Luck, Griffin gave NFL Network its most-watched Combine day


Interest in the NFL remains insatiable, and the numbers from the NFL Network broadcast of the Scouting Combine are the latest piece of evidence of that.

The NFL announced today that the seven hours of live Combine coverage on Sunday, February 26, highlighted by a quarterback class featuring Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, had an average of 450,000 viewers. Those are the best numbers NFL Network has had for one day of the Combine, and very strong numbers for a Sunday morning on a channel many people, sadly, still don’t get.

Overall, the Combine drew 6.51 million viewers, the second year in a row that NFL Network has topped 6.5 million viewers for a bunch of guys in shorts and T-shirts running around on a football field.

And to think, when the folks at NFL Network first planned to broadcast the Combine, they were derided in some quarters by people asking why anyone would want to watch it. The answer of course, is because it’s on TV.