Seahawks moving quickly to reach out to Peyton Manning


It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Seahawks want to be major players in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that the Seahawks were ready to go as soon as Manning’s release became official, reaching out to Manning’s camp as soon as the official word went out to other teams that Manning’s contract had formally been terminated.

That matches with the earlier report that the Seahawks are willing to spend big to acquire Manning. There’s little doubt that the Seahawks are going to make a push to bring Manning to Seattle.

Tarvaris Jackson is slated to return as the starter in Seattle this season, and the Seahawks will surely say publicly that they’re committed to him, just as the Jets are saying publicly that they’re committed to Mark Sanchez. But if the Seahawks see an opportunity to upgrade from Tarvaris Jackson to a healthy Peyton Manning, that’s a move they’ll gladly make.

83 responses to “Seahawks moving quickly to reach out to Peyton Manning

  1. Yes. One thousand times yes. One million times yes. Seattle is starving for a championship; Peyton, you’d be a legend in multiple cities!

  2. Best facilities in the league, wealthiest owner in the league, low profile media, beautiful place to live- Seattle is a good option. That being said, I think he lands in Miami.

  3. I actually liked what T-Jack did in the last half of the season. Baldwin and Lynch are really to thank for that though, so I’m all for bringing in Manning.

  4. This is going to get old real quick. But, that’s what this site is for. RUMORS and news.

  5. I was ready to bet money that Petey waits until next year to trade up to draft Matt Barkley. I still think he can’t resist that idea, but I definitely can’t root against the notion of the Seattle Colts (if Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday sign too).

  6. Paul Allen has the deepest pockets in the whole league, like $10 Billion ahead of #2 (Dolphins owner). If it’s all about money, Seattle should win his rights. Manning having a home already in Miami leads me to believe he’ll be around there.

  7. what TJack not starter caliber?! ive heard that somewhere b4, oh yeah, with along with Sidney Rice being a great #1 reciever

  8. Yeah, I can’t imagine Manning turning down the chance to play with that all-star group of receivers they got up there in the Pacific Northwest.

  9. Terrible offensive line, below average receivers, and a running back that’s sure to become lazy again now that he’s gotten paid….what’s not to like?

  10. Mmhmm. A healthy Peyton Manning… That is, until he takes his first hit in the NFL.

    I’m sorry. I like Peyton, but if I were a friend I’d be telling this guy, “Look. Be careful. Personally I think you should retire, and become a coach.”

    I know he loves the game, and that is why he is coming back to play… but I hope he realizes his life really IS on the line here.

  11. I can’t wait until its the chiefs’ turn to get their own article. It’ll be so fun to read.

  12. And with this Mike Williams and Sidney Rice become the most dangerous duo in NFL history.

  13. Yes Mr Carrol I’m sorry but Mr Manning is in Miami right now but I’ll tell him you called. Buh by and have a nice day.

  14. This would be a great landing spot, especially if he brings along Wayne (or they upgrade to one of the other WR free agents). The O-line situation is pretty good (although young and injury-prone), Sidney Rice is already on board, the running games is good, they’ve got some good TEs, and the city and fans are great. If he can put up with the brutal Pac-NW winters, he could do some damage in the NFC West.

  15. Manning, Lynch, Wayne, Rice, Miller, BMW, and Baldwin will make that a scary offense. No disrespect to James but Manning has never had a back like Lynch to keep defenses honest.

  16. Peyton doesn’t care about the money. He never has. Its about which team gives him the best chance for him to win another super bowl.

  17. Why do people even bring up how rich the owner is in Seattle?? It’s totally irrelevant. There is a salary cap, and most teams are at or near the salary cap, with a decent amount over it. And it clearly has nothing to do with how many billions of dollars their owners have, there are no Yankees in the NFL. That’s part of why it’s been so popular.

    Now that I’m done with that rant, I wouldn’t mind seeing Manning in Seattle….. The NFC West needs to get a little more interesting.

  18. I’d get a chuckle out of it if Manning went to the Seahawks and won a Super Bowl. It would be another team to collect their first Lombardi before the 3rd rate, slip-shod, bottom feeders in MN did.

  19. If they decide to cut T-Jack I can’t wait to see with what team he lands on, and then find out what 35+ yr old QB will takes his job a year from now.

  20. Who’d want him? He is a system quarterback just like Aaron Rodgers. Oh, and like the other 30 starting qbs in the league. They are all system quarterbacks, and all should be released. Then teams could pick up new quarterbacks to develope into their systems. Wait, then they would have to cut all of those guys too because they would be system quarterbacks. Boy, I wish I had never read that PFT article on system quaterbacks.

  21. There isn’t enough cap room to send PM to Seattle. Between the weather, no supporting cast and having to compete with the niner’s will keep Peyton away.

    I’m sure he’ll sign for a team that will A) Have an offensive line to keep him healthy (which you do not have) B) Recivers that can run down field and go get the high balls (which you do not have) C) Have a run threat that involves a power run game. Signing Skittles helps but again (reference A) and D) Have a chance to compete for a championship over the next 5 years (at best). Again the niner’s have claimed dominance in the NFC W(eak).

  22. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a warm weather city.

    Sorry ‘Hawks / Jets

  23. ….Not buying into the media hyped Manning feeding frenzy. Maybe the greatest regular season QB ever, but has had minimal playoff success. Coming off 4 surgeries with possibly more to come? Injured, 36 years old, coming into a new system with people he has never played with before….only for an incentive laden contract..

  24. Tarvaris Jackson is slated to return as the starter in Seattle this season

    This says it all. Too low in the draft to pick Luck or Griffin so go for the best you can get, so why not.

  25. Hey Seahawks, don’t wait too long to try and reach PM. Maimi is 3 hrs ahead and I’m sure he’ll be turning in early for his big press conference tomorrow morning.

  26. Hey dcbluestar,

    Please post your medical certifications, degrees, areas of specialization and the number of years you’ve been in practice. That way, we can do a fair comparison between internet troll opinion and the opinions of the best doctors on earth. We’ll wait.

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  27. Again, Manning has a 50 winning % in the playoffs, has as many INTs as TDs, won 1 SB despite his bad performance in the game, threw the game winning INT in the SB vs the Saints, and hasn’t played well in big games – Tenn. included. He is a 1st ballot HOFer, but he is a bit overrated. He won’t win another SB.

  28. lolb23, that was funny. Does Peyton really want to go to Seattle? Crap O line, no WRs … now what?

  29. He’ll already be fighting the clock and the risk of further injury to come back anywhere. I’m guessing he’ll want to increase his odds for success by aiming for a warm weather city or another dome.
    Seattle seems like a longshot to me.

  30. Tarvaris has the unique distinction of being replaced by statistically the two greatest QB’s of all time.

    Tom Brady will never be a Seahawk

  31. Wow, It’s hilarious to hear people talk about Seattle as if the 3 days they spent here on some business trip allowed them to figure out an entire city. If you use the weather as a reason for Peyton Manning not coming here, you are a toolbag. If you say that he isn’t coming here because of the receiving corps………you may be right. Anything that Miami and KC have to offer Manning Seattle has in spades. The shop is open for business, and good on Carrol and Schneider for making their intentions well known in advance of ‘The Breakup’. This is only starting to get interesting, so shut your face all you Seattle haters.

  32. I have two fervent hopes, and I don’t see either one holding up. First hope is, that Peyton would please just go somewhere and sit down. Play with your babies, hug your wife, play a little golf while you await your slam-dunk, first ballot enshrinement. OK, the second hope. And that is that I’m wrong and Peyton does not fall on his butt with his new team. Folks, this man played in ONE system his entire career, with one of the more established O-Lines in football, calling plays that he and the ENTIRE offense could run in their sleep. And now he’s going into a totally new environment. Wake up people. No one man has – or ever will, won a super bowl by himself. Even Peyton won’t do that. To think he will just by his very presence is dreaming.

  33. To everyone out flapping about the weather, no clue. I have been a Seahawks season ticket holder for over 10years and been to every game at the stadium. It has only rained on 5 – 6 games, and snowed for 2. Weather is not a factor. Football is not baseball. You can play in any weather. Money and years will be the issue.

  34. I love ignorant NFL Fans, you believe the hype from the idiots at ESPN etc. Try watching a game and say stupid thing about the Hawks. #9 D in the league a great group of WR some young dome old. S good young line with a very good Coach. We lost many games because TJ could not take the team over the top. He is a backup QB at best, and was brought here because he was the best thing available last year without overspending.

    Guys talking about the weather here have probably never been here. Let’s keep it that way. I think he probably goes to Miami because he lives there, but Seattle would be the fastest place for him to win. The Whiners do not have the Div locked up, we almost beat them twice with a back up QB. With PM we would have. If he goes to Miami then I guess Flynn will be coming to Seattle.

    As far as the NFCWeak comment talk to the SB Champs about how weak we are, or the Ravens and a few others. This league was a joke a few years ago, but is much better now.

  35. Didn’t the Seahawks criticize the Vikings about a year ago for not giving thack a shot when the brought favre in to play. Webster dictionary defines hypocrite as Pete carrell.

  36. Poor TJ, just can’t get a break. Always being replaced by a veteran QB. The only luck this guy has had is bad luck. Maybe Seattle will trade him to Cleveland so he can reunite with Chilly.

  37. Brutal northwest winters? Raining every day? Obviously half of the people on this board have not had the opportunity to visit the PNW. I know living in Washington I can be somewhat bias but traveling for work thru 19 states I am fortunate to live here. Sure I wish it was sunny more often but come spring and summer lots of lakes/rivers to hit up.

  38. zo121179 says: Mar 7, 2012 6:47 PM

    There isn’t enough cap room to send PM to Seattle. Between the weather, no supporting cast and having to compete with the niner’s will keep Peyton away.

    I’m sure he’ll sign for a team that will A) Have an offensive line to keep him healthy (which you do not have) B) Recivers that can run down field and go get the high balls (which you do not have) C) Have a run threat that involves a power run game. Signing Skittles helps but again (reference A) and D) Have a chance to compete for a championship over the next 5 years (at best). Again the niner’s have claimed dominance in the NFC W(eak).
    Not a hawks fan or a Manning fan for that matter but to think the 9ers would scare anyone off is completely laughable. They had a fluke year and will never win the big one with Smith at the helm.

  39. thehighhat says: Mar 7, 2012 6:53 PM

    Guess he’s not interested in making the playoffs, let alone getting another ring, if he heads to Seattle.

    Yeah because Miami, Arizona, and KC have been winning rings like crazy…oh wait. I don’t have the stats in front of me but I’m betting Seattle has won more playoff games then these other franchises in the last decade.

  40. Even before all these stories came out I just had this strong vision of Manning in a Seahawks jersey. Would make alot of sense.

    On the other hand, if he winds up in Miami do yourself a favor and make Brandon Marshall the No. 1 WR on your fantasy draft board. Marshall is a beast and with Manning throwing him darts he could go for 1,900 yards.

  41. I must congratulate Mr. Irsay in having to massive stones it took to do what he did. He did what was best for the team and he is a “war time” owner. He could not possibly afford (not Manning) to pass up Andrew Luck because he couldn’t have him sit while Payton finished out his career. If Payton lived for Indy, he could have always agreed to take a pay cut and remained with the team.
    To keep at Manning, at the current price, would have handcuffed The Colts ability to acquire talent.
    I don’t think Manning is going to last a season whomever he signs with.

  42. Think about it Seahawk fans and you will quit dreaming. P. Allen would have to give Manning ownership of the team before he would ever sign with the Seahawks. Manning is just a little smarter than the average ‘hawks fan in that he knows Petey Carroll is a college coach and not an NFL coach. Manning isn’t going to sign with a team that doesn’t have any WR’s or TE and a very questionable running game. Don’t tell me about M. Lynch, now that he got his money he will perform like he did in Buffalo. S. Rice…..his health speaks for itself. Last year Hawk fans were excited about S.Rice and TJoke….you’ll have to settle for the same next year. As any NFL player will tell you, Petey’s rah rah rah style of coaching wears real thin real fast. Sorry Hawks fans.

  43. All of these people talking about how rich the owner is realize that the NFL has a salary cap right?

  44. Of course they are. If everyone remembers, Nnamdi Asomogha was the big free agent prize last year, and nobody mentioned the Eagles until he had signed. Everyone needs to SLOW DOWN. Won’t shock me if an under the radar team wins him over.

  45. @lovetron

    The oline is pretty good?

    26th ranked in the run
    32 ranked in penalties
    Allowed 50 sacks – 4th worst in the league

    Id hate to see what you call bad

  46. Peyton will go to a team where he can win a championship now. Seattle is not that city. They have too few offensive weapons. Miami will get Flynn. The Chiefs are primed to win immediately. That’s where he’ll wind up.

  47. ZO121179
    Seattle actually has higher cap space then Miami, by about $26 Million. Recievers that can run down field and catch the high ball you say? Hmm weird Sidney Rice has a 38 in. vertical and adequate speed. Doug Baldwin is a tremendous slot receiver and Deon Butler has the speed to outrun most CB’s. Seattles offensive line was in the top ten for YPC last year and for the last 10 games of the season, gave up the 4th fewest sacks in the league. All that with a QB who holds on to the ball way too long. Niners claiming dominance? Really?! One good year in 10 and now they are dominant. Hmm NFC Weak? thats rediculous as well. Look at the NFC East and comparel.

  48. Way to go, Seattle, feed that hype.

    No owner is going to want to risk having Manning take a trip to the Northwest, where he’ll be picked up by Paul Allen’s private helicopter at SeaTac, wined and dined aboard the largest, most expensive yacht on the planet, shown around the newest, nicest training facility in the NFL, and introduced to the team physician, who just happens to be one of the finest neck/spine doctors on the planet.

    Before that happens, someone will make such an enormous offer that other teams would have to be insane to want to match, and Manning will have his new home. I’m suspecting it will be Miami, where that owner has serious stars in his eyes, and probably has serious superstar-envy when he looks at the Heat, but Washington will be a player, too….I mean, come on, Dan Snyder never met a high-profile player he wasn’t willing to throw a huge contract at, right?

    This will happen quickly, since Manning is suddenly the biggest stuffed animal at the carnival, and teams will be anxious to get their hands on him. If it’s Washington or Miami, who seem to be likely suitors, that will mean that more of the other top QB prospects – such as Flynn, Griffin, and Tannehill – will have one less bidder competing for their services.

    Better open those wallets before Allen opens his. Miami’s owner can offer tickets to the Heat. Paul Allen can offer a free ticket into outer space, since he’s currently funding his own private space program. Good luck matching that one.

  49. hahahahahah…cant believe people on here are reasoning why #18 would go to the sea@#ks! ahahahahahahahah. never happen.

  50. “Anything that Miami and KC have to offer Manning Seattle has in spades. ”

    KC has Dwayne Bowe. Miami has Brandon Marshall. What does Seattle have?

  51. To those of you that are obviously clueless about the weather in the PNW – it isn’t that bad. We get snow maybe a couple times a winter, and typically after the NFL regular season ends. It rains quite a bit, but our rain is an east coast/midwest drizzle. Per temps, highs in 40s/50s pretty much all winter with the occasional drop into the 30s.

    It isn’t Miami weather-wise, but it certainly isn’t anywhere near Green Bay either.

    For Trollhammer20 – he won’t go to SeaTac and be picked up by a helicopter, it’ll be a seaplane so that they can land in Lake Washington and coast into the Seahawks facility.

  52. lolb23 says: Mar 7, 2012 6:17 PM

    Peyton playing for Pete Carroll is like Batman working for the Smurfs————————————————————– Should be like Batman working for The Joker

  53. It’s funny to think that Manning will even consider playing for the trash bin of the NFL in Seattle. These same people bashing the Jets as a haven for discord and degenerates are clearly not noticing the caliber of player that cheapshot Pete Carroll attracts. He’ll be cordial and thankful for the interest, but that’s as far as it will go. This trickle of interest is about to become an avalanche in the next few days. Still say it ends in a Jets uniform. Money’s not an issue for him, walking out on top with a trophy in hand is. Why not add playing Brady twice a season and playing in the same burgh as his brother?

  54. Payton Manning has zero desire to play for Denver or Seattle. He has nothing to gain playing for those teams. He not a west coast guy! Wayne and Manning both have home in Miami… nothing like a short commute and Great weather 90% of the time.

    Seattle rains 90% of the time. Seattle like California is one of those beauty is in the eye of the beholder kinda places. Nice place to visit but would want to live there, and don’t like to visit often.

    Miami is one of those places that are GREAT EVERYDAY!

    Miami signs for significantly less than he would have gotten elsewhere because… He got 28M from Colts for nothing, and 28M/YR wouldn’t be enough to play West of Tallahassee.

  55. no way he wants to play in rainy depressing seattle, they blow and they know it, hes far from his normal family, dont be surprised that he signs in new york, there with his lil bro and his granddragon dad and mommy can move there,and its a large market too, and no im not a jets fan either, but it could happen

  56. lolb23 says:
    Mar 7, 2012 7:01 PM
    Tarvaris has the unique distinction of being replaced by statistically the two greatest QB’s of all time.

    Tom Brady will never be a Seahawk

    Brady will also never be considered better than Peyton Manning. Except by delusional Pats fans who think that Super Bowl wins are the measure of greatness at the QB position. In which case, Terry Bradshaw is ahead of Brady.

  57. rlr79 says:
    Mar 7, 2012 6:34 PM
    Manning, Lynch, Wayne, Rice, Miller, BMW, and Baldwin will make that a scary offense. No disrespect to James but Manning has never had a back like Lynch to keep defenses honest.

    He had HOFer Marshall Faulk as a rookie, when Faulk posted his second highest total in yards from scrimmage. Lynch is nothing compared to Faulk.

  58. @wvfinfan

    Seattle rains 90% of the time. Seattle like California is one of those beauty is in the eye of the beholder kinda places. Nice place to visit but would want to live there, and don’t like to visit often.

    Miami is one of those places that are GREAT EVERYDAY!
    you must be an idiot 90% of the time because you sound just like the people you re making fun of! Miami is a tourist cesspool and you know it. What a homer.

  59. I am truely amazed how ignorant some people are. It’s rediculous. “The seahawks have a crap oline, no running game no recievers or T.E.’s”. “The weather is terrible(like it matters btw)”. “Pete Carroll is a terrible coach”. Seriously? Did any of you watch the NFL last year? Well I guess I could address the oline. In the beginning of the season they were getting accustomed to an entirely new scheme and suffered injuries all over the line. Once they had a little continuity the sacks went way down and Marshawn led the league in rushing the last nine weeks and btw snapped all the special records the niners had going for rush defense. About 75 percent of the sack issues could be attributed to Jackson passing up on open recievers and holding the ball to long. I would love to see any offensive line that can pass block consistently for seven to eight seconds at a time. And there is always the Marshawn Lynch factor. Last I checked he knows how to run the ball and contract should have no issue because when he ran for that iconic “BeastQuake” run he wasnt in the last year of his contract. He runs hard every play. As for recievers and T.E.’s I’m not gonna say the Seahawks are the best in the league but crap? No. Last time Sidney Rice had a decent QB he lit up the league for 1300 yards. And anyone who knows anything about football knows Doug Baldwin had a damn good rookie season. Listen to anyone talk about him in the NFL or analysts. Check his stats against all rookie WR’s. People say Julio Jones is good right? Compare stats. Baldwin actually tops him in many important catagories and they are only separated by the slimmest of margins in most others. I’m pretty sure having a Pro Bowl T.E. who is still only 25(Zach Miller) should count as having a decent tightend. Lets not forget John Carlson who has that potential as well if he resigns. And the stats that anyone made on the that team in terms of passing game was almost in spite of Jackson. I will be the first to admit that the passing stats were bad but that is on him. Jackson is just mediocre at best. And lets not forget if Peyton came that would more than likely bring Wayne with him adding another credible option. I don’t really need to address Carroll. He coached a top 10 defense, players love him and he is an excellent talent evaluator. That says enough to me. Anyone who says the weather is terrible has never been here and is just going along with the same crap that made Dallas Americas team. Someone said it once on t.v. and it stuck. Now everyone says it and morons thinks its the truth cause people say it on t.v.. Granted winters can be rainy or snowy and dark but unless you live in the far southern states that is pretty much the norm. The summers and springs here are beautiful and perfect weather. Wanna see something interesting on weather? Cities that get more rainfall than Seattle (38 inches) include such places as Houston Texas (48 inches), New Orleans (60 inches), Mobile AL (65 inches), Memphis (52 inches), Nashville (48 inches), and pretty much every major city on the eastern seaboard, such as New York (43 inches), Philadelphia (41 inches), Miami (58 inches), and Boston (44 inches). Heres one link and there are countless more:

    How about Seattles V. M. A. C. (Virginia Mason Athletic Center)? By all accounts the best facilities in the league. Forget the outside stadium crap. If you play ball you play ball and I’m pretty sure he won a superbowl in the POURING rain in Miami.

    FYI if anyone is thinks I am making my little campaign for Peyton, I’m not. Pete and John Schneider have done a great job of building a talented young team and could ruin everything they have done so far if it backfires. I am not in favor of it. Keep building like you are. After only two years they have really done some amazing stuff. Anyway, thats my .02.

    Oh heres a vid from on why Manning should choose Seattle:

  60. It’s funny how all these teams want to hate on us! First of all we don’t have the worst team actually we have one of theyoungest teams in the league and on the rise! Arguably the best stadium and fans in football! One of the best records at home and in the post season! And we pretty much own the niners the last few seasons except last year and could have won both games if only we had a decent qb and our specials team didn’t give up 2 td’s late in the first game so check your STATS. We have a great young defense that will only get better! One of the best slot receivers in the league I still can’t believe all the other teams let Baldwin get away ! two big capable receivers if healthy in rice and Williams and dangerous if given a chance with the right Qb and a young gem in golden Tate and a raw talent speedster that can run by any DB in the league! Now factor in tigh end miller and Carlson and beast mode no RB runs harder than him in the league right now and he will get better and more dangerous when the line gels together now imagine how scary a guy like Payton would be under center when all you other teams have to honor the run and the past and our thunderous stadium and the loudest fans in the league! Yeh keep up with the negative talk and pray that Peyton buys it! Cause if he is truly healthy and doesn’t buy into the BS we will see who contends for the Super Bowl within the next two years and when the road to the NFC playoffs go threw Seattle who will be left standing?. The difference with Seattle last I check we don’t host playoff games and let other teams come into our house and win! Check your STATS and by the way all you other teams out there stop trembling he’s not in Seattle yet but just the thought makes you guys scared already ahhaahhahahha! Do you guys really think you can discourage us with the Seattle not being a good fit slogan? Just pray Payton feels the sameway keep PRAYING……………..

  61. Smart move by Pete Carroll to go after Manning. Even if Peyton goes elsewhere he has drawn attention to the stockpile of used salary cap he has. The top free agents will be looking at the Seahawk roster to determine where they fit in. Money talks in the NFL. Nobody ever turned down a big check because of a little mist.

  62. I just dont think Peyton Manning wants to face a relentless Niner Defense twice a year. His Lil Kid brother can tell him all about it like he told the NY Times.

    PM got a ego thats gonna take him to Miami to dethrone Brady…

  63. When it was Pats vs Giants/Niners last year in the postseason, I was really hoping it’d be the Niners. Just not a scary offense with no WR’s and Alex Smith.

    A few WR’s and Peyton Manning and that team would be VERY scary. ANd I think he’ll go to a team that has a chance — not for the money.

  64. imasturbate says:
    Mar 7, 2012 7:22 PM

    The oline is pretty good?

    26th ranked in the run
    32 ranked in penalties
    Allowed 50 sacks – 4th worst in the league

    Id hate to see what you call bad


    1) Marshawn Lynch led the NFL in rushing over the last nine weeks of the season.

    2) The o-line gave up 14 sacks in the first three games (average 4.6 per game) and only 36 in the final 13 games (average 2.7 per game).

    3) Many of the sacks given up were due to Tavaris Jackson holding on to the ball far too long, which is his biggest weakness as a QB, IMO. A QB with quick decision-making, and a quick release, like Manning, would take care of a lot of those issues.

    4) On opening day, the line that started for Seattle had the least game experience of any starting offensive line in over 30 years.

    5) The offensive line lost three starters to IR.

    The one thing I’ll agree with you on is the penalties. There were far too many, and it was totally unacceptable. Then again, it was a very young line (2 rookies, a second year, and a third-year player who missed a whole season due to injury) that had a shortened offseason program, made a lot of mistakes early, and improved as the season went on.

    The Seattle offensive line is young and has a lot of talent and potential. Manning could certainly do a lot worse for himself.

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