Falcons re-sign Jason Snelling

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Jason Snelling will be staying in Atlanta.

The Falcons announced today that Snelling, a running back who was about to become an unrestricted free agent, has instead re-sighed with the team.

Last season Snelling played in 15 games and had 44 carries for 151 yards, and another 26 catches for 179 yards. With Falcons coach Mike Smith saying that starting running back Michael Turner will be on a “pitch count” in 2012, Snelling may get more involved in the running game next season.

Snelling has played his entire NFL career with the Falcons, who took him in the seventh round of the 2007 NFL draft.

8 responses to “Falcons re-sign Jason Snelling

  1. He’s going to be traded. Jaquizz Rodgers will be our scat back and Antone Carter will fill Snelling’s role.

    They’ll get a low 3rd or high 4th rounder for him and hopefully use that to add another O-lineman.

  2. Touchdownroddywhite , your joking right? Snelling is worth next to nothing as trade bait especially not a 3-4th rounder , average rb are a dime a dozen and can easily be had in the seventh or even undrafted.

  3. Yeah Roddy must be drinking to make a comment like that. I think Jason Snelling is a good back to have just in case, we saw what he did when Michael Turner got hurt two years ago, running for 76 yards and two touchdowns. I don’t understand why people don’t like to have crowded positions, especially if it’s not hurting your bank or depth at other positions.

  4. Sign player to new deal, immediately trade him, making you still responsible for cap hit and anything you guaranteed him. Glad they leave GM’ing to the pros.

  5. Good signing. Now we need to trade Turner for whatever we can get. I’d much rather have Snelling as our starter and Jaquizz as our change of pace back.
    Snelling runs with way more conviction than Turner does.

  6. Amazing how many more replies you get when you say something ridiculous. If I’d have said anything rational nobody would have even noticed.

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