Hillis plans to hire Sexton, Dogra

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When running back Peyton Hillis entered the NFL, he hired agent Jimmy Sexton.  Three years later, after his 1,177-yard breakout season with the Browns, Hillis fired Sexton and hired Kelli Masters.  Then, not long after that, Hillis fired Masters and hired Kennard McGuire.

Last week, Hillis fired McGuire.

Now, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Hillis plans to re-hire Jimmy Sexton, who has since joined CAA.  Per the source, Ben Dogra of CAA also will be involved in the representation.

Once official, Sexton and Dogra will likely work with the Browns in an effort to extend an expiring contract.  Next Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET, Hillis will hit the open market, absent a new deal with the Browns.

Though Hillis fairly can be viewed as a bit kooky after his misadventures of the past year, the fact that Sexton would take Hillis back suggests that there’s still a chance to turn his career around.

It may not be much of a chance, but it’s still a chance.

9 responses to “Hillis plans to hire Sexton, Dogra

  1. Kooky? He’s as mad as a box of frogs! Still, as long as he has the ability to rush for 1k yards there will be a market for him.

  2. Yes, Peyton, because your problem is your agents, not your disappearing act when you had your feelings hurt. You have to bust your butt and do your part if you expect your agents to do theirs!

  3. I think hiring a past agent shows he wants to return to his roots and get back to being the person that we all loved. A year like his 2011 will do that to a man.

  4. Hillis had one good year, followed by an average year. He gets a lot of of carries so his total yardage will seem high; however, his yards per carry is average. I can’t see a team breaking the bank to pay him as a starter – usually RBs are drafted unless they’re a superstar. He probably will be a back-up next year, possibly to the Ravens to replace the retiring Ricky Williams, or end up in Denver or Cinci.

  5. “. . .there’s still a chance to turn his career around.

    It may not be much of a chance, but it’s still a chance.”

    Oh, please. Over-dramatic much? He’s young and healthy, and just a season removed from an impressive breakout campaign. He’s lost his chance at a big payday this year, but his career is far from ruined.

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