Plax calls return to Giants a “great possibility”

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Plaxico Burress was bullish on joining the Eagles last week, but this week finds him singing the praises of another NFC East team.

It’s a team he knows well. Burress went on Sirius XM NFL Radio with Adam Schein Tuesday and was talking about how great it would be to wind up playing for the Giants again. As you’re surely aware, Burress’ last stint with the current Super Bowl champs ended with his self-inflicted gunshot wound during the 2008 season and he flirted with them a bit last year before ultimately signing with the Giants’ MetLife Stadium co-tenants.

Burress had nothing but praise for Tom Coughlin, who he sparred with on occasion while a member of the team and criticized in interviews after getting out of prison, during the interview and called the chance of a reunion “a great possibility.” He then went on to wax rhapsodic about the Giants offense.

“Playing in Kevin Gilbride’s system is definitely one of the best,” Burress said, via Paul Schwartz of the New York Post. “You just see the production those guys are having at the wide receiver position. Victor Cruz obviously with the year he had and Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham. You just look at some of the plays those guys are making out on the edge and Eli [Manning] has really just become a man at his position, leading those guys the last few games of the season and obviously winning a Super Bowl.”

While the Giants are likely to lose Mario Manningham in free agency, the chances of a return engagement probably aren’t as good as Burress makes them out to be. The Giants re-signed Domenik Hixon and have Ramses Barden and Jerrel Jernigan on the roster without having much cap space to spend. His relatively drama-free year with the Jets might quiet some concerns about any distractions, but Manning hardly seemed thrilled about the prospect of Burress’ return last year and his past issues with Coughlin also complicate the issue when you’re talking about someone who is essentially a role player at this point in his career.

Burress also listed the Jets, Steelers and Eagles as teams that have his interest as a free agent. At least he’s keeping his options open.

40 responses to “Plax calls return to Giants a “great possibility”

  1. Plax is an idiot. Last year was his chance to re-join the Giants. He said no, then he bashed Coughlin, then he joined the Jets, then the Giants won the SB, then he praised the Eagles.

    Don’t think so, Plax.

  2. Funny how a little hardware will make someone change their minds about where they want to go. Sorry, Plax. You picked the wrong team last year, and burned a few bridges while doing so. Good luck with the Eagles. Plenty of drama there for you to soak up.

  3. He’s not going to the Giants. There good with the receiver corps. Coughlin wouldnt want him back anyway. Eagles is more of an option right now.

  4. With Plax, it not only would be the best Giant receiving core ever, but would probably be one of the best in the NFL as well !!

  5. The Jets, Steelers and Eagles?

    Don’t see why the Steelers would let go off Hines Ward just to bring in an ex-player-who’s-now-older.

    Eagles signing him makes sense, since they build their team like they’re playing Madden.

    Hopefully, the Jets keep him. I enjoyed watching their offense stagnate with him and Santonio.

  6. It seems like this guy is kissing the ass of every team out there. It’s getting embarrassing that no one wants him.

  7. Hey Plax,

    “Kevin Gilbride’s system” as you call it is not “HIS” system at all.

    Eli Manning should get all the credit for the Offensive success of this team, not some Coach who copied his “SYSTEM” and has shared his loyalties with 13 different teams over his career.

    Talk about a joke!

  8. Look at these repsonses. And just like that, giants fans turn on him. This is too funny. Remember he caught the winning TD to help the Giants win the SB?

    Guess your gonna tell they aren’t….eh east96th??

  9. No thanks…go join Steve Smith on the Eagles. Seems to be a popular destination for our wideouts once they’re washed up…

  10. And tomorrow it will be the Redskins

    And the day after that, the Cowboys.

    Keep going, Plax. You got 7 other divisions to hit before the season starts.

  11. most of the time u hear about teams having interest in players plax must think every team wants him and he can just pick the team he wants. no not the case. philly dont want you, stop using us as a tool for creating some buzz.

  12. dallassux says: Mar 6, 2012 4:26 PM

    Look at these repsonses. And just like that, giants fans turn on him. This is too funny. Remember he caught the winning TD to help the Giants win the SB?

    Guess your gonna tell they aren’t….eh east96th??


    Yes we turned on him, just like Eagles fans turned on little DeSean when he cried like a little baby, but now you all love him again. Talk about flip-floppers.

    Oh and how you turned on Donovan and Andy, etc, etc. go back to your empty trophy case.

  13. Why these teams gives this guy chance after chance is beyond me. Always wanting to play for a tyeam they think is a winner when they have proved to be a loser.

  14. dallassux says:
    Mar 6, 2012 4:26 PM
    Look at these repsonses. And just like that, giants fans turn on him. This is too funny. Remember he caught the winning TD to help the Giants win the SB?

    Guess your gonna tell they aren’t….eh east96th??


    1. Not all of the responses above are from Giants fans
    2. The fans didn’t turn on him, they are calling his hypocrisy. He had a chance to go back to the Giants, but chose the Jets. Then he said “”Hey man, nothing else would make me happier. Obviously coming to Philadelphia, instituting myself into the offense, it just adds a unique dynamic to what’s already in place. … I just see myself in that offense just being out there on the edge. You’re talking about all the guys that’s already in place in their offense, there’s just so many options. … So it would be dynamic to get me down there in that offense, especially with Mike and all the ability that he has at quarterback and being able to roll out, get outside on the edge and run the ball in for touchdowns. So we’ll see what happens.”” Regarding joining the Eagles.
    3. Burress simply wanted to stick it to the Giants ever since he got out. This is why he wants to go to the Eagles. Hey, he said it not the fans.

  15. Please dont join the eagles Steve smith cost us a win I wonder what you will do. And no eagle fan wants a guy that wants to be on the giants or steelers. If Andy makes this move he would shoot him self out of town. I had to add that. But if you do become an eagle were more than pleased to have you hear lol

  16. Something tells me he will be happy anywhere he can get a pay check. The next team that remotely shows any interest will inevitably be showered with praise from plax. I guarantee it will read like a hallmark card without the hugs and kisses xoxo.

  17. Send him to the Eagles. Vick and Buress are perfect for each other. Giants should resign Steve Smith instead, I know the fanbase thinks of him as a traitor but as a Giants fan I would welcome him back. He is a great young WR with great hands that runs great routes and has never shot himself. Perfect number 2 with Nicks at one and Cruz in the slot.

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