“Nothing imminent” with 49ers and Alex Smith

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With it looking more likely that we can stop adding the word “if” to discussions of Peyton Manning’s availability, it’s only natural to take a look at potential landing spots for the quarterback.

If you’re talking to Jerry Rice, San Francisco should be on that list. There are likely other people who feel that way and there’s sure to be some speculation about Manning making his way to the Bay Area as long as Alex Smith remains unsigned. According to a report by Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, that could be a while.

Kawakami notes that everything still points toward the 49ers and Smith staying together, but he reports that there’s “nothing imminent” on the contract front. Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke have made it clear that they want to keep Smith at quarterback and they likely won’t be pressured into changing their mind because of Manning’s availability. Baalke addressed Manning’s situation in an interview with KNBR Radio on Tuesday.

“We haven’t had Peyton in here, nor are we talking about those things internally.”

While getting a deal done sooner rather than later would obviously help the team approach the rest of the offseason, they also probably don’t fear the start of free agency quite as much as some teams might with their starting quarterbacks. Even after taking the Niners to the NFC Championship Game, it is hard to imagine that any other team would value Smith quite as much as the 49ers do.

All of this might change now that Manning is officially heading to the market, but, for now, it seems the plans haven’t changed in San Francisco.

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  1. it would be sick to see Manning and Wayne go to San Fran, but I just can’t see it, Harbaugh won’t want to give up play calling to Manning. I tell ya, K.C. or Arizona would be reeeeal interesting with Manning.

    But the greatest idea to me, the Texans trade Schaub to Seattle or Washington for 2 2nd round picks, and sign Manning and Wayne.

    and I’m not a Texans fan, I’m a Lions fan, but the Texans would be the best and most Championship ready scenario!!

  2. If Manning wants more Superbowls, he has to stay out of the NFC. There’s the 49ers, Packers, Saints, Lions, Eagles, maybe the Bears and whatever other NFC East team decides to pull their head out of thier ***. the AFC is wide open. A subpar team (like the Patriots) can make the Superbowl and wouldn’t even make the playoffs if they played in the NFC.

    But Houston is probably the best option. If Schaub had been there, they would have easily made it to the Superbowl and go into next season as the AFC favourite.

    Manning to Frisco makes them better, he would make everyone better, but it doesn’t solve the problem: you still need one, if not two, wide receivers.

  3. That Texans trade scenario would be foolish. Schaub is much more effective than Alex Smith. The only reason why Manning makes any sense in SF is that the team is much more championship-ready and Smith hasn’t shown that he is anywhere near elite. Losing Schaub would be a much larger blow to the Texans if Peyton eventually got hurt than if the Niners lost Smith and Peyton got hurt there. The Niners also have a much better prospect as their current backup than the Texans do.

  4. Peyton would obviously be a huge upgrade, but that would come at a HUGE price. I personally think the Niners could use their money, and draft picks, elsewhere to make their team better all around.

  5. “We haven’t had Peyton in here…..”

    Really? You mean they didn’t ignore the tampering rules and risk a huge fine by having him come in for a visit? Looks like they don’t care about winning.

    Seriously, if Manning really wants to win, the 49ers are the team for him. Truth is, before his brother won a second Super Bowl I felt Manning was a money-grubber first. Now I am not so sure. if he signs with the Redskins, then we’ll know his real priorities.

  6. This is all about Agent Tom Condon trying to jack the Niners for more dough. Smith worth more to Niners than anyone else but they’re not dumb enough to give him a giant contract. This will bounce around a while then Smith will sign a nice mid-level contract. Sorry Tom.

  7. @usetabe

    Exactly what I was going to say. The 9ers have no problem letting Alex look around and realize there isn’t much of a market for his services. This will allow the 9ers to sign him at an acceptable rate and not over pay for him.

    Condon wants Fitzgerald money and with the 49ers it’s just not going to happen, and they are right…it shouldn’t happen.

    @jenniferxxx – I think you’re a dude. Anyway, Alex is an average QB with above average intellect. He fits the 9ers’ system well. If they let him throw a little bit more I suspect he will go 23/8 and 3,600 yards. They didn’t have a magical season…that is just the type of ball they play and they can and will do it again. Get used it to it bro.

  8. Nothing is imminent because Alex Smith plays like garbage. Does he really think he earned a big contract for dinking and dunking all season? Please don’t tell me he’s waiting around thinking he’s going to get a bunch of offers. He’s a backup anywhere else.

  9. I’ve been hearing a lot about this Seattle/Texans trade for Schaud w/ Manning going to Texas. For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about how logical it would be…Yates will be the best backup in the NFL next year, with a real shot at grooming for the starting spot. Why not kick things into full gear, get Manning, and kick ass in the AFC for at least 3 more years…

    Also, as a Hawks fan the idea of Schaub throwing to Rice, Williams, Baldwin, Miller, and Tate is almost too exciting. If we were to figure out some front-7 help on defense through the draft and snag Schaub, I’d call the NFC West a slugfest between SF & SEA.

  10. sweetzinger says:
    Mar 6, 2012 6:56 PM
    A subpar team (like the Patriots) can make the Superbowl and wouldn’t even make the playoffs if they played in the NFC.

    Sweet zinger, sweetzinger.

  11. Manning to Seattle makes the most sense out of everything… Decent weather. Retractable roof in case of emergency. Best D he’s ever had as a pro and a solid O line. Just saying…

    Unless the NFL takes the Saint’s franchise tag. Then he’s a Saint guaranteed. And he’ll be throwing to Moss in that case…….. All of the sudden I hope the NFL doesn’t take N.O’s tag away… Damn it lesser of two evils!

  12. Id like to see my 9ers use some money on a consistent clogger in the middle of our Dline. Someone along the Wilfork lines. Not hating on Sopoaga but id like to see more pressure up the middle to funnel RBs and QBs to Alldone Smith (btw a legit savage young beast) and Brooks… Im confident they will but help in the secondary is kool too.

  13. @touchdownroddywhite

    seattle dosent have a retractable roof, genius. and the weather in the pacific northwest is horrible, rain 9 months out of the year. give your head a shake.

    you have officially lost all credibility after such a stupid and inaccurate comment lol.

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