Andy Reid: We’re obviously happy with Michael Vick

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Andy Reid sat down for an interview with Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News Wednesday while Peyton Manning’s press conference was going on in Indianapolis.

It’s no surprise, then, that Bowen asked Reid whether there was any interest in Manning. Reid doesn’t sound like a man looking to make a move away from Michael Vick at the quarterback position.

“We’re obviously happy with Michael,” Reid said. “You could ask that question of probably everybody in the National Football League except the Giants, right? … That’s not something we’re — we’re happy with Michael.”

Reid also discussed his meeting with Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III during the combine last month. Reid said he was impressed by Griffin and said he did well during their interview, but Bowen points out that Reid “didn’t seem to envision” trading up in the draft for a chance to select him. Reid also said he thinks Mike Kafka will be the backup quarterback with Trent Edwards third on the depth chart.

The interview also touched on Plaxico Burress, who hasn’t made much attempt to hide his interest in signing with the Eagles as a free agent. Reid says he “hasn’t gone there” yet, which is probably a good thing since he isn’t allowed to talk about Burress until free agency opens on March 13th. As for current Eagles wide receivers, Reid said that expects DeSean Jackson to sign his franchise tender and Bowen reports that he left with the impression that Jackson will be with the Eagles in 2012.

And, because it would be as impossible to avoid asking about bounties as it would be to ask about Manning, Reid gave his thoughts about them.

“I haven’t read all the documents, but by definition of the word ‘bounty,’ you don’t do that with other players. That’s not where you go. That’s not how you do business … Players want to hit you and hit you hard, but they don’t want to come in and, like, ruin your career … That’s just not how guys are wired.”

59 responses to “Andy Reid: We’re obviously happy with Michael Vick

  1. Why is this obvious? Because his play has declined each game since the high in Washington? Because he’s injured easily? Because he’s completely inconsistent? Oh, I get it now, I do see why it’s obvious!

  2. Reid loves convicted criminal athletes so much his next quarterback will be Adam Sadler (or Bert Reynolds).

  3. Eagles aren’t breaking away from the rest of this division anytime soon. Every team in the division should be better in 2012.

  4. Yeah your happy with the dog murderer, but not the rest of Eagles nation. Vick sucks! Take a chance in a non convicted felon please for once!

  5. Wow.. We’re happy with Vick? Why he hasn’t one a thing except some dog fights – POS

  6. Anyone who thinks that the Eagles aren’t doing some serious inquiring about Manning simply have not been paying attention.

  7. I know many Eagles fans cannot stand Coach Reid, but they are the most passionate fanbase in sorts (so they themselves claim). What they aren’t is smart or anywhere near as educated as the believe themselves to be.

  8. Yeah right….they’re “obviously happy with Michael”…just like “Donovan McNabb will be our starting quarterback” in the Spring of 2010…..before he wasn’t anymore. I’m not saying the Eagles are going after Peyton Manning, because they’re not. He wouldn’t go to Philly anyway, with his brother a hated rival who the Eagles play twice a year. I’m just saying that you can’t believe a word out of Andy Reid’s mouth.

  9. The eagles opponents are obviously happy with Michael Vick as well so it’s all good.

  10. I was going to stick up for Vick and Reid and the Eagles, but it’s become a tiresome business. It seems that people will blindly hate and hold stale grudges no matter what, and they’re entitled to do so. It’s merely a shame that we’ve lost our ability to debate as calm and rational adults as opposed to melodramatic and resentful children.

  11. Reid was asked on espn a few years ago what he thought about Vick, and he said he was happy with McNabb, Kolb and Feeley. Then the next day during a preseason game against the Patriots we signed Vick. Moral is… Don’t trust anything Andy says!

  12. Who would win in a fight-to-the-death cage match between Andy Reid and John Goodman if a case of Butterscotch Krimpets were on the line?

  13. I really like Andy Reid as a coach and as a man. Players will bleed for him and you can’t beat that for motivation. Any coach that needs “bounty money” to motivate players isn’t a coach. As a coach I would rather be Loved then feared. If players fear you, they will work hard for you. I players Love you, they will leave everything out on the field for you every time because they don’t want to let you down.

  14. Obviously Michael Vick needs to have a better year…

    Also I’m a little disappointed the Eagles didn’t take the initiative to enact a bounty system or at least pass a hat around for the guy who actually makes a tackle in a game.

  15. Booyay … finally a free agent the Eagles aren’t interested in. Yeah, no room for Peyton. They got the sociopath pet killer.

  16. Got to say it takes a big man to admit the Eli is the best QB in the NFL.

    Payton will go play for the fins
    No chance of seeing his brother head to head other then a SB.
    The Giants just played the AFC east so 4 years before they do that again.

  17. What’s funny is Peyton gets the boot & Drew Brees getting a franchise tag yet Vick signed his 2nd 100 million dollar contract.

    I know that has got be killing you LOSERS like a beaten dog at a dog fight………….

    HA HA HA 🙂

  18. in all honestly, i wouldn’t be THAT suprised if they did make a run at him. can cut vick after this year and that contract doesnt mean jack, or obviously trade him for atleast something. eagles aren’t going to come out and say were pursuing Peyton Manning, they will do it completely behind closed doors and under the radar. just like they did with bringing in vick. its just IF they make a run at him, and if he wants to come to philly. and yes cant beleive a word andy says so who knows. dont rule anything out in this league.

  19. Andy is happy with Bad Newz Vick, which is why BOTH will be gone after this upcoming failure of a season.

  20. 1) Never trust what comes out of Reid’s mouth.

    2) Pass on Manning. A) Vick’s basically untradeable and B) There’s no chance in hell Reid and Marty are gonna change their inept offense for anyone, including Manning.

    3) Rather get a young QB next year (when the Eagles FINALLY clean house) to replace Vick rather than start a 37 year old QB.

  21. Obviously happy with Vick? Then he’s obviously happy with losing. Vick has always been overrated and has never been a true leader when it counts.

  22. Vick got his pay day and now plays just like I remember him playing. Dude doesnt care about anything but his lifestyle.

  23. Another year with this fatso… I beg to differ on being happy with Vick…Vick plays too recklessly and wont or cannot make it thru a season, therefore by playoff time (if we make it) he is too injured, beaten up to play! THEREFORE, why not try and pick up Manning?

    just try, tease us, pretend to care…Eagles

  24. And obviously the rest of the NFL is happy the Andy Reid and the Eagles are happy with Michael Vick.

  25. I prefer Pat’s Steaks over Geno’s. Andy seems to eat a lot from both joints. And also was apparently drinking when he gave this interview.

  26. If it makes you fools think that Vick is not worth the money or fans don’t like him……………..knock yourselves out. Because you know just like Reid does he is well worth the money, has fans galore, and the few of you who are on this site trying to make yourselves feel good………….well you folks just don’t matter. Tell you what go out and see who will pay your worthless azzes millions…………good luck with that one. LOL LOL Nothing worse than a bunch of jealousazz losers LOL LOL Hate on fools hate on.

  27. Obviously happy with Juan Castillo
    Obviously happy with game clock managment
    Obviously happy with waist size
    Obviously happy with tendancy to waste challenges

  28. I obviously wouldn’t trust a word out of Andy Reid’s mouth, other than: “Goodbye”.

  29. OK you people are idiots for hating on Vick as much as you do. He has turned into a good QB. Even last year he was on pace for 4000 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing which would of been a first in NFL history. Yes to many turnovers but Eli Manning the year before he won the SB averaged more turnovers per game then Vick did last year so cut some slack expecially him having no offseason…

    Now for you Giant fans saying you guys are happy that Vicks the guy in Philly. Really? Didn’t Vick sweep you in 2010. And then was ahead by 2 points in the 4th quarter before being injured in 2011. Oh I remember even Vince Young beating you guys and trust me when I say Vick is better then Young. You guys have no room to talk in that regard. Go on and brag about being SB champs for now, but Vick has usually owned you!!!

  30. Next ask your favorite teams defense are they happy we got Vick stop talking out your Ass. Most of them will tell you they would rather face Eli or Peyton then face Vick or any other mobile Qb with an ARM . Stop hating it’s starting to get ridiculous.

  31. Its funny how I make my points about that dog situation and yall keep taking them off what did I cuss or something or do you have a problem with the truth.

  32. Also all this Giants Four Eagles nothing I believe football was being played before the superbowl era , so don’t get it twisted before rings their were championships or did you not know ??

  33. Next to the so called Eagle fans that keep hating on Vick and the rest of the front office . No need to post when this team start making strides this year to the top of the division remember Vick can’t do this he can’t do that. Do not and I mean do not jump back on his or the rest of the team bandwagon when things get better . Us as true fans do not want you back.

  34. o0omorriso0o says:Mar 8, 2012 11:34 AM

    OK you people are idiots for hating on Vick as much as you do. He has turned into a good QB.
    WHEN, pray tell, did Bad Newz turn into a good QB? :mrgreen:
    Answer: NEVER!!
    He is the lowest of the low; I’m ashamed he’s on the team I love.

    Happy Days when he beats his felony flyers outta town!!

  35. upperdecker…You forgot one…Obviously happy with 7th round picks for linebackers. Wonder if he”s happy with Brandon Grahm and the safties?

  36. People have a short memory. Remember how bad the o-line was to start the year? Remember the pounding Vick took? Remember how many passes where tipped by wr’s into the other teams hands? Or outright dropped. Not to say Vick deserved probowl consideration, but the guy is not half as bad as some would make him out to be. I have little doubt this will be a better year for the team all around.

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