Tony Dungy and Les Snead hit PFT Live on Monday

The PFT Live week gets rolling with a packed show.

Florio will welcome Tony Dungy of Football Night in America for a discussion that’s sure to touch on the Saints bounty story as well as the future of Peyton Manning. Rams general manager Les Snead will also be on the program to talk about how the fallout from those bounties will impact newly hired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

If that’s not enough, Florio will also present his “to-do” list for the Saints after their busy weekend. The Packers will get the same treatment just ahead of the franchise tag deadline.

You can watch it all starting at noon ET.

2 responses to “Tony Dungy and Les Snead hit PFT Live on Monday

  1. Tony Dungy…. How many titles did he throw away by “resting” in late December???? I don’t think his opinion really matters.

  2. The more information that comes out for more non-Saints teams is very, very good news for the Saints. They did not want to be standing solo on this one.

    Remember, coaches, particularly assistant coaches, have little representation (unlike the players unions), so look for the NFL to come down hard on Williams (appropriately) and not so hard on the players.

    Regarding the teams, with the dumb precedent of the first rounder for Spy Gate, Goodell’s hands are a bit tied. Just remember how hard the NFL worked to build up the Saints franchise after Katrina. Now add to it, that it may involve multiple franchises, whatever you do with N.O. you have to do to some degree to Washington and perhaps Tennesee. Based on this, and the fact he works for the teams, I think the teams will get off lighter draft choice wise (with heavy $$ fines) than many are speculating.

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