Length of deal holding up Alex Smith contract

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With five days to go before the start of free agency, the 49ers and quarterback Alex Smith still haven’t come to terms on a new contract leaving some to wonder about what is holding things up.

According to a report from Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the length of the contract is a big snag. The 49ers have an offer on the table for Smith that’s reportedly for three years while Smith and agent Tom Condon are looking for a five-year pact. There’s also a difference in terms of the amount of guaranteed money, although that’s probably not totally exclusive from the length of the deal.

The fact that both sides want to make a long-term commitment to one another will probably wind up building a bridge over the gap between them before the start of free agency. That doesn’t mean it will absolutely happen, of course, but the 49ers have always seemed comfortable sticking with Smith and there’s no question that Smith is comfortable playing in the offense that Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman built around him last season.

Should Smith wind up shopping himself to other teams, Barrows points out that Scot McCloughan, the general manager who originally drafted Smith in San Francisco, is now working for the Seahawks. Seattle’s in the market for a quarterback and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they might find a way to let Condon know that if Peyton Manning, who is also repped by Condon, doesn’t want to play for them that they’d be interested in making a play for Smith.

There’s still plenty of time for things to play out, but now we have some idea of what’s keeping Smith and the 49ers from reaffirming to one another.

27 responses to “Length of deal holding up Alex Smith contract

  1. Stay pat on that 3 year deal 49ers…If he doesnt sign it within the next 5 Days GET PEYTON! CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

  2. Don’t pay that guy a lot of guaranteed money! Charlie Whitehurst is a free agent and just as average as Smith.

    Smith isn’t very good at all. He’s way too inconsistent. If you are going to pay a QB that kind of money go out and get Flynn.

  3. Smith’s not getting more that 3 years guaranteed cos Kap will be ready then. I can see 4 years with 4th voidable.

    Can’t see Peyton happening tho. Baalke is building through the draft and realistically if we add some vet wr help (hello V-Jax!) we’ve got enough talent to make a sb run next year.

  4. He should be just happy with backup QB money because the 49ers might be the ONLY team to offer him starting QB money.

  5. Even 3 years is too much for him. I honestly don’t see it as he’s obviously the weak link on that team…

  6. 49ers, hold your ground.

    Alex was good last year, but not great. Would like to see him back but we cannot treat him like the future of this team.

    Alex already scalped the team for 6 years, no sense in getting jobbed again.

    Fool me once, same on you, fool me twice…

  7. He should be happy with what they are offering him. He sucked for so long and they kept him around and pretty much gave him a lot of money for doing nothing except for last year. And its not like he is coming off a small salary. He has been getting paid as a no. 1 overall pick before the rookie salary cap started.

  8. Time to cut the cord, and devote the cap space to Peyton. Win big now, AND groom Kaepernick and/or Tolzien for the future.

  9. I knew all Smith wanted out of this contract was a commitment by the organization. I don’t think it’s about money as much as it is a “You said I’m your guy, I did what was asked of me now prove it.”

  10. The parties should be able to come to an agreement – Smith won’t find too many other suitors and except for the off chance the 49ers can sign Peyton, there are not many free agents who are a big step up from Smith.

    SF fans need to hope that Smith performs like he did against the Saints, rather than the type of game he had against the Giants.

  11. They need to give their late first round pick to the Steelers for Mike Wallace because they can’t depend on Ted Ginn.

  12. Some info for the writer, Scott Mcalcoholic wasnt the GM that drafted him, yes he was employed by the niners but he was Mike Nolan’s and Mike McCarty’s choice.

  13. Don’t say thinkgs like “Alex Smith might go to Seattle”, I really don’t want to break out the pitchforks, fire and brimstone and storm Seahawks HQ in protest. 9rs can keep him.

  14. Everyone knows that he’s a below average starter even with the offense tailored to minimize his weaknesses. Smith needs to take whatever offer the 49ers make, and hope that defense can carry him to the playoffs again.

  15. I am thinking letting him hit the open market only makes it cheaper for him to stay with the 49ers. The 9ers will reward him handsomly for what he did last year, where other teams will pay him less for the way he performed in the NFC Championship game. Whether they get Peyton or get a legit WR, for Alex to throw to, I still like there chances to go far. GO 9ERS!!

  16. LOL this turd is actually DECLINING a 3 year offer? The same guy who lead the 29th ranked passing offense and was told by the QB whisperer to play it safe and not turn it over because he has no talent. Yet he thinks he “deserves” a 5 year deal.

    Let me tell you something turd. You barely deserve 1. You are like the annoying kid at recess that just won’t go away. Year after year we hear constant excuses on why you can’t develop into a competent pocket passer. Receivers suck, line sucks, playcalling, coaching, etc…….If you want your 5 years, do us all a favor and get the hell out and see how well you fare on the open market.

    The day Alex Smith is FINALLY gone is the day I scream “Hallelujah!” at the top of my lungs that whole day.

  17. More folks sipping on the Alex Smith Haterade, again. This guy can’t get a break. Why is it only the douches who have nothing nice to say, are the only ones with the the nuggets to open their gaps? Yeah, Alex Smith had a solid, but unexciting season. The Niners as an organization has been terrible over the last 10 Yeats, not just Alex. Finally, he gets weapons, protection, and coaching all going in the right direction. Give the guy a second season in the same offense, with the same coaching staff and his bevy of weapons. Give him a couple key needed weapons (WR) and watch him succeed.

  18. This is Alex Smith’s best chance to get a big contract….He should .sign with Shanahan and the Skins. they’ll pay him big, plus I think he’s a perfect for Shanahan’s system.

  19. i dont know what alex smiths problem is sign the contract he went many years maken lots of money with no production.if i was the niners i wouldnt make the same mistake twice passen on another qb that will take us to the superbowl like they passeed on drew brees dont pass on manning besides colin will learn alot from manning

  20. They can go with Kappy, he can can go to Seattle and 49er fans can watch Alex in the playoffs again this year while they get the 8-8 that was going to make them warm and fuzzy last year…

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