49ers’ 2012 “to-do” list

To get back to the Super Bowl and win it, the 49ers don’t need to do much.

But the one thing they need to do relates to the most important position on the field.

The fact that they aren’t inclined to do it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it.

If you want to know what the Niners should do, here’s what you should do:  Press play.

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24 responses to “49ers’ 2012 “to-do” list

  1. Niners management and Harbaugh are foolish not to upgrade the QB position if they really think they want a shot at the Super Bowl.
    Alex Smith’s numbers were below par. Under 200 yards per game, 1 TD per game, poor 3rd down % and poor red zone offense. You might get it done vs. the NFC West, but not against the better teams once you get into the play-offs.
    Even coming back from injury and age factor, Smith is no where near the player Manning is.

  2. Carl Nicks would be a great fit instead of Chilo Rachael, I agree that Gore is on the back end of his career. As far as Peyton Manning I don’t see it happening and Carlos Rodgers could be replaced by a number of the FA on the DB market, like Eric Wright who is younger and wont demand as much money or even Bruce Johnson from the NYG

  3. With all due deference to my man Alex Smith, the Niners need to make a serious push for Peyton Manning. Colin Kaepernick (who’s clearly the QB of the future) might learn a thing or two as well.

  4. kismyanus says:
    Mar 8, 2012 10:58 PM
    49ers were a fluke last year. harbaugh has a lot to do.

    Thus spoke the genius who’s obviously more qualified than baalke and harbaugh.
    Sit down and shut up.

    @anhdazman you are correct in that manning is a big upgrade over smith. However niners did get it done against pretty much everyone in NFC save the giants.

  5. If Peyton were healthy he would be with the Colts

    One year Carlos can be replaced in that secondary. Look at what Brown did in his first year as a starter

    RG yes
    RB yes

  6. The 49ers are a QB away from the SB. How I wish a healthy Manning or anyone equivalent would be a 49er.Alex Smith is a slightly above average QB, he is smart and careful but he can’t throw deep passes along the sidelines.

  7. Yeah, god forbid the 49ers don’t jump at the chance to give a lot of money to a 36 year old QB who just missed a year due to a neck injury. I get that we have a great defense, but we almost got to the SB last year with Smith, and I’d rather build for the future and get close for 10 years, than take a risk and assume that Manning can push us over the edge with in the next few years.

    I know I’m over simplifying, but not nearly as much as just putting “go get Peyton” at the top of a list.

  8. I will be one very happy camper whenever Peyton: 1)finds out he can still compete in relative safety, and 2)has a signed, sealed and delivered contract with his choice of NFL teams.

    One more “expert” or “wanna be” expert tooting their horn about how just signing Peyton “guarantees” a super bowl victory for a given team just by his mere presence will just about put me over the edge. “If” it is determined in the weeks ahead that the man can, in fact, still play effectively, and “if” he makes it through the entire upcoming 16 game season, then I’ll probably join in the hoopla. In the meantime, since I cannot be absolutely certain the sun will even rise in the morning, I’ll hold off, and wait and see before I anoint him.

  9. Please STOP  looking at players stats. Anyone that looks at stats plays too much fantasy football. You lost the argument when you start using stats. I don’t care if the QB throws only one completion all game, I only care about wins. Football isn’t about stats, it’s about win & loses. Alex Smith & the other 52 players took the 49ers to the NFC Championship game. But people still only want to talk about stats. If you like stats play fantasy football & stop watching it on Sunday. Dan Mario had some of the best stats ever, but no Super Bowls. P Manny, Brees, &Rogers stats are off the charts, but they only have one 1 Super bowl  each. 
    Team needs for 2012 is to sign a QB. Currently they only have two QB on the roster. Alex Smith or another QB needs to be signed. Is it really worth breaking up the chemistry the 49ers had last year. That’s a big risk.  2nd, they need to sign about 3 WRs. They only have 3 WRs.
    Those two positions need to be filled because the are currently short handed. Everything else come second. 

  10. Manning was a great QB, but anywhere he goes will be similar to when Brett Favre went to the Jets, it’s going to be “The Peyton Manning Show”, which directly contradicts Harbaughs motto of The Team The Team The Team.

    (Though hopefully Manning won’t text his wiener to any of the employees)

  11. Peyton could be done with his career if he’s hit one good time. How do we know that he’s even ready to play? Is he better than Alex? Yes. But is he a long term solution? No. Not saying Alex is, but he is coming off of a great year, not really statistically but he didn’t commit very many turnovers and he led the team back a few times in the 4th. Alex Smith will never get credit because he’s Alex Smith, plain and simple. No matter what he does. If he stinks he’s “the biggest bust ever” if he ever wins a Super Bowl he will be “the worst QB to ever win one.” Getting Peyton will cost a lot more, have to pay him and you have to pick up some top lineman to makes sure he doesn’t get destroyed. Another problem I have with this top five is that the Niners do have a replacement for Gore, and that’s Kendall Hunter. I’m not a big fan of Anthony Dixon so maybe they could find a big back to replace him. I do agree with resigning Rogers and upgrading the line. Do that, plus resign Alex, pick up a true #1 WR, use an early pick on another WR and a CB and they’ll be fine.

  12. Part of the reason Alex didnt complete any passes to WR in the Champ game was there was only 2 on the field!!

    Ginn – out!

    Josh Morgan – Hurt bc of Harbaugh!! Killing TB what 45-3 Morgan gets hurt with a minute left in the game, garbage time TD for Knick.

    Braylon cut before playoffs.

    Walker coming back after broken jaw.

    Williams just didnt get it done.

    Crabs with all his drop problems.

    So really #1 should be Better WRs for Alex… And i would like to see the focus on VJax not Randy the B*tch Moss!

    I was at the game where SF beat the Giants eariler in the year. Close game. We should have won the Champ game. 2 Fumbs by Williams and the One we didnt get cost Big!

    But add up all the Hurt WRs and only being able to field two guys…

    Alex has come a long…. LONG Way! Remember what 2 years ago he cut his final 24 million down to 12 million for his final 2 years to stay with SF.

    Bring in Carl Nicks. Bring in VJax, Great to get Mike Wallace for the 30th pick! Maybe Laurent Robinson, Garcon, Meachem … Sign Ginn again and Morgan!

    With some more firepower on OFF, Alex can bring this team back! Keep the Def intack and stay healthy… SF would have beat NE!

  13. With all do respect Mike,

    How do you expect the 49ers to sign Peyton and sign Rogers? not gonna happen. The Niners have about 19 million left to spend, they are going to keep Alex and I trust Baalke more than I trust you talking heads that know nothing about how to manage a team (this isn’t Madden.) The Niners have done a really good job at not focusing on bringing big names through FA, but rather building through the draft and if I’m right, its worked very well. My personal view is, Peyton comes at to high of a cost and to high of a risk, the Niners were a fumble away from possibly making it to the superbowl. Blaming Alex for going 1-13 on third downs is just an ignorant statement, he was part of the problem, but Alex takes more blame than ive seen out of any QB, Alex dropped back more than 30 times that game he misses a couple of passes and its off with his head! the problem was more than just the QB, it was the WR’s not doing a good job getting open, it was dropped passes, injury’s to the WR position, also our KR not holding onto the ball, of course Alex missing a couple of throws and being indecisive at times. Is Alex elite? no and no one is saying that, but certainly is more than capable of contributing at a chance to win a superbowl. The Niners need to focus on bringing back all their players and adding some talent through the draft. As fore Gore, yes hes on the down side of his career but to say that the Niners need to focus on finding his replacement this year is dumb, the Niners drafted Hunter for a reason, maybe not to take the reigns but definitely to take some of the load, with Frank and Hunter alternating, it will prolong Franks career,the Niners can find his replacement in the next couple of years. If the Niners go after a WR in FA, it wont be a top tier receiver, they will either grab someone like Pierre Garcon, Plaxico Burress, or Laurent Robinson, guys that wont demand a heavy contract (the same philosophy the Niners have used for the last couple of years) then they will seek a WR in the draft, someone that fits the WCO mold.

  14. If Manning really wants a championship, the Niners and maybe the Cardinals are the two best spots for him – though the Niners could still use veteran receivers.

  15. Hire a seasoned assistant coach to manage game-day decisions when Harbaugh is doing his ref rants and sideline tantrums.

  16. Hill WR from GT. Keep Alex. Draft another CB and sign a cheaper one in FA. best front 7 in football with a ball hawk safety =, we do not need rogers… GO 9ERS

  17. Does anybody seriously see the Niners hosting another NFC Championship game next year with Alex Smith at QB? Call me crazy but I think its a long shot. The team won last year because the defense was on a near historic pace for takeaways. Chances are thats probably not going to happen again this year. How does Smith and the Niner offense perform when the defense doesn’t force any turnovers? Take a look at the NFC Championship game. This team needs to sign Manning if it wants a serious shot at the Superbowl.

  18. Alex Smith is the answer, not statistically the best in 2011 or in his career really.

    The offense is tailor made to his abilities, he will be able to flourish even more this upcoming season. Heck his #1 option TE V. Davis was bearly getting fully into the playbook in the playoffs. If he actually had decent receivers it would be a different ball game.

    As for the guy saying he only cuts it in the NFC West last I checked 49ers were 13-3 and were 8-2 outside the conference.

    Also while Alex matched highly hyped Eli Manning, in regular season comebacks, plus the one against the Saints. And Eli, just as Alex didn’t win the NFC Championship game. Kyle Williams essentially gave the game away, and the Giants capitalized. 49ers win the game, it would be Alex Smith in Eli’s current position.

  19. I think its unbelievably stupid that the Niners aren’t going after Peyton Manning. I’m sorry, I’ve heard all of the arguments and I just think its incredibly dumb to not go after him. I thought the whole point was to win a Superbowl?? And we have Colin in the waiting. This is just dumb. The Niners need to stop being so stubborn and go get someone who is actually going to put them over the top.

  20. #1 on the list better be “Get some wide receivers”.

    I know they have Michael Crabtree, but….how did the surgery go? You know, the one to re-attach his hands, which were removed before the start of the playoffs?

  21. @49ers42

    You’re right that football is about wins and losses, but those are team stats, not player stats.

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