Teams still don’t know the 2012 cap number

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The new league year begins on March 13 at 4:00 p.m. ET.  At that moment, every team must be in compliance with the salary cap.

And yet no team knows specifically what it will be.

A league source tells PFT that the teams still have not been told the amount of the 2012 salary cap.  As of March 3, the NFL and the union were “scrambling” to increase the number.

So far, they apparently haven’t figured out how to make it happen.

At some point, they need to bite the bullet and pull the sheet off the official number and persuade the teams it’s a plate of chicken salad.

18 responses to “Teams still don’t know the 2012 cap number

  1. Love what this is going to bring.

    A free-for-all mega spending free-agency, then Goodell being leanent on the darlings of the league to make their cap justttt right.

    A joke.

  2. How can this be? What the heck REALLY happened with the lockout and the results?

    Seems like not much really got fixed. And If I were a player I’d be pissed at some of the issues that didn’t get addressed.

    I guess with both sides swimming in money they didn’t really worry about much.

  3. @webehighrollin

    Niners aren’t signing Peyton or Manningham and looks like Morgan is dead set on testing the market. And Im a die hard Niner fan, you might wanna start following Maiocco and Barrows to get some accurate info.

  4. The cap space is BS. They did not take into account the teams that have a high number on top ten picks for draft picks against the cap space. The Lions are screwed because of this. I know it’s there own fault but something has to be done to help the teams that had to pay a high number for their draft picks.

  5. I’m thinking that the Saints are hoping that the cap will be high enough so they can resign M. Colston. I think the commish should surely not make it that easy for the Saints. I say that the cap is increased for everyone except New Orleans.

  6. ‘Funny, I was thinking about having chicken salad for dinner. You just convinced me.’

    Be sure to clean up any kitchen messes with Bounty.

  7. The cap number must be official prior to the “start of the league year”. Anything after that is the league doing this-
    Chicken $h!+ can not be made into Chicken Salad. However Chicken Salad can be made into Chicken $h!+~

  8. Webehighrolling yeah the niners sure will sign Manning. They may even sign jerry rice and oj Simpson too! Stop smokin what you are Rollin!

  9. webehighrollin says:
    Mar 7, 2012 11:30 PM
    It’s all good. We’ll still be able to sign Peyton & Manningham. Re-sign Morgan and be super bowl bound. Niner Nation!! STAND UP!!
    Signing Manning is an instant upgrade, but will cripple your franchise for years to come. You need a stable QB. Manningham would be a great addition, but keep in mind, he was a third option in NY, can he be a #1 in SF? He isn’t a bright guy… his routes were highly simplified in Gilbrides’ offense. He’s a dynamic receiver, got the speed and the hands, but I have to wonder if he’s got the brains…I mean, he scored a 6 on the Wonderlich….. a 6.

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