No franchise tag for Matt Flynn


No one is going to have to trade for Matt Flynn this offseason.

The Packers elected not to use their franchise tag on the backup quarterback, which means he’ll hit the market as an unrestricted free agent on March 13th. The decision wasn’t unexpected, although Green Bay likely considered using the tag in order to get something more than a mid-round draft pick as compensation when another team moves to make Flynn their starting quarterback.

Franchising Flynn would have carried a $14.4 million price tag, a pretty hefty meatball for a team with other salary cap concerns. They would have had to release other players by March 13th to make room for Flynn and then they would have to hold off on making moves while waiting to deal him. Any team looking to make a trade for Flynn would know that the Packers had to make a deal quickly to open up cap space, something that could lead to drawn-out negotiations that hurt the team’s ability to address other needs.

Flynn will be one of the hottest names on the free agent market. The Dolphins, Seahawks, Browns and Redskins have all been talked about as potential bidders for his services.

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  1. So disappointing. I wanted green bay to tag him. For once I agreed with packers fans on something. But I guess their front office is smarter than their stockholders.

  2. It’s too bad the cap specifics didn’t work out for GB this time around. Those 2nd rounders are valuable. And that’s all the Dolphins would have had to send to GB for him.

    TT looked like a genius when he franchised and dealt Corey Williams for a 2nd round pick in 07 to the Brownies. That pick eventually turned into part of a package to trade up in round 2 for one Mr. Jordy Nelson.

    But the reality is that everyone knew GB was stuck. Flynn wasn’t going to sign a cheap deal with GB. He wasn’t going to get 6 mil more than ARod either.

    It was time for him to go.

    Ah, the difficulties of having the deepest offensive roster in the league!

    Now, about that DL and ROLB Ted…

  3. How is this news? Did anyone really suspect a backup QB to be paid like one of the Top 5 guys?

    More stories like this and I’m calling shenanigans. Someone’s agent must’ve asked for this story…

    How about vincent jackson or someone that may actually be deserving of the tag being the focus of the “not getting the tag” story at COB on Monday?

  4. He was an insurance policy. Insurance policies come with a price. We’ll be watching and cheering. (especially when you beat the Bears, Lions and Vikings)

  5. Historically GB back ups to well. Hopefully he is another Rodgers/Hasselbeck/Brunell. I hate for him to be a Kevin Kolb 2.0.

  6. This will be the best thing to happen to Matt Cassel.

    After 15 years of saying a team just got “Mitchelled” (for when a team makes the atrocious decision of signing a free agent who had one-to-a-few decent games but no really viable reason for signing them), we had a few short years of teams who would get “Casseled”. Now, we can look forward to teams getting “Flynned”.

    Looking forward to a new verb in the lexicon.

  7. Why is this unproven QB such a hot commodity? He is going to flop…….really he is. Media hype that’s all.

  8. “TT looked like a genius when he franchised and dealt Corey Williams for a 2nd round pick in 07 to the Brownies. That pick eventually turned into part of a package to trade up in round 2 for one Mr. Jordy Nelson.”

    Actually they traded out of the first round and back into Round 2 when they took Jordy. The pick they got from the Browns was squandered on drafting Brian Brohm. Pat Lee was their 3rd second rounder that year, but at least Nelson has worked out.

  9. Dear friends,

    It is with deep regret that I must inform some of you that you have lost your minds. Not a little, but a lot.

    You “franchisers” forgot that by putting the tag on Flynn they would be giving the BACKUP to the league MVP $6 million more dollars than Aaron Rodgers next year. Not only that, but it would have put the Packers over the cap with some big contracts coming up for unknowns like Greg Jennings.

    At some point go to a few of the more sane websites focusing on the dollars and cents portion of the NFL and take a quick course. It is very enlightening.



  10. For the Packers to have tagged Flynn, they would’ve needed a handshake agreement with another team to do business. With no agreement in place, Ted made the right decision.

  11. UWSP –

    I totally forgot about Brohm… wow. What a waste that guy was. And Lee too…

    Well, at least TT scored on Jordy – and a 2nd rounder in a trade is still better than a 3/4 rd compensatory pick.

  12. It’s happened before in Green Bay.. Several of Brett Favre’s backups went elsewhere and had decent careers as well. Good luck Matt!

  13. Yeah tag him, and in all likelihood a team not trade for him and get saddled with a $14m tab as a result right.

  14. Unfortunately for whoever is crazy enough to pay him, the Packer receivers will not be coming with Flynn. Hence, Flynn will be overpaid and underachieving on his new team. But hey, how about that one nice game he played for the Packers in his career?!

  15. Matt Dolflynn. Unproven full time starter. Wouldn’t be shocked to see the Phins get him. Should be an interesting few weeks coming up!!

  16. If GB had tagged MF, would the team who traded for rights to him be stuck with a 14 million dollar guaranteed contract or could they have worked out a more reasonable deal to sign him?

  17. To nflfollower…The stockholder of the Green Bay Packers have no say in what the front office care to do, are they smarter? It don’t matter, they are the decision makers, the stockholders are the people who thank they have power, good luck with that. Bill

  18. Mr. Snyder, this guy’s been in the NFL 3 years, getting NFL coaching, handling the NFL life very well. AND he won’t cost you any draft picks.. He knows what it takes to be in the NFL far better than anyone coming out of college. So forget the big fad/media hype/flavor of the week, and make this guy a real good offer.

  19. I’ll probably get booed for saying this but I think Matt Flynn is going to be the next Matt Cassell. I’m sure he’s learned a lot working with and watching Aaron Rogers but I think he be nothing more than a serviceable, maybe decent quarterback on another team. Hopefully he will prove me wrong though, good luck to him wherever he lands.

  20. He is worth more than the unproven at anything rg3. He played in the non defense big12 where everyone looks to have a great offense for the reason of no DF. If you want stats why not 28 year OLD man. Look at the great QBs that has come out of there in the last few years. Bradford would be the best probably and then McCoy. What have they done in the big league. Flynn came from the toughest DF league in the country and then schooled under A Rogers and the Packers. That makes his credentials by far the best of availible QBs, after Manning of coarse!

  21. Thompson should have tagged and traded this guy. Period. SO nauseating listening to Packer fans and their beat guys say that violated the “spirit of the cap”

    Glad the speculation is over.

    Good success Matt! Please go to an AFC team so I don’t have to root against you.

  22. frozeninfear says:Mar 5, 2012 6:04 PM

    If GB had tagged MF, would the team who traded for rights to him be stuck with a 14 million dollar guaranteed contract or could they have worked out a more reasonable deal to sign him?


    Someone correctly posted on one of these Flynn stories that a team could renegotiate a long term contract with him, thus lowering that price tag on the first year.

    The problem with having a trade in place (I mean other than it being against the rules – you can find out whose interested but not set up parameters) was their cap situation. It made a sign and trade almost unattainable. Thompson made the right call.

  23. people keep bringing up Cassel/Kolb, yet anyone with eyes sees that Flynn isn’t terrified of the thought of throwing a pass 20+ yards upfield.

  24. Flynn will be a good qb if:

    He gets the talent around him like Aaron Rodgers has. ARod would not be the same guy if he had the talent Cassel has in KC (nothing). Cassell and Kolb are good QB’s with teams that have very little talent for him to throw to. Not all people are like Brett who makes things happen with little talent around him.

  25. There was faint hope that Thompson could work something out with someone who had a GB connection – Philbin in Miami, Holmgren in Cleveland, or a front office guy in Seattle whose name I don’t recall – but it was faint hope. Good luck Matt and thanks.

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