Jets wanted Randy Moss last year, but not this year

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The Jets wanted to sign Randy Moss last summer, but he didn’t reciprocate the feeling. The Jets have turned the page on Moss this offseason.

Multiple sources tell’s Rich Cimini that the Jets have “zero interest” in Moss, likely in part due to fear another strong personality could have troubling effects on an already troubled locker room.

Moss’ Tuesday workout drew rave reviews, by all accounts, but not enough to rejuvenate the Jets’ interest. He’ll be going elsewhere, and has two more visits lined up for next week.

18 responses to “Jets wanted Randy Moss last year, but not this year

  1. This is the Jets … you can never have enough trouble makers. Sign him … sigh Shockey too.

  2. I can’t imagine why. Moss and Holmes charming personalities united? Would their duo nickname be “Wake N Bake”?

  3. get edwards back, go back to ground and pound, and lets win the right way. No manning, no moss, no v-jax,…..get tough, it’s how you win

  4. I think the fact that Moss had a fantastic workout is just as damaging as it is helpful to Moss. If he can still fly up and down the field after a year off of football, it simply re-affirms what we all knew two years ago = Moss quit on the Vikings and Titans just like he quit on the Raiders. Why in the hell would anyone want a guy that has quit on 3 different organizations on their roster? At 29 or 30 I guess I understand the taking a low financial risk if you have the right leadership in the locker room (i.e. 2007 Patriots), but at 35 I will be amazed if a team signs this guy.

    As great as his career numbers are, this guys still is and will always be the guy that COULD HAVE BEEN one of the best players of all time if he wanted to be.

  5. Never going to happen but imagine White, Jones, and Moss lined up three wide… Every play would have to be three go routes with Gonzales over the middle…

  6. Duh!!! Ofm course they don’t want him!!!

    He told them to get lost when they showed interest.

    Even the jets aren’t dumb enough to get told same thing 2 years in a row.

    jets cannot attract free agents there that are prime time people & players…Only nut jobs will go there.

  7. Randy would be in F-U mode within 5 minutes of being on the jets. He has a low tolerance for cluster f****.

  8. Lol…sorry but the comment about White, Jones, and Moss running go routes with Gonzalez underneath. You forgot Matt Ryan and/or Mike Smith refuse to throw passes over 15 yards- I wonder if Ryan has the arm.

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