PFT rewind: Sean Payton gave up $250,000 to get Gregg Williams


As Saints coach Sean Payton faces a significant fine, and possibly a suspension, based on the conduct of former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, it’s fair to wonder whether Payton is regretting his decision to sacrifice a significant chunk of his salary in order to get Williams to town in the first place.

In early 2009, Payton gave up $250,000 so that the team could afford Williams.

“I had a few beers in me,” Payton told NFL Network more than a year later, after the Saints won the Super Bowl in Williams’ first year on the job.  “Woke up the next morning, and my wife said, ‘What?’”

The Saints later refunded Payton the money that went to Williams.  But now Payton will likely be forking over a lot more than a fourth of a million dollars, thanks to Williams’ three-season bounty system.

Then again, Payton has plenty of the blame on this one.  He was the captain of the Titanic.  And he saw the iceberg coming.

And he didn’t tell anyone to steer away from it.

36 responses to “PFT rewind: Sean Payton gave up $250,000 to get Gregg Williams

  1. “Get all your ducks in a row.”

    Sean Payton to his coaches regarding the League’s bounty inquisitions

  2. When you win a super bowl and then get caught doing something illegally I don’t think you regret it. Just ask the New England Patriots and their 3 rings. If you really want to hurt cheaters take away their championships

  3. Oh, geez!! Hurry tell the commish Eli and Alex Smith got sacked a lot in the NFC game.

    Incendiary remarks meant to inflame. Do you even know these people?? Did you interview people who know them??? Easy to do if there is no representation. You can try them in print

  4. He won a superbowl, no way he’s regretting it, ask belicheat if he regrets spy gate after winning 3 superbowls.

  5. I’d give up 250k for the chance to call myself a SB champion. Money well spent for a guy who will be of the league soon if The Godell has what it takes to walk his talk

  6. I still think that they should be fined as much or less than the pats were. This has been going on for a long time almost as long as the nfl it self. Goddell is ruining the game. That’s it. It’s not as much fun to watch since he became commish. Just waiting for the flags

  7. I can’t look past the simple irony that the organization sure isn’t living up to the team name…

  8. Everybody cheers at the brutality in the NFL. Remember the wildly popular, “Jacked Up” segment on MNF a few years ago? All this situation in N.O. did was expose the underbelly of an extraordinarily violent “sport” that we all knew was there – but now feign disgust so we feel better about our own blood-lust.

    Fact is: it’s a violent sport full of ‘roid raged maniacs paid to, and enjoying the infliction of pain and suffering to the opposition on every single play – and that’s league wide – and thats the way its always been.

    Goodel will punish them harshly, but their real mistake was being so dumb that they were blatent about it. The nature of the beast would’ve taken it’s natural course and had the same results. They were the best team that year, and are still a contender for at least a few more.

  9. The more that comes out about Payton, the creepier he seems…

    I was kinda shocked to hear he was a replacement player in the strike and that may be part of the friction between he and Harbaugh…

    Then the drug thing…

    Then the hanging out with the felon thing…

    Then Bountygate…

    I think the commish HAMMERS him…

  10. Money well spent!!!!!!
    We may be down but not out.
    Can’t get any worse than giving away all of our draft picks for Ricky
    At least we still will have a great offense.
    WhoDat Nation!!!!!!!!

  11. So Sean Payton is the first head coach in the history of the NFL AND the first head coach to have Gregg Williams as a D coordinator to EVER have known of such a thing as “bounty payments” right?


  12. I’m not a Saints fan, but looked upon them fondly and always liked Brees and Payton.

    Have to say that I was hoping to find out that Payton didn’t know about the bounties, but it’s clear the ship has sailed on that idea.

    VERY disappointed in a man for whom I had a lot of respect.

  13. bleed4philly says:
    Mar 7, 2012 11:25 PM
    He won a superbowl, no way he’s regretting it, ask belicheat if he regrets spy gate after winning 3 superbowls.


    Belichick had people taping (who knows what) from an illegal part of the field, not a bounty system that rewarded hurting people.

    I know “Belicheat” feels so good for dumbdumbs to say to themselves, but really, it’s not the same thing.

  14. Every post I read, there’s some yahoo saying “talk away their championship”. Not going to happen boys, get over it!!! The Saints are a powerhouse, and they will rebound big this season. Let Godell do his thing, and when it’s all said and done, the Saints will still kick lots of butt.

  15. he won the superbowl, seriously doubt there are any regrets. I’ll bet Dan Marino would trade a scandal for a ring if given the option

  16. That was a waste of money for a clearly mediocre coach. Bounties for 3 years to a team to mediocre performance. A waste of money and a waste of time.


  17. 9ersfaithful says: Mar 7, 2012 11:21 PM

    Don’t know why I thought this, but looking at the picture, Gregg Williams is a solid B cup……
    Quit staring at old dudes boobs it is gross and I don’t want it pointed out to me.

  18. Most of you amaze me I’m not much on pros but if you think that the saints are the only team that does this you must live in a perfect world

  19. well technically the captain of the Titanic did tell them to steer away from the iceberg, thats what caused the ship to sink, they tried to avoid it and it scraped along the side of the ship opening up a large gash.

  20. kheurtin says:Mar 8, 2012 10:23 AM

    Most of you amaze me I’m not much on pros but if you think that the saints are the only team that does this you must live in a perfect world


    I’m sure other teams do this or have done this. That doesn’t make it OK. So, if people get caught doing something illegal, they shouldn’t be punished because other people do it and get away with it? Right.

  21. I’m just guessing the Saints probably never paid Payton back the money, they just used it for the Bounty System

  22. OK I think they should give all of the money that they are fined and give it back to the city of new Orleans since they say that’s who they were playing for all along. At least the money will be used in a good way! !!!

  23. Greg Williams needs a little time off so he can get a breast reduction. Payton needs a little time off to go to drug treatment. The fans need time to bust out the magic markers and color their paper bags. Drew Bree’s needs time to pack his bags. This scandal is actually good for all involved!

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