Programming note: the “Next” feature

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As you may have noticed, we’re ramping up the content in anticipation of the launch of free agency.  On Monday, for example, we posted 63 stories in the Rumor Mill.

The problem with that amount of output, of course, is that only 15 stories appear on the first page of the Rumor Mill.  Some of you have expressed concern that you’re missing things.

But there’s hope.  At the bottom of every page in the Rumor Mill, we’ve installed a special button that says “Next.”  If you click it, you’ll unlock to the next 15 stories.

Click it again, and you’ll see the next 15.

It’s revolutionary, even though it’s been there for nearly three years.

28 responses to “Programming note: the “Next” feature

  1. Maybe you should switch the “next” tab to “previous”. Or would that really screw things up?

  2. Judging by what I’ve read of some of the commentators you may have to plug in this programming note after every 14th article

  3. Wow – that’s frikkin’ sweet. Here I’ve been missing on every 16th+ story for the past 3 years…

  4. How about “older” and “newer”?

    Is it just me, or does it make no sense when it currently says “Previous”, which is a link to newer posts?

  5. Seriously people are complaining about the amount of content.. especially on a free site?

    We really are becoming a nation of “cake eaters”.

  6. So instead of scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking available links, a significant number expressed their frustration in writing?

  7. Bwwwwwwwhahaha. Seriously? “Next” thing you’ll have to teach us how to read the stories. Not just look at the pictures.

  8. “On Monday, for example, we posted 63 stories in the Rumor Mill.”


    And 60 of those stories were about Peyton Manning.

  9. That last sentence comes across as fairly passive-aggressive. Perhaps their concern is less a matter of “clicking next” than a desire to see something along the lines of a “this day in the nfl” post every evening.

    This would give those who cannot follow the site all throughout the day a quick glimpse of what has happened without having to wade throughout the muck of 3 or 4 plus pages in order to find anything of significance. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who would rather go to a different site that has all the big news stories right on the front page rather that wade through pages here to find the good stuff.

  10. I agree with the first comment. Next should be previous since it takes you to the previous articles.

  11. Haha. Someone comments on how rude of a post this was, provides an explanation for why people don’t see the next button, and gets a ton of thumbs-ups and you delete the comment. Classy!

  12. Mike, it’s not the number of stories, it’s the number of stories ABOUT THE SAME THING.

    We’re overloaded with the bounty stories and Payton Manning stories.

    As I suggested to you in an email, perhaps you could have a separate area dedicated to these stories. You said it was impracticle, but you have done it in the past with the Vick investigation and the Broncos cheating the salary cap stories.

    I know you said scroll through them and yes, that’s easy enough. But your post is akin to going to the coffee stand and instead of handing you the coffee, the barista pours it in your lap. It’s uncalled for.

    I give this post about a 14% chance of getting past the censor.

  13. This “article” is proof that while internet service is available and affordable for every American citizen, there aren’t too many people who are smart enough to actually use the internet well.

  14. When I was first here, we didn’t have a next button, we had to boot up a second computer and link them with cat5 pianostrings.

    But we liked it.

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