Billboard pleas to Peyton come to Arizona


Billboard messages to teams and/or players have become something of a trend around the NFL in recent years.

They’ve popped up to criticize Al Davis, push for Bill Cowher to come to Buffalo and agitate for Tim Tebow’s ascension to the starting lineup in Denver, so it was only natural that Peyton Manning’s availability would lead to some happy outdoor advertising salesmen. Folks in Nashville and Miami didn’t even wait for Manning to officially part ways with the Colts before getting to work on their signage. Now Arizona is getting into the fun.

A mattress company has put up one billboard and purchased time on three electronic sign boards urging Peyton Manning to “Please Sleep Here.” Florio’s breaking down Manning’s potential destinations on Wednesday’s edition of PFT Live, although we’re not sure how much he’s going to consider the role of billboards in swaying Manning to a particular team. Just to be on the safe side, Seattle and Washington might want to get to work on something to make commuters in their towns picture Manning in a Seahawks or Redskins uniform.

Popular as these billboards have become, only the guys buying it in Denver wound up seeing their dream come true. We’ll see if the hit rate climbs when Manning chooses his next team.

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    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if they cut Kolb, signed Manning, and Kolb went straight to Seattle and proceeded to go 10-0 against the Cards for the next five years? Not gonna happen, but if it did, I’d laugh and laugh and laugh….

  2. AZ is the best fit. Dome, great fanbase, good defense, Fitzgerald… draft o-line and a receiver and dnjoy the success.

  3. Why Arizona? They just paid a hefty sum to get a quarterback last offseason. Manning has a house in Miami, the weather is better and the team has pieces in place. Add to that a top 10 pick. Miami seems like the most logical fit. When people say the Jets, I lol considering the state of that team.

  4. Peyton is not going to Arizona.
    He’s not going to Miami – which between Harbaugh and Fisher always seems like the bridesmaid these days.
    He’s not going to Washington, or Minnesota or Seattle or Cleveland.

    He’s going to go to a Superbowl contender, a team that can compete in the playoffs. Whether that’s SF or NY at this point, who knows?

    All this talk about making him a gargantuan contract offer is superfluous, the guy has plenty of money. It’s not about money at this point, but about winning a couple more Superbowls in the very near future.

  5. Miami has better weather than Arizona?? OK. I’ve never heard that claim. Besides, Arizona has a dome, better surrounding cast, and a much easier division to win.

  6. If Peyton goes to Seattle or Miami, he pays no state income tax. When you’re talking about those kind of numbers, that makes a difference in how much he nets.

  7. Weather better in Miami?? Apparently you’ve never been to Arizona. Weather in Miami is humid and sticky and rainy at times. Winter weather in Arizona is dry and 70. And if Manning golfs, he’s in luck as Phoenix has 200 plus courses…throw all that out and Arizona has better “core” player’s to build around as well….

  8. LOL Arizona LOL….. Manning would never pick Arizona. what are the selling points really???????? The only offensive playmaker they have is Fitz with no real running game the Oline is horrible, on defense their best player is a rookie that is a better returner than cornerback. They have a dome and Fitz WOW they play in a terrible division that most of the teams in it are the nfl’s laughingstock. It is very sad when your major selling point is that you can offer the playoffs due to being in a non competive division where most seasons going 7-9 wins the division. thats beyond sad that’s pathetic the cardinals have no class or standards and no shot at manning

  9. redskins- no chance won’t go to same division as eli and the redskins playing field is horrile weather sucks in dc

    jets- never gonna happen besides that fact ny sucks and is the filthiest scum ridden wasteland of the US where the people are arrogant stuck up snobs. I swear if ny was a woman it would be a heavy chested blonde in trashy clothes jumping up and down screaming look at me look at me…. but i degress they don’t have the cap and it would take them to rip the team apart to create the cap space setting them back even further not to mention tony sparono and rex are ground and pound guys 100% also the locker room and all the me first ego’s

    seattle – nope when all you can offer is a slot reciever and a decent running game they would have to pretty much get wayne and jackson in FA along with more defensive starters seattle is not an attractive market only slightly better than buffalo and thats sad

    arizona – hell no see previous post

    kc – could happen unlikely though still don’t have an OL and Bowe is not a top 10 WR Defense needs to get healthy and add a few pieces IMO miami’s only real comp but weather will be huge factor especailly the cold if he went their he’d be like a walking statue in nov-jan

    miami – 95% yes has all the complimentry pieces in place, great weather, has a home here, defense is best of all suitors top 5 better wr marshall than all others except fitz, better running game includes catching out of backfield than all other suitors, just need to add a right tackle and pass rusher easily done with the #8 and # 40 picks in the draft and sign reggie wayne

  10. What makes people think the Jets are Superbowl contenders? Elite Wr- nope, elite running game – nope, elite defense – nope, elite oline – nope, favorable coach – nope, locker room intact – nope, elite cb- yes. This team went 8-8 with alot of squeeze by wins, let’s get real, the Jets are mediocre.

  11. @mclovin07 says: Mar 7, 2012 1:50 PM
    “Weather better in Miami?? Apparently you’ve never been to Arizona. ”

    Apparently you leave Arizona in the summertime when its 118º.

  12. He obviously is going to go to a team with a good O-line if he wants to stay healthy. You people seem to forget the fact that his HEALTH might not be good enough to play, so why would he go to a team where he’s going to get sacked a lot? This is why the Dolphins are front-runners, they’re one of the few teams in the running for him that has a formidable O-line, the others being the Texans and Jets.

  13. I think the guy will go to whichever team offers him (in order of importance):

    1. The best compensation package.
    2. The best compensation package.
    3. The best compensation package.

    And maybe…the best compensation package.

    When your number of productive years in your chosen profession is as short as most of these NFL players, you need to make as much money as possible while you can. A million bucks to these guys is a like a hundred bucks to you and me.

  14. Undevelopedroll…. I would have to agree with you, however, you missed one….

    4. The best compensation package.

    I could see your point, and I agreed with you completely, however, #4 is a big thing, and I just can’t believe you missed that one.

  15. bucwild05—You are right. Somehow, I missed the whole money thing.

    For some reason, I thought maybe these guys played because they just loved football. They’d do it for free not wouldn’t they?

    Silly of me.

  16. cowboysallday says:
    Mar 8, 2012 1:07 AM
    What happens to kolb if manning goes there? There’s no way he stays as a backup


    Why not, that’s all he’s good for. Or hadn’t you noticed, Kolb doesn’t have a problem walking up and down the sidelines drinking gatorade. He doesn’t have a problem with getting the starting job, getting paid all while someone else is doing the work he is being paid to do. He’s a loser, who should be locked up for grand theft larceny.

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