Texans sign Arian Foster to five-year deal

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Arian Foster won’t be going anywhere.

The Houston Texans and Foster have agreed to a five-year contract extension, as confirmed by Foster’s agent, Mike McCartney, on Twitter.

There’s no word on how much money the Texans will be paying Foster, but this will be an interesting contract to see: After disappointing seasons from big-money running backs last year, NFL teams are generally expected to be hesitant to sign running backs to long-term deals this year. But the 25-year-old Foster and the Texans have found common ground on a contract that will keep him in the fold until he’s 30.

Foster is coming off a 2011 season in which he missed three games and was slowed by hamstring injuries in others, but still managed to run the ball 278 times for 1,224 yards and 10 touchdowns, and catch 53 passes for another 617 yards and two touchdowns.

29 responses to “Texans sign Arian Foster to five-year deal

  1. Generally not a fan of locking up running backs to long term deals, but Foster is clearly an exception. He has great vision and an elite level of explosiveness that only 1 or 2 guys at the position have. He’s also a class act. Obviously we need to see the numbers to judge the contract, but I think this is a great move by Houston.

  2. That was a pretty quiet, decent contract discussion. A good signing in my opinion

  3. Great move by the Houston Texans. Arian Foster proved how valuable he is to that team when both Matt’s (Schaub, Leinart) went down and third-string T.J. Yates came in. They fought hard in a loss at Baltimore in the playoffs, only imagine what they’ll do with Schaub under center and Mario Williams roaming the edge. Definitely a scary team.

  4. This guy is a top 5 back. Maybe top 3. If he’s not getting top 5 money, accepting is a big mistake. IMO He’s already worked for essentially free last year at 600k. Someone at his skill level should be making 8 to 10 million a year with 30 mil guaranteed.

  5. Which now means the Texans will probably franchise Mario Williams later today.

  6. Only 25 years old and doesn’t have as many “miles” on his body as other backs his age due to previous injuries and not being the guy out of college.
    As previously mentioned, if he is the highest paid player in the NFL this is crazy, but one of the few RBs in the league that deserve a 5 year deal.
    Great job by both sides.
    And Foster shouldnt and didnt have the crazy urgency to break contract records at his position. He will have plenty of work after his playing days are done. Chris Johnson on the other hand…good idea to get that money now…actually you probably shouldve gotten more because that is likely to be a sad story in 10 years.

  7. Seems like a cool dude – good for him. He had a great year, missed a couple of games, and has Tate carrying the ball, well, too.

  8. Actually is better for Rice for these deals to get done so he ccan see what his value will be and a starting point in his negotiations.. Rice knows a deal has to get done because the Ravens would stink and would have to forget about season if he held out and wasnt playing. Ray Rice is the Ravens and they wont win without him so I think he has the leverage. I would lock him up before I would worrry about Flacco’s contract.

  9. I disagree Forte and Rice have lost leverage today, they actually might have gained it and at least they have a comparable RB’s contract to negotiate from. I think both of those good backs are closer to a long term contract because of this.

  10. Im very anxious to see the numbers on this deal.

    Ray Rice and Lesean McCoy are both on par with Foster, and both will want the same or more.

    I hope it isnt too much. McCoy is the one weapon the Eagles have that I think is mandatory for us to keep. The kid is like 24, and is already a fantastic player.

  11. Foster, while a unique personality, is a class act.
    He certainly has earned his new contract. Congrats.

  12. An un-drafted free agent who busts his butt and somehow manages to hit the lottery within his first 3 seasons.
    Terrific story. Good guy too.

  13. They don’t have the cap space to tag Mario. They do need to get Chris Myers back to anchor that O line fo sho…….

  14. @clayton43
    Ray Rice and Matt Forte already know their market value. Adrian Peterson 7 year 96 million, 32 million guaranteed

    Chris Johnson 4 year 53 million, 30 million guaranteed.

    DeAngelo Williams 5 year 43 million, 21 million guaranteed.

  15. @southpaw2k

    Wrong. Texans can’t afford to franchise Williams at 20+ million. Just don’t have the cash.

  16. I would think they might consider tagging Myers instead of Williams.
    The texans have to consider whether or not they want to keep their probowl centre or their probowl DE/OLB. THe issue is that Williams wasn’t missed… on the other hand the texans could be in an ideal spot to pick up Konz in the draft… but even still they should be trying to add receivers in the early rounds.

  17. After seeing some interviews and listening to this cool cat on Rome a few times, Foster seems like a great guy, good head on his shoudlers. Good signing for the Texans. Coming from a Pats fan, I’d love this guy ony my team.
    The Texans also have a potential stud in Tate, although this signing may not excite him too much. I would have loved to see where the Texans ended up in 2011 if Williams and Schaub stayed healthy, a fun team to watch.

  18. RB’s are a dime a dozen. What round did Foster get drafted in again? I can’t remember? My point being that you can find quality RB’s anywhere and every where…

  19. Great news! Now they need to work on wrapping up Chris Meyers (C) and Mike Brisiel (RT) to contracts in order to maintain their elite O-LINE. Draft or sign a Free Agent #2 receiver(s) and that side of the ball will be ready to go.

  20. djstat says:
    Mar 5, 2012 8:55 AM
    Rice and Forte lost a lot of leverage this weekend


    I would argue otherwise. Lynch just got $18mil guaranteed. He’s a rung below Forte and Rice, who are considerably more well rounded backs. I can’t see either of them taking any less than that. It’s the guaranteed dough that makes or breaks these deals. Arian Foster’s contract will be even more of a barometer for Rice and Forte, as Foster has proven over the past two seasons that he’s an elite all around back. I see the guaranteed numbers getting into the $20mil range or nothing for Rice and Forte.

  21. Thank God!! Now I don’t have to read twenty posts a day on my teams forums page about how we need to do whatever it takes to get Foster.

  22. Houston resident and Texans fan here. While I will be sad to see him go I strongly doubt Williams will be playing for the Texans next season. We simply don’t have the cap space to pay him 20 Mill. 2 years ago we might have done some cutting and contract reworking to get it done. But last year we lost him in game 1 and ended the regular season at 3rd overall defense. I think we can succeed without him. I’m hoping the Texans Tag Myers and keep the Packers from stealing him.

    I’m so glad to hear this announcement on Arian though. There’s been so little talk about those negotiations and some have mentioned the possibility of him leaving. I didn’t truly believe it, but I’m breathing easier now that it’s been inked!!

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