Irsay, Manning arrive in Indianapolis after “long, emotional flight”

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After flying to Indianapolis together on Tuesday night, Colts owner Jim Irsay and quarterback Peyton Manning will sit together today to announce that Irsay has decided to release Manning.

“It was a long,emotional flight,” Irsay wrote on Twitter, “now the sun is trying to rise.”

Ashley Adamson of WISH-TV in Indianapolis briefly caught up with Manning at the airport, where he seemed to be in a reflective mood.

“We’re gonna do this the right way. We’ll talk to you guys tomorrow,” Manning said last night. “We’re good. We’re all good.”

Manning has been doing it the right way for 14 years with the Colts, and there’s no doubt that he’ll do it the right way on his last day with the Colts.

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  1. The only way this makes sense is that he can’t throw anymore. Why else would the Colts CUT Peyton Manning?

  2. They’re cutting bc they can’t afford 28 million again since they have to rebuild the rest of their team…’s a business decision bc luck will only cost like 4 million

  3. [Its so hard, to say goodbye, to yesterday]

    The way this guy threw that oblong piece of animal leather for tens of millions of dollars is an inspiration to everyone who ever wished to throw an oblong piece of animal leather for tens of millions of dollars.

    Sidenote: Remember when he signed that 90 million deal knowing full well he wouldn’t be ready to play last season? He doesn’t aaalways do it the right way, does he…

  4. Steven Ross must say to Manning…”Peyton, we know we have a home for you here in Miami, we are confident this is the best place for you.” “However, we know you will have many choices, when you are ready to speak with us about a contract, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.”

    Ross must do something different here, he cannot, absolutely cannot, jump on his plane and make the first mad dash at Manning. He has failed twice before using this method.

    If it’s a fit, then it will happen..

  5. Manning’s face at the airport wasn’t the look of a man who was happy to leave the Colts. I’d say being cut is the best thing for him really, better than being on a team that is in full-blown rebuilding mode. Anyways, thanks for the memories. Best wishes.

  6. kelvinmchale says: Mar 7, 2012 6:58 AM

    The only way this makes sense is that he can’t throw anymore. Why else would the Colts CUT Peyton Manning?

    If the Polians hadn’t saddled the Colts with one of the most ridiculous NFL contracts ever, it may not have come to this. No way can they afford to pay him $28M this year. That’s 23% of an assumed $120M salary cap, on a team that’s rebuilding. That would mean the Colts would be unable to put the players around him to contend, and with Manning getting close to the end of his career, that’s not what he wants.

    Also, consider the Manning may never be the same player he was before all the surgeries. One hard hit could end his career. (This is true of any player, but with all his neck problems, he is likely at a much higher risk than most.)

    This definitely isn’t the way either Manning or the Colts wanted things to play out, but there it is.

  7. This circus has been going on for much too long. Just do it and get it over with.

    BULLETIN – The sun will rise in the east tomorrow and daylight savings time starts this weekend.

  8. I’ve been a Colts fan since I was 11 when they moved to Indianapolis. I am WAY more upset about the school levy failing than I am about Manning leaving.


  9. jbro3169 says:
    Mar 7, 2012 6:57 AM
    I don’t envy Andrew Luck here at all. If he ends up being a really good player he will never be Peyton to most Colts fans.

    Those are hard shoes to fill…but if by some miricle he brought a couple of Lombardis to town….I think most Colt fans would be just fine with it.

  10. Come to Philly Peyton. Best situation for media attention, team that has a real chance at a Superbowl and a QB who can audible every play Andy and Marty call.

    Plus you get to beat up and your little bro twice a year! Think about the family man!

  11. I wouldnt be surprised if the joint news conference is used to announce that Peyton has decided to officially retire. He goes out on top, healthy, with class, as a Colt.

  12. Let’s not forget Manning has a choice in this. If he really, really wanted to stay he could have renegotiated that albatross contract of his (heck, he could have chosen not to sign it in the first place). He willingly signed it. He has not so willingly renegotiated it.

    As for why cut him? Pretty obvious isn’t it? You wold be a fool to pay a guy $28 million, with whatever cap hit that came with, for a guy you aren’t sure can play at a high level any more because of his injury, never mind for much longer given his age anyway, while your potential long term solution at QB sits waiting at the number one pick. If you think keeping Manning under any circumstance makes sense you know little about football and next to other about business. But yeah, other than that, keep him.

  13. Just curious, but did he do it the right way when he sat on that female trainer’s face at Tennessee?

  14. Luck will be fine, just ask Rogers, all you got to do is win baby.


    What the hell does Rodgers have to do with Luck? Rodgers wasn’t the #1 pick overall, Rodgers had 3 years to learn the system before he even started a game. When Rodgers took over he had a pretty good team to take over. on the other hand Luck will be the #1 pick, Luck will start immeditately and the Colts sucks. Two totally different situations so how you came to that comparison only leaves me to believe you are clueless

  15. All eyes on you Andy Luck. Now that the Colts savior has been effectively put down in favor of you, you had better deliver in a big way.

  16. For those who don’t know, Manning’s cap hit was $16M if they kept him and $17M if they release him. That’s why this decision has taken so long. Irsay is being respectful to Manning by letting him go. New coach, new GM, new system, new QB… These are not Peyton’s Colts.

  17. Not a Polian fan, but the contract wasn’t dumb. It rewarded Manning for past service when it was likely he would not play in 2011 and the $28MM was a roster bonus so it would have been prorated. This is more about not paying a guy who might not be able to play $28MM than it is cap implications.

  18. I think it is something how Jim Irsay messed this up just like his drunken old man Bob did with Johnny U and John Elway. Sign Manning to a $90M contract when he knows he has neck issues then 6 months later wants to renegotiate. They will go down in history as the lousiest and dumbest owners ever in the NFL. Colt fans in Indy now feel Baltimore’s pain. I hope Payton goes into the HOF in another team’s colors. Keep the Indy Colt HOF number at ZERO. Thank God Steve Biscotti knows what he is doing.

  19. Sad, very sad for all parties involved. What a loss for Indy fans. Now Peyton goes looking for another team, likely a second-rate team desperate for a QB. That team will likely have a terrible offensive line, and he’s one hit away from being paralyzed. If I were him, I’d just retire and walk away with my money and my health.

  20. Andrew Luck is going to have some big shoes to fill. Not too many players out there that would want to be in that position.

  21. Call me old school, but I’m sick of grown men talking about their “emotions” in any way.

  22. Here is a little exercise in Manningthink.

    Manning likes to get paid. There are a number of teams that are willing to pay him. (I would guess a 4 or 5 year deal 80m-100m with about 35m paid in the first two years) but there are a number of teams that cannot afford that. This is probably the only stumbling block for the San Francisco 49ers.

    Manning likes to play the situation. He won’t go up to the line of scrimmage without a full understanding of the situation and so he won’t go to a team without a full understanding of the situation. Which means the Redskins don’t have a chance right out of the gate. He will be looking for a team that is NOT rebuilding or continually building. This also hurts the Dolphins chances.

    Manning doesn’t like to take chances. He will go to a team with a proven track record. A team with demonstrated ability to win with a similar situation. Now this narrows the field considerably. Kansas City, Arizona, Minnesota come to mind immediately. New York drops out along with Washington as proving they can lose in a similar situation. Plus… the Eli-Peyton thing is NY is something both Mannings would like to avoid.

    If Manning enjoys his home in Indianapolis and wants to remain close to that to return when he retires than Cleveland may be a dark horse. Tennessee would give things a chance to go full-circle for him, but there would be an awful lot of pressure there and I think he will try and minimize that as much as possible.

  23. A stand up guy to the fans of Indy even when the cameras werent rolling. Heard stories of him picking up tabs in restaurants and signing autographs for hours without complaining.

    Good luck to him where ever he lands…

  24. I hope Manning makes the right choice for himself about playing again or not. If he is ready I would love to keep watching him play. If not I hope the steps back. I would rather watch this class act of a player go out the right way and not on a strecher.

    P.S. Would love to have you as a Redskins but not seeing you in blue with a horseshoe on the helmet will be diffrent!!

  25. Peyton Manning is a class act by any measure of a man or athelete. He is a credit to the NFL, his family, the team he is leaving and willl be the driving force toward a championship on which ever team he plays for next.

  26. Phony owner, phony contract, phony sentiment. This whole sorry episode was unnecessary. And Manning also deserves a small share of the blame.

  27. i will always support manning, he has handled himself with class. i will always be a fan of his and wish him well and success.

  28. No matter if you like Manning or not you have to say he has class. I doubt any fan of football ever thought this day would come in Colts land. This is what football has become, all he did for that team and town (actually put Indianapolis on the map) and he is being let go .

  29. So what are the odds that Irsay and Manning shock everyone and announce that Manning is retiring along with a new personal services contract with the Colts for the next 20 years?

  30. Here’s the deal, Peyton WANTS TO STAY. Trade the first pick for a boatload. Then work and work and work some more. Take his team deep into the playoffs. For the next 4 years.

    Here’s what Irsay wants. Don’t pay $28 mil, draft Super kid who never played a down in the nfl.

    Not smart Jimmy, not smart. Colts are 10+ years from winning the Super Bowl if the PC today goes how everyone think it will.

    If by chance they draft RG3. All bets are off.

  31. Where will Manning play next? A team that is fundamentally sound and without a lot of other holes to fill. This eliminates Cleveland & Washington & Jacksonville. Miami is a better choice, but not as good a choice as:

    Arizona and Houston are good possibilities with good teams who have shown the ability to reach the playoffs and win.

    My guess is Dallas. With those receivers, solid running game and passing offense, the Cowboys could end years of playoff frustration with this one move. Tony Romo would be effective in Miami and Jerry Jones can continue to make the mortgage payments on that billion dollar mortgage in Dallas. I know it’a long shot. But it makes a lot of sense.

  32. “Irsay, Manning arrive in Indianapolis after “long, emotional flight””


    They think this whole thing has been hard on them?

    How’s about us poor sports fans who have put up with
    hearing this drivel for what seems like forever?

    And just think, in between 10 to 15 years we will probably
    go through this all over again with Luck & the Colts…

  33. Class all the way. Colts are stupid for letting Manning go. Trade the first pick and get the moon then build Manning a team for the next 4 years. Elway won 2 superbowls after 36. I hope my Broncos trade Tebow and pick up Manning. A kid can dream.

  34. Payton will go where he wants to go, and good luck to him. He’s been the Colts for years, and I would think the fans are upset at the way this has been handled. Interesting to see what happens if Andrew Luck doesn’t work out. No one knows how he will transfer to the NFL, there have been plenty of “busts” there.

  35. I’m a Jet fan and this upsets me still. I know this is a business, and he and luck would be too much for 2 QBS on the same team it just hard not to see Peyton a Colt. Best of luck to you Peyton

  36. Does anyone else think that he will be a Raven? I mean his head coach is OC over there in Baltimore. Plus they been really quiet about this whole thing. My gut says they get after him.

  37. Its ok for owners/management to cut players, release players (fan favorite players) under the “its only business clause” however when players (fan favorites players) decides to leave it’s a BIG DEAL i.e. Lebron James.

    – Why is it a 1 Way Street???

  38. Now the Manning Mania will really begin. Jets, Redskins, Browns, Miami, Seattle, Raiders, Baltimore, it’s anyone’s guess.

  39. Wow.

    Just, wow.

    Still can’t believe that the greatest face of the Colt’s franchise since Johnny U. is getting tossed like am old pair of shoes.

    Yeah, he’s damaged goods and may never be the same, yeah they signed him to a ridiculous contract without a physical …… but this is Peyton Freakin’ Manning…..

    Never thought he’d NOT be a Colt.

    Irsay is putting a lot of stock in Luck

  40. The onloy way Luck can turn this into a good thing is to win, and to win quick. While PM is off tossin TDs somewhere else.

  41. Am I the only one who hates how Isray contantly gets on Twitter all liqured up either pouring his heart out like a 16 year old girl or making some douchey, borderline inappropriate comment?

  42. jbro3169 says:
    Mar 7, 2012 6:57 AM
    I don’t envy Andrew Luck here at all. If he ends up being a really good player he will never be Peyton to most Colts fans.


    I used to think that, but Aaron Rodgers has made most Packer fans forget about Brett Favre. But that’s mostly because of how much of a douche Favre turned into the second they drafted the kid.

    Hopefully they have more of a Rodgers/Bart Starr relationship than Rodgers/Favre.

  43. I have to admit I used to despise Peyton Manning but he’s truly won me over with his work ethic and the classy way in which he goes about his business. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up!

  44. how about if manning said fine i’ll resign for less money because i’ve already gotten 2 100mil contracts from you guys. NO GREEDY MANNING wants to be released so he can swindle idiots in miami to pay him 100 mil to not play

  45. Now watch Ross & Ireland miss out (as only those two awkward, bumbling ass clowns can) on both Manning and Flynn and then try to sell the world that their plan all along was to bring in Dan Orlovsky to compete with Matt Moore.

    “We think he can be the next Dan Marino.”

    Just wait…..

  46. This pending official announcement has been the biggest news story throughout North American papers and TV channels since early Tuesday evening. All through the night and this morning-every Peyton Manning clip on file. This man is a legend, one of a kind. No one will ever truly replace him, not in all the ways he has impacted the game, Colts and Indianapolis. He’s a treasure. It doesn’t matter why Peyton is leaving, business or not. To show him the respect he deserves and appreciate everything he’s done, should be the priority of all those who love him and what he represents, to say ‘thank you’ and ‘all the best for your future success’. He will always be a Colt in his heart and in all the hearts of Colts fans. He will be greatly missed in Indy, but he’s soon to be another team’s treasure. I know I’ll be paying attention wherever he goes.

  47. kane337 says:
    Mar 7, 2012 6:54 AM
    Yep, Manning will always do it the right way. Class all the way.

    150 9 i
    With 150 thumbs up and 9 thumbs down, it appears that 9 Pats’ or Gators’ fans with long, sad memories of Manning rated this post.

    Why else would anyone think that Manning is not a classy guy, irrespective of his father’s and younger brother’s irritating personalities?

  48. Anyone else remember when Manning lost in the Superbowl to the Saints when he didn’t shake hands and went into the locker room and then blamed his teammates afterwards?

  49. How is this even a surprise, or a tough decision? It’s not even a tough decision if these guys were married. I’d love to keep you honey, but I’d rather keep my $28 mil. The rest of the team absolutely stinks, so why pay Peyton? Repeat after me…Good Bye.

  50. I’ll remember him as a great regular season quarterback and overall when you throw in his playoff record a very good quarterback. It’s to bad he ended up playing for Tony Dungy. With a good coaching staff I wonder how many titles he would have won???

  51. @kosarkid says:Mar 7, 2012 9:25 AM

    Anyone else remember when Manning lost in the Superbowl to the Saints when he didn’t shake hands and went into the locker room and then blamed his teammates afterwards?
    He didn’t blame his teamates. Nice try though.

    And most players don’t get to shake the hands of the other guys after the SB cause everyone is celebrating and getting interviewed.

    What did Bernie ever win anyway?

  52. Manning is done. Irsay knows it. And Manning knows it. Manning knew he was done last year when he swindled the Colts and his teammates over a new contract. He’s trying to con someone else now into a big money signing and he’ll be able to do absolutely nothing on the field. All the slappies kissing his a$$ will see.

  53. Why is it so emotional? A great player is leaving because he is after the last buck.

    Paying him, what 28 million, for 2011 was crippling for the colts. He took no hits after signing that contract. He knew is status. But his “show me the money” attitude says it best. Even though it is money that will be stored in the back of his money bin, and never be spent, he wants it.

    Peyton is leaving for more money, honey. Please shed no tears.

  54. I still have great reservations about Mannings ability to play at a productive level next year.I wonder about his arm strength ie…muscle atrophy after so long of inactivity and nerve damage to the neck area around the surgical site that may effect his ability to throw certain types of passes and turn scramble out of the pocket.Regardless of what the Medical staff say as to the healing of the area where the fusion took place, I wonder if he should risk take in future violent hits to that same area.None of this scenario would ever be worth the risk of a paralyzing injury , in my opinion.Of course these decisions are up to Peyton and any future team prospects….assumming he does pass the physical. Time will tell.

  55. As a Steelers fan all I can say that is one could never feel comfortable if Peyton had the ball with any amount of time left on the clock. I still remember the 2005 divisional game, I thought for sure Manning was going to beat us.

    His a class act and if he is healthy I hope he plays elesewhere. The Colts were forced to make a tough choice as they rebuild but you are going to get a great QB in Andrew Luck and you will be back sooner rather than later.

  56. I heard after they arrived in Indy together they shared a hotel room at the Super 8 Hugging late into the morning hours.

    The part that gets me is Super 8 has rooms with two queen sized beds so why get a room with just one King?

    Anyhow I hope Manning got in a few extra shots on Irsay with a pillow.

    Moral of the story Breaking up is hard to do.

  57. massappeal12345 says: Mar 7, 2012 9:56 AM

    Why is it so emotional? A great player is leaving because he is after the last buck.

    Paying him, what 28 million, for 2011 was crippling for the colts. He took no hits after signing that contract. He knew is status. But his “show me the money” attitude says it best. Even though it is money that will be stored in the back of his money bin, and never be spent, he wants it.

    Peyton is leaving for more money, honey. Please shed no tears.


    Yeah, don’t really get all the anger for Irsay and support for Manning. Manning knew full well when he was signing that contract that he was hurt. He pretty much suckered the Colts into paying him to sit out last year.

    What choice does Irsay have? He doesn’t cut him, Peyton eats up a huge chunk of $$ that can be used to help rebuild the franchise. You honestly think that Irsay wouldn’t have Manning back for less money? Do you really believe that? Manning wants to win and he wants to get paid. This is about greed and Peyton’s ego. The Colts fans are the one’s to suffer, but they’ll still blindly love the guy. Makes no sense.

  58. @brenenostler

    So knowing that the deal would make the Colts pay 50 million before his next pass makes him some sort of sweetheart? He still got top QB pay for standing on the sideline this year, and unless he’s completely delusional, he knew he had no chance to play in 2011. He wanted his last paycheck, b/c he knew he was done. Dont overromanticize your oblong piece of animal leather throwers.

  59. If you think it is a media circus now, just wait until after the “official” announcement. PFT will be littered with:

    Peyton washed his hair.
    Peyton got in his car.
    Peyton is walking his dog.
    Peyton answered his phone.


    Please Mr Manning, in the name of all that is holy. Announce you’re retiring because you just can’t picture yourself playing anywhere else. Everyone will love you and you can ride off into the broadcast booth with dignity and class. Please do not Farve us.

  60. As a Pats fan, its a little strange to see the demise of our most loyal opposition. You have to respect Peyton for what he has done and how he has done it. I also understand why the Colts have to see this. Not a sad day for the NFL, as much as a strange one.

  61. To bad Brett Favre didnt end it like this with the packers. Manning>Favre in the class dept. for sure.

  62. Cant wait to see the Manning vs tebow battle this August in Broncos training camp. Elway desperatley wants a prototypical drop back QB, well here you go.

  63. I wouldnt be suprised to see him retire this year.
    Im not a Manning fan, but I really would hate to see him, or any player end it like Mike Utley or Dennis Byrd.

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