Moss didn’t run a 40 for the Saints

Getty Images

We pointed out on Tuesday that, although receiver Randy Moss impressed the Saints with his route-running, he didn’t run 40 yards in a straight line with a stopwatch ticking.

I’ve re-confirmed, via multiple sources, that Moss indeed did not run a 40-yard dash, because there is at least one report that he did.  And at least 100 of you have pointed via email and/or Twitter.

Contrary to those reports, Moss didn’t run a 40-yard dash.

It’s still unknown whether he wasn’t asked to run a 40, or whether he declined.  (Or whether they offered him $1,500 if he could break 4.4. seconds.)

Moss has claimed that he can still run a 4.3.  Of course, a guy doesn’t have to run the 40 to prove that he can still run.

He’ll be doing some more running for at least two unnamed teams next week.