Dwight Freeney: I plan to stay in Indianapolis, we’ll see what happens


In addition to the departure of Peyton Manning, longtime Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney could be on the way out in Indianapolis as well. But Freeney hopes that’s not the case.

Asked on NFL Network if he’ll be back next year, Freeney said that if it’s up to him he’ll play out the final year on his current contract.

“We’ll see what happens,” Freeney said. “I do have one more year left and I plan on playing that out. It’s a business. Obviously, I love this city. I love Indianapolis. I love everything about it. I plan on trying to stay. I have one more year left, so we’ll see what happens.”

However, it may not be up to Freeney. The Colts are in a rebuilding mode, and rebuilding teams don’t usually have a lot of room for 32-year-olds with $14.035 million base salaries.

So, as Freeney said, we’ll see what happens. And we may see Freeney playing somewhere other than Indianapolis.

11 responses to “Dwight Freeney: I plan to stay in Indianapolis, we’ll see what happens

  1. This is why Brees was making so much fuss of the avg of the first 3yrs of his contract as oppose to having a higher avg. at the end. Many teams kick players to the curve once they’re older, and other things such as an unforeseen injury, makes it paramount that you try get a good rate in the first years of a contract.

  2. I doubt it, but I would love him on the Jets. He’s still a premiere pass rusher and would instantly make this D-line much better and then the jets can go with an offensive player in round 1.

  3. You would think the agents would figure this out by now. Teams say help us out nd play for cheep now and we’ll add it to the back side of the contract. And then they cut you.

  4. Is there anything more worthless than a player interview?

    Seriously, I don’t understand the public’s fascination with hearing the same nonsensical drivel coming from athlete after athlete.

    If you gave me a list of interview questions you planned on asking an athlete, I could give you the answers without you even telling me who it is.

    What exactly did you suppose he would say?

    And it’s not even their fault. What is the point of the softball questions? How about instead of “do you want to stay” you ask him “what would you do if you were a GM of a rebuilding team and you had a 32 year old player making 14 million?”

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