs. This way other teams can work out a contract with Bowe. The Chiefs can then match the offer or receive two first round picks. Pretty simple decision to me.

  9. gooboy6 says:
    Mar 5, 2012 4:17 PM
    Why wouldn’t 49′s give up 30th pick and next years low 1st rounder to get this guy ?


    I really like Bowe but the answer is actually pretty simple. They could sign Colston or VJax without losing a pick or they could sign away Wallace and only give up this year’s pick. If we are talking about giving up 2 first rd picks you may as well do it trying to lure away Brees from NO not Bowe from KC

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