Lawsuit claims Aqib Talib crashed car, threatened woman

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Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib is facing yet another accusation of wrongdoing, this time in a civil suit from a woman who claims he crashed into her car and then threatened “to put a cap in [her]” December 2010.

The Tampa Tribune reports that the plaintiff, Betty Atwood, claims Talib caused a traffic accident between the two of them, then threatened her. She is suing him for $15,000, saying she suffered physical injuries, depression, anxiety, and “severe emotional distress.”

This lawsuit is the least of Talib’s legal worries at the moment: He’s scheduled to go on trial this month in Texas on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Talib has been in trouble over other incidents including an allegation that he punched a cab driver and two separate fights in which he punched teammates.

11 responses to “Lawsuit claims Aqib Talib crashed car, threatened woman

  1. This accusation is a joke. No accident report. No contact with any authorities. Not saying anything about it for 15 months. No proof. She has NOTHING on Talib. This won’t even make it to court. Ms. Atwood’s just trying to pick up a quick 15 G’s by falsifying accusations against a player who’s been in trouble with the law before. Also, I fail to see the connection of depression/anxiety. “He said he was going to put a cap in me, so I just became really sad about life for the next few months.” If she had any real physical injuries she wouldn’t have waited 15 months to make this public.

  2. If there was an accident, there would have been a police report, and an insurance claim… Plain and simple.

    If there were injuries, she would be getting paid. It’s a woman that is trying to make money off of someone… This is so frigging annoying.

  3. I agree with the above posters about the woman being an opportunist, and it smacks of someone trying to make some $$ off of a trouble-prone individual who can afford to pay out. That being said, I think it’s high time for the Bucs organization to cut ties with Talib. I think everyone was tired of him after the first baker’s dozen of arrests. The only thing he’s putting a cap in is roster space!

  4. This is why she should carry a gun. The next big threatening man that says he’ll cap me get two taps,maybe a third if he’s still standing.

  5. I’m just sick of this guy. Even if this is all made up he still needs to get bounced. I have no doubt he can be pro bowl caliber player. But with that said, he needs to get it together off the field. I’m a young black male, grew up in one of the rougher parts of Tampa and went through the whole dad walkin out thing. I’m not rich or have a fancy degree but I’ve never been to jail. Wake up and smell the folgers kid. Every year the NFL has this thing called a draft and you can easily be replaced.

  6. I still have no problem with this guy. Has he messed up in the past, yes, has anything been really bad? No.

    All I have seen is alligations… a lot of them, with absolutely NO PROOF!

    It gets old…. I still like Talib.

  7. While I agree the suit sounds like BS, it’s not like he’s a useless loser who puts himself in the kind of position to have bad things happen.
    Oh…. Yes he is.
    Sorry…. I got mixed up for a second.

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