Mannings take money out of Drew Brees’ pocket

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees received last week the franchise tag.  Specifically, the Saints gave him the exclusive version of the tag, which makes him eligible for a one-year salary equal to the average of the five highest 2012 cap numbers for quarterback, as of April 20.

The non-exclusive version of the quarterback franchise tender is expected to be in the range of $14.4 million (we don’t know the real number because the league has yet to finalize the 2012 cap number, which is critical to determining the non-exclusive franchise tenders).  It’s unclear what the exclusive version will be, but in the past two days the contracts of Peyton and Eli Manning have taken a chunk out of the eventual calculation.

On Wednesday, Peyton’s cap number for 2012 plunged from $17 million to (for now) zero.

As Alper pointed out earlier, Eli’s 2012 cap number has dropped from $16.35 million to $9.6 million.

And so, in a roundabout way, these contracts will impact the average of the top five quarterback cap numbers as of 2012.

But there’s hope.  If Peyton signs a front-loaded deal with a high cap number for 2012, that could help nudge Brees’ franchise tender higher.

And the fact that Brees and Manning are represented by the same firm could make pumping up Peyton’s 2012 cap number a slightly bigger priority than it otherwise would have been.

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  1. This is all written as if Brees is going to play one year for the franchise tender and then skip town, which we all know isn’t going to happen. He’s going to get a long-term deal and his salary for this season is going to be much higher than $14.4 million.

  2. Yeah, I am sure that the Manning brothers were really thinking about Brees when they were doing their dealings with their teams/ex-teams.

    They were doing what work out in their best interests, whatever that might be.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much if I was Brees, I’m sure some coach has been collecting a pool of money from the players for just such an event…

  4. The Saints took a big risk by giving Drew the initial $60+Mil contract when his shoulder was hurt and Saban didn’t want him. And he’s earned every penny. It’s been great for both Drew and the Saints. And the fans. And the city.

    Now the Saints have offered him $20Mil per year, more than any QB has made, yet he turns it down, causes them to use the franchise tag, and thereby makes it likely that Nicks ( who helps protect his skinny butt ), Colston ( who catches passes in a crowd ) and Meachum ( who outruns almost everybody ) will not remain with the team. Meanwhile, the wrath of Goodell is coming, further reducing the team’s competitiveness with suspensions of players and coaches.

    So it’s not unreasonable to believe that Drew will leave NOLA after next season. Not at all. Especially after a disasterous losing season which seems to be on the way.

    After all, didn’t Manning leave the Colts over money? And Drew seems to be adopting the Peyton way – not the Eli way.

  5. sj39 says:
    “I look for Brees to decide he would be better off elsewhere”

    I honestly don’t see that happening. I think Brees will show some loyalty to the city of New Orleans if not the organization.

  6. Drew Brees is all about Drew Brees. He doesn’t care about anything else.

    He made it clear when the players were on strike(yes, I said STRIKE) when he made the comments of how he wasn’t worried about those that came before him or after him. Then he showed how two-faced he was by trying to backtrack off those comments.

    He doesn’t care if the team has enough money to field a competitive team, he just wants his money.
    He doesn’t give a flip about loyalty, he just wants his money.

    He doesn’t care about retirees, he just wants his money. He is a greedy, two-faced, hypocrit.

    And I actually like the Saints.

  7. First sentence was indicative of sloppy writing:

    “Saints quarterback Drew Brees received last week the franchise tag.”

    You could’ve gone several ways that would’ve been better:

    1. Last week Saints quarterback Drew Brees received the frachise tag.

    2. Saints quarterback Drew Brees received the franchise tag last week.

    3. Saints Quarterback Drew Brees last week received the franchise tag.

    But instead you went that way. Why?

  8. I’m in favor of anything to that leads to the detriment of the Saints. RISE UP FALCONS!

  9. “Saints quarterback Drew Brees received last week the franchise tag.”
    Take you to school I must

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