Dockett, not Irsay, takes to Twitter regarding Peyton news

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Given that Colts owner Jim Irsay repeatedly has shown that he’s willing to dispute via Twitter any reports regarding his team that he deems inaccurate, his silence in the two hours since ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the Colts will cut quarterback Peyton Manning on Wednesday could be regarded as an acknowledgement that, indeed, the end is coming for Manning and the Colts.

But not everyone is silent on Twitter.  Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett has chimed in on the news with a simple, clear message.

Peyton to AZ!!!!!!

That’s undoubtedly comforting to Kevin Kolb, the quarterback for whom the Cardinals gave up a second-round pick in 2012, cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and plenty of cash via a new contract.

24 responses to “Dockett, not Irsay, takes to Twitter regarding Peyton news

  1. People don’t seem to remember why Peyton’s brother Eli wanted no part of San Diego. Brothers wanted to be in different conferences. Probably stands the same now. Arizona and NY Giants are NFC. Bet Peyton wiuld prefer an AFC team. With a home in Miami and Dolphins hot for his services, it sounds like a good fit. And being in AFC will provide more opportunity to face Colts to kick their butt!

  2. Realize it’s business, but Peyton may prefer to go where there is no set QB. Miami has had numerous QB’s and no one clear starter. With so many teams last year in need of QB’s, most are committed to those they signed. Peyton wants to play, not step on toes. There is also minimal upheival to his wife and young children since they already have a home there.

  3. I can’t believe that the Colts will let Peyton go! I am shocked that they think a rookie with no NFL experience can go in and fill a HOF career that still has years to left. Shame on the Colts. Bad move and the fans of Indianapolis will remember the way that Peyton was treated.

  4. As a Cards fan I was horrified by that Kolb trade but thankfully there was Al Davis to make us feel slightly better about QB deals. They got the cap space & Whiz is feeling the heat, why not take a stab at Manning?

  5. AZ just needs a QB to be a contender. Kolb has the pocket presence of a frightened turtle, AZ needs to make a play for Manning or Flynn … either one would love throwing rainbows to Larry Fitzgerald.

  6. Darnell Dockett + Social Media = BIGGEST MORON EVER. Way to throw all your current QB’s under the bus and, the sad thing is, that even if the Cardinals signed Manning it wouldn’t really matter cause they still would miss the playoffs.

  7. Seemed like Eli didn’t want to go to San Diego because they aren’t much of a team with not much of a fanbase. See Philip River’s lack of rings for further info.

  8. AZ + Kolb was supposed to = Instant clear cut landslide favorite to win the NFCW and overnight Superbowl contenders. Warner while no Manning was able to only take them to a couple titles that weren’t runaways and a close Superbowl game while the division was completely re-tooling. Now throw in the 49ers turnaround and the Seahawks upward trend and I’m sorry but all a 100% healthy Peyton could guarantee them is competitiveness. We aren’t even talking about 100% Peyton anyway. We are likely taking about 80% Peyton and at least 4 games a year against nasty defenses within the division alone

  9. He didn’t only tweet that. Since many don’t care for twitter:

    RT @DJSamora: @ddockett Why are people mad that you want to win? <—— Cuz they think you can play football forever. I want a damn RING!

    @ddockett Look yall, I like all our QB's, I don't care who the QB is we are gonna win the west either way! but damn who wouldn't wanna play w/ peyton!

  10. Miami – let’s see who’s in their division… oh yeah get to play the Jets and Pats twice each season. Tough way to get in the playoffs. Oh…and they suck too.

  11. Uhh no Dockett you’re not going to win the west either way. Seattle and SF are going to be duking it out for that title for the foreseeable future. Deal with it.

  12. I am not a fan of either team, but I think if Payton would want to go to any NFC West team, it would be the Seahawks. For quiet a bit of reasons.

    1: The run game, in the last 9 games of the season, Seattle had the best run game in the league. While Arizona’s run game isn’t bad, If I was Payton, I would want the back getting 100 yard games, and TD in the last 10 games. Plus with the stat of seattle I believe was 2-0 in games Lynch had at least 20 carries, and 1-0 with 25+ carries. Seattles backfield was starting in the Pro Bowl also, lynch, and Robinson, there FB.

    2. The D, while arizona’s has a great D, I see seattle’s D having more upside, One of the main reasons being there age, and really only 1 linebacker or 2, and a pash rusher away from being elite.

    3. There weapons, yes Arizona has basically the best WR in the league with Larry, but after him, I am not sure I can even name any other guys. If Sidney Rice can stay healthy, They then have Mike Williams, who didn’t have a great year, after a impressive 2010, but I blame that more on Tavaris, then Mike. Mike isn’t a WR who gets space, he is a guy that uses his size, and strength, to get were you can’t, and to box you out. Tavaris does not trust his skills enough to throw to a guy like that, I don’t blame it on trust, or chemistry, I blame it on the qb alone. Throw in Doug Baldwin, a UFA, and had a amazing rookie season, he could end up being one of the best slot guys in the league, they have a few others great wr prospects that didn’t play because of injury, but have bright futures. Throw in Lynch who proved he could catch last season, and maybe with another season to gel, Leon Washington can be a great weapon if utilized right.

    Seattle to me in all just seems more appealing, add in the best, most modern facilities in the league, and that there doctor is the leading head, neck and back specialist in the league, and it being a small media market, and you have a great spot for Manning to check out.

    I also believe though that he wants to stay in the AFC, but thats just a personal feeling. I have a feeling we won’t be surprised when he lands at his new home.

  13. kolb stole a truck of money last season for playing only 5 or 6 games. this guy is injured as soon as he’s 5min on the field. he got no right to complain if the cardinals look for other options. skelton was way better last season. sitting two or three years behind peyton and the cards can try again to start skelton.

  14. colt2011 says:
    Mar 6, 2012 8:32 PM
    Realize it’s business, but Peyton may prefer to go where there is no set QB. Miami has had numerous QB’s and no one clear starter. With so many teams last year in need of QB’s, most are committed to those they signed. Peyton wants to play, not step on toes. There is also minimal upheival to his wife and young children since they already have a home there.


    While I agree Miami would be a good fit, I don’t really think Manning to Cardinals would be an upheaval. There really isn’t a franchise QB there; Kolb and Skelton both played half the season and neither were really stellar. The Cardinals would be a great fit for Manning, just imagine how deadly Manning to Fitz would be…reminds me of the good old Kurt Warner days.

  15. raidadon says:Mar 6, 2012 8:48 PM
    “So then Philbin don’t want Flynn? Every team in the league should run away screaming. Kolb 2.0?”

    Then again, how many 20+yard pass attempts did Kolb shy away from compared to Flynn?
    Then again, Flynn could wind up being Hasselback 2.0/Rich Gannon 2.0/Mark Brunell 2.0 … but let’s compare him to a crappy eagle’s qb. What next, “Peyton is McNabb 2.0!”

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