Stevie Johnson says there was no bounty on Eric Berry

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A Week One downfield cut block from Bills receiver Stevie Johnson on Chiefs safety Eric Berry resulted in a torn ACL, along with criticism of Johnson’s tactics.

Now that the issue of bounty has landed in the middle of the NFL’s radar screen, Berry recently wondered aloud on Twitter whether he had been the subject of a bounty.

Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Johnson denied any motive or intent to injure Berry.

“Throughout this whole season, I thought about that hit,” Johnson said. “I don’t ever want to hurt anybody else in this league, in this fraternity.

“I apologized to Eric Berry and all that, because he missed an entire season, and he’s an elite DB . . . . As a receiver they tell you, ‘Cut block downfield,’ and that’s what we were doing, and I did that and he ended up getting injured. I’m not sure if it was completely on that play, but if it was I apologized for that.

“I didn’t cut block for the rest of the year,” Johnson added, “just because of that, a simple block that had taken him out for the entire season.”

The full interview with Stevie Johnson is available on the PFT Live home page, through iTunes, or by clicking the box in the right rail of the site.

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28 responses to “Stevie Johnson says there was no bounty on Eric Berry

  1. Johnson knew what he was doing when he took out the chiefs best defensive play with a cheap shot that wasn’t even near the play.

  2. I believe him. Also, I like him because he has that blue collar and chip on his shoulder type player. I like to see these kind of under the radar guys make noise.

  3. Imagine that! There are still football players with class? Is it possible you can play hard nosed football without wanting to injure other players?!

  4. Who cares if it was near the play. Sometimes guys come from nowhere and make saves. If he didn’t block him and Berry managed to make a play everybody would be questioning Johnson’s work ethic. He did what his instincts told him to. That’s football!

  5. I like this guy more all the time. Was hoping he would hit the market so the Browns could have made a run at him.

  6. my god watch the play he made a great block that would have let to a TD if jackson broke a tackle. berry needs to relax no one puts a bounty on a safety…

  7. bensstinkyfingers says:
    Mar 6, 2012 10:29 PM
    Come to Cleveland Stevie, you can cut block Polamolu twice a year.
    Were you in a cave on Monday?

  8. Anyone who tries playing football without the killer instinct gets washed out as a freshman…in HS.

  9. First off it was a legal block. How is he supposed to know if the play is coming his way or not. Second off he came BACK in for another series before finally calling it quits. I’ll bet if he didn’t act like a tough guy about it and just stay off the field it wouldn’t have completely torn. Stevie has been nothing but respectful to the situation and to Eric himself. So back the quit whining about it

  10. funny how you guys thumbs up a post about Johnson having class when hes the one who “lost” them the Jets game.

  11. Did someone on here use the word “class” pertaining to Stevie Johnson?

    Hahaha, riggghhhhht.

    That wasn’t a hard nosed play. It was a low blow, and a cheap shot, plain and simple. The block happened inside the 5 at the hash marks, when the runner was running outside the numbers about 8 yards from the endzone. There wasn’t a chance Berry gets to Jackson on the play.

  12. If you truly believe him then I have a “bridge” I would like to talk to you about.

  13. Although I a Jets fan, and was not happy about the celebration he did about plax (before I hated him again), he is still one of my favorite WR for reasons like this. If he could stop with the stupid excessive celebrations, he can be a top 5-10 WR.

  14. @Herb: “Eric Berry CAME BACK INTO THE GAME after that play.”

    And promptly crumpled to the ground in a heap, clutching the knee that had been hit.

    A torn ACL isn’t a broken leg. Guys can still walk. But the moment Berry tried to do anything more than that, he collapsed.

  15. I wonder what the game would look like if players are actively avoiding hits that might injure each other?

    Oh yeah, the Pro Bowl.

  16. philyeagles5 says:
    Mar 7, 2012 1:17 AM
    funny how you guys thumbs up a post about Johnson having class when hes the one who “lost” them the Jets game.

    Don’t forget he cost them the game vs. the Steelers too when he dropped a pass right in his hands in the end zone to win the game in the 4th. This guy is a problem and now that hes getting paid he will be more of a problem. And I’m sure he’ll start having more injuries too.

  17. Think about it if he tore his acl on that play he wouldn’t have been able to play after.not every hit is a bounty…. Especially legal hits. And I love chiefs fans yapping about class… Wasn’t it Dwayne Bowe yapping about groupies in hotel rooms?

    What the saints have done is crap but not everything that happens isa bounty conspiracy…. Losing berry didn’t make your team suck….and yeah I know my team sucks

  18. androk23 says: Mar 7, 2012 12:02 AM

    bensstinkyfingers says:
    Mar 6, 2012 10:29 PM
    Come to Cleveland Stevie, you can cut block Polamolu twice a year.
    Were you in a cave on Monday?


    Cleveland / Cave

    No significant difference

  19. I just assumed Berry was being sarcastic about there being a bounty on him.

    He’s a good player but it’s not like he got pile drived by an offensive lineman. Stevie Johnson blocked him.

  20. People need to relax, it was a legal block, I played D-1 college football all offensive players are taught to cut block it’s a part of the game, this bounty scandal is going to question every legal block or tackle that resulted in injury

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