Marijuana possession charges against Leroy Hill dropped

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Things are looking up for Leroy Hill.

The Seahawks linebacker was arrested for marijuana possession on February 25th in Atlanta, not the best way to head into free agency, but those charges were dropped at a court hearing on Monday. Hill and his girlfriend were arrested after police came to investigate the smell of marijuana coming from his apartment. They then found half-smoked blunts and other marijuana residue that added up to less than an ounce.

Hill’s attorney Edward Garland, who has also represented Ray Lewis and Ben Roethlisberger, said that the charges were dismissed after a motion by the prosecution on Monday.

“This morning the charges against Leroy Hill Jr. were completely dismissed because he was innocent of having any knowledge that trace amounts of marijuana were in his apartment,” Garland said, via Eric Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune. “He took a urine test immediately following his arrest and it showed that he was negative for any drugs in his system, as did the young woman who was with him. Because he was innocent, the charges were dismissed.”

Hill can become a free agent on February 13th and the lack of charges hanging over his head should make him a more appealing prospect. He played 16 games for the Seahawks last season, finishing with 89 tackles and four sacks.

15 responses to “Marijuana possession charges against Leroy Hill dropped

  1. …after police dogs confirmed the smell of an illegal substance emanating from his apartment while performing random floor checks in the condominiums he resides in.
    Random floor checks with a dog ???? What country is Hill living in. Surely it can’t be the U.S.

    Really, a judge issued a search warrant based on the smell in a hallway? Not even a smell strong enough for a human?

  2. Something fishy about the whole deal. First we were told a neighbor smelled pot and called the cops, who showed up with a search warrant. Now we are told they smelled it themselves, while “performing random floor checks” in the condo complex Hill lives in. Huh? “Random floor checks?” Say what? On top of everything, he tested clean. Something stinks here and it’s not pot.

  3. “Hill can become a free agent on February 13th and the lack of charges hanging over his head should make him a more appealing prospect. ”

    Seriously?!?! lol

    I’d be questioning his judgement and wondering why he has his buddies dropping by his crib smoking blunts to the point police showing up.

    It’s a red flag regardless..

  4. I’d love to witness these court proceedings where players get off on charges, just to hear what the judge says about it.

  5. time for folks to grow up and recognize that the “evil weed” is here-it has always been here-it ain’t going away and yes pro athletes just like tens of millions of us in all walks of life enjoy it.

  6. Like Clinton, he smoked it and didn’t inhale! LOL

    I bet those cops feel like idiots. Arresting someone for the “smell” of marijuana and searching his apartment only to find “residue” and both occupants with NO drugs in their system. I bet his pothead neighbor was freaking out when he saw the cops coming, but later laughed when they hit the wrong apartment. Much like that opening scene from Super Troopers.

  7. It’s amazing how many of you think pot is harmless. Amazing how many houses, cars, and business get broken into by those needing more money for drugs. I don’t know one crime done by those needing money for booze or sex. It is a proven fact pot is a stepping stone to harder drugs.

  8. @ snoqualmieterry

    Here we are ladies and gents the voice of yet one more brain washed moron. What’s amazing is this guy still thinks pot is the “gateway drug.” Pot is not a “stepping stone to harder drugs.” It is only viewed as such because it is illegal and thus people have to go to a dealer of illegal drugs in order to procure it. If pot were legal this would not be the case and it would not be a stepping stone to anything more than you find at your local pharmacy. I have yet to meet a stoner who has ever broken into anything to steal money for pot as it is non addictive and therefore doesn’t make the body “crave” it or cause any ill physical effects from being deprived of it. So sad you live with such a narrow view of the world. I hope you broaden your horizons in the future and stop listening to the same tired old propaganda.

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