Robert Mathis gets reported $36 million over four years


Defensive end Robert Mathis turned 31 last month, but the Colts believe he’s got several good years left.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, Mathis’ new contract — announced by the club Monday evening — is valued at $36 million over four seasons.

Per Chappell, Mathis received a $15 million signing bonus. That’s a lot of up-front money and proration, so this is hardly a phony four-year deal. Chappell also reports that Mathis will get $17 million in the contract’s first year and $24 million over the first two.

Add Mathis’ $17 million in first-year payments to teammate Dwight Freeney’s $14.035 million base salary, and the Colts will be forking over in excess of $31 million to two defensive ends, both over the age of 30, in 2012.

Unless Freeney, 32, is quietly on the chopping block and we just don’t know it yet.

12 responses to “Robert Mathis gets reported $36 million over four years

  1. Apparently stupidity wasn’t limited to the Polians. The common denominator is Irsay…looks like the Colts will continue to have huge holes in their roster as they spend most of their money on a few players.

  2. Any word on what position he is going to play? At 6-2, 235 no way he is going to play DE in the 3-4. Gonna try his hand at OLB I guess? Gonna be interesting to see those two standing up…

  3. This is confusing. He’s slightly better than Freeney against the run, but it’s splitting hairs. For a rebuilding squad, this seems like too much of an expense. If Jerry Hughes had not been such a disappointment (or perhaps left TCU a year earlier and entered the league healthier, with less baggage), this would not have been necessary. That being said, Mathis is a standout guy, and I don’t really care about the Colts, so good for him.

  4. Apparently stupidity wasn’t limited to the Polians.
    Well, maybe Colts’ fans can look forward to your tenure as administrator – if you ever quit your paper route.

  5. The guys running the show over there are idiots. Peyton’s carried that franchise long enough. Good Luck.

  6. Complete insanity.Shelling out that kind of dough on two over thirty, undersized DEs and with a new program. Old dogs have problems with learning new tricks. Don’t like the move at all.

  7. The numbers they provide here are misleading. He gets $17M in his first year, yes, but that includes the $15M signing bonus that is prorated over the life of the contract. He’ll likely count $3.75M for his signing bonus and $2M in base for a total of $5.75M against the cap in his first year. His second year he’ll count $10.75M against the cap because it seems his base salary will be $7M. If Freeney is cut or traded, his cap hit will be $5M and could be less if he’s re-negotiated. So in reality, when Freeney is re-negotiated, cut, or traded the cap hit for the two DEs will likely be less than the cap hit the Colts will take if they release Peyton before March 8th.

  8. If you dont want to pay Mathis and Freeney, who on this roster would you pay?…Just plain stupid to suggest this isnt a good deal.

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