Kroy Biermann re-signs with Falcons


The Falcons have sewn up another defensive starter ahead of free agency.

One day after re-signing safety Thomas DeCoud, the Falcons have announced that they have agreed to a contract with defensive end Kroy Biermann. The team did not announce any details of the agreement, but Jay Glazer of FOX reports that it is a three-year deal.

Biermann only started one game for the Falcons in 2011, but he has previously been a starter for the team and was a regular part of the rotation this season. He has 12.5 sacks over four years with the team, far fewer than impending free agent John Abraham.

Abraham may have priced himself out of the team’s plans, though, and all indications are that he won’t be back with the Falcons next season. Biermann, Ray Edwards and Lawrence Sidbury are the defensive ends currently under contract in Atlanta. They’ll need more help at the position before the start of the next season if Abraham does indeed depart for another team.

12 responses to “Kroy Biermann re-signs with Falcons

  1. He better hope its for enough money to keep that “Real Housewife” happy or she will dump him and run back to Big Poppa

  2. LOL love how people hate on Kroy yet exposing themselves that they actually watch the “Real Atlanta Housewives.” I mean you don’t know bout “Big Papa” unless you watch the show. So why clown on this dude for being with that chick when you watching the show??

  3. Who’s hating on Kroy, you dolt? Who’s clowning on him?

    If you read closer and could actually understand what you read, you would have known it was a shot at the golddigger not him.

    Geez, just shut up if you don’t have the intelligence to comprehend adult conversation.

    remember, just SHUT UP!!!! and go do your chores.

  4. I watch the show cause I think its hot as hell to see a pasty white girl who wears wigs act black and hang out with blacks.

    But now that bossplayer chirped from the sidelines, I guess that makes Kroy a pretty big loser too.


    Saying ” LOL, I love it when……….” makes you look like just as big of a loser

  5. My GF watches that show, can’t understand why a current player would actually marry that girl.

  6. Beef on the Internet = pathetic

    I’m glad Kroy re-signed with the Dirty Birds. Maybe some more playing time will result in an increase in his sack total this year. RISE UP FALCONS!

  7. As a FOOTBALL fan,
    and a close friend of the association,

    Kroy is a hell of an athlete, he should of taken the 16.5 over 2 New England was offering

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