Marino thinks Manning fits in Miami, or anywhere else

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Count the Dolphins’ greatest quarterback among those who think it’s time for another great quarterback in Miami.

Dan Marino said today that he’s delighted at the idea of Peyton Manning landing with the Dolphins, and he believes his old team would be a good fit as Manning’s new team.

“There’s great tradition there. We’ve had a couple off years but believe me, they’ll be back,” Marino told the Associated Press. “It’s a great franchise and they’ll get it turned around.”

Marino also made a good point about what kind of player Manning is, responding to the talk in some circles that Manning needs to land on a team with the right offensive system: If Manning is 100 percent healthy and the same player he was before last year’s neck surgeries, he doesn’t need to land in the right offensive system. He’ll make any offense the right system. The system will become the Peyton Manning system.

“I think he fits with anybody,” Marino said. “He’s one of the best to ever play the game at that position. So wherever he ends up playing, if he’s healthy, which is going to be important to Peyton, I’m sure he wants to go out there and play at a high level. Wherever he plays, he’ll be a huge impact for that team.”

Marino said he doesn’t plan to call Manning because he thinks Manning can make his own decision. It wouldn’t be surprising, however, if Dolphins owner Stephen Ross were to ask Marino to make the call: Manning has said Marino was his favorite quarterback growing up, and as the Dolphins try hard to woo Manning, a call from his childhood hero couldn’t hurt.

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  1. Even with the Fins as a division rival, I hope Manning signs with Miami. Watching he and Brady go at it twice a year would be fun.

    In other news: the Jets still hate Mark Sanchez. Unless Manning tells them he’s not interested in going to NYC, in which then the Jets will love Mark Sanchez again.

  2. Different owner, different coaches, 8+/- qb’s have gone to Miami to die, dysfunctional owner concerned about celebrity status i.e. selling minority ownership to celebrity.

  3. Who would know better about greatness than Dan Marino. His comments are all true about Peyton. Bet Peyton is working out right now. Being a perfectionist, he’ll want to be as close as possible to 100% before he starts with a new team. He would make an immediate impact in Miami, in more ways than one.

  4. One thing Manning is used to is his previous owner could not speak in public if his life depended on it. If he’s in to that, he’ll love Ross!

  5. Marino is touching on what I can’t comprehend. All the talking heads say that they will have to run the Manning offense because he knows it and he knows more about football than most coaches and that is why he will not go to Miami because Philbin wants to run his offense. Well if Manning is so smart can’t he learn Philbin’s offense or anyone elses in a matter of days?

    These talking heads just have to make things up.

  6. This is what makes me think it won’t be Miami. They need him to be good this yr. Kc and Houston will be good even if he doesn’t come.

  7. Don’t see him playing in Miami for the sole reason that he’s essentially still in Marino’s shadow. I’m not buying the cold weather excuse his people gave to the Redskins, it was a way to squirm out of that situation – he does not want to play Eli every year and twice a season. I’m telling you, this has New York Jets written all over it.

  8. Update, Miami has little Cap space for Manning, roughly 12 million, Obviously that not even close to what they need to sign him. Thats not even one years salary. Oh yeah sure will just ask 10 players on the team to give up money (restructure) so they can sign Manning, right,,, so easy to say.

  9. Manning is just a stop gap QB. He’s 36 and 1 clean shot away from it being out of the NFL on any given play. He has maybe 2 good years left at the most and that’s if he stays healthy. The Colts did the right thing as they have to look to the future.

  10. What Marino says to the press and what he says to Manning in private will be two different things. Notice he didn’t praise Ross or Ireland, but rather the franchise in terms of it rich history. If Manning asks him about the current ownership & front office, I expect him to be honest as to what he really knows. If Manning wants a good shot at a Super Bowl, he’ll go elsewhere.

  11. Miami has tried several (read: way too many) different QBs since Dan retired. They should have looked for his replacement while he was still there to teach the new kid. Many of those QBs were flatout scrubs but a couple had some talent. Of all that have started only Pennington had any semblance of leadership. His issue was an already sub-par arm that was further weakened by annual shoulder issues. Peyton Manning may not be 100% but if he can make the throws necessary then they have to try to get him. He instantly fills the team leadership void. That alone is worth a hefty price. The Dolphins have a good team but they have folded late in games over the last few years because there was not really a strong leader that could get the rest of the team to step up their game when it counted. Manning’s presence would help win at least 50% of those close games. By doing that, the Dolphins become a formidable team that could challenge the Patriots for the division and even contend for deep playoff run.

  12. hey peyton, you have 2-3 years left in this league… arent catching up to your bro in SB titles by spending those years in miami.

  13. If the Dolphins sign Manning, in 3-4 years they’ll be right back in their post-Marino doldrums.

    They need to move on from the “one piece away!” mentality that has dogged them since Shula’s last years (when it was at least a little closer to being valid) and focus on building a stable franchise with young players that will be there for a while.

    Whoever ends up signing Manning needs to win a Super Bowl with him FAST to justify leveraging their future for a short-term – potentially endangered – fix, and I’m gonna guess the Dolphins won’t. Which means the signing would be a failure.

    Mercenaries NEVER work in the NFL, especially when they’re past-their-prime QBs.

  14. Manning will want full money, with all injury risk to the team. And he won’t want to work out or be examined by team doctors. That will cut a lot of teams out of the bidding. And some of the teams being talked about have no cap space for his mega contract. So really, there won’t be a lot of teams in a bidding war. He’ll be lucky to get two serious bids. More likely one, with a couple other lowball bids. He’ll still get big money, if only because an owner will be stupid.

    I’d give him the first year guaranteed, and the rest injury-protected for the team.

  15. Manning to Miami..

    I think Miami will sign him before he throws..

    Peyton will be a Dolphin or a Cardinal..I wish Jay Glazer would report something on this, that way we know whats up.

  16. Texans are the clear team if they are even mildly interested, then the Chiefs in my opinion.
    The Texans have a nasty young defense, stud offensive skill position players, play in a dome, in a suspect division (which oh by the way is in the Colts division). The Chiefs have a really young but talented team that a stud qb could really tie together.

  17. Interesting to consider all the potential motives Manning might have. We’ve got Eli’s location, coaches, weather, media circuses, etc.

    If he’s considering path to a Super Bowl only, then a team like the Chiefs does start to make more sense. AFC East would be tough – having to fight through both the Pats and the Jets’ defense twice a year, and needing to win the division (almost impossible with the Pats there) or else get stuck on a miserably hard road through the playoffs. (Note those Cinderella underdogs are mostly in the NFC.)

    The division with the most immediately reachable title may be the AFC West. Though all of the teams should be better next season, it’s always a tight scrum where a variable like Manning could tip the balance. The NFC West is also very manageable, with the exception of what looks like a very solid 49ers suddenly barring the way.

    So, the AFC gives the best shot at a division title, but the NFC is most forgiving for wild cards. Tough call.

  18. “Count the Dolphins’ greatest quarterback among those who think it’s time for another great quarterback in Miami.”

    Bob Griese might have something to say about that statement.

  19. Having followed Manning from day ONE in the NFL, I can say one thing that I know for sure.
    PM knows who he wants to play for already and he knew weeks ago.
    The man doesn’t blow his nose without considering what the consequences will be.

  20. People: Miami doesn’t have the cap space to sign Manning AND Wayne…esp for the short term.

    Both will prob want guaranteed money for a few years.

  21. Marino doesn’t need to call Manning since they’re playing golf together. It’s that “Miami situation” again.

  22. The Dolphins play in Indianapolis next season.

    What are people’s thoughts on how this might effect Manning’s decision:

    A) more likely to go to Miami due to revenge factor?

    B) Less likely to go to Miami because he loves the fans in Indy and wouldn’t want to go there and beat them?

    2) No effect whatsoever?

    Interested to see what people think. Keep it civil.

  23. Under the current ownership:

    Dolphins went after John Harbough and ended up settling for Tony Sparano
    Dolphins went after Jeff Fisher and ended up settling for Joe Philbin
    Now the Dolphins are after Peyton Manning and will probably end up settling for Matt Flynn or someone else.

    History repeats itself.

    Even if they sign Manning and he plays for 5 years, what makes you think he’ll make it to even 1 Superbowl, let alone win it. In 14 years with the Colts the “greatest quarterback ever” only made it to two and lost one. And if any other quarterback besides Grossman were playing for the Bears, Manning would have lost that one as well. Signing manning just means the franchise will once again be in shambles after he retires, he won’t let any quarterback develop under him, pray they have at least 1 lucky season if they sign him.

    And who cares what Dan Marino, another “greatest quarterback ever”, says. How many Superbowls did he take the Dolphins to? How many did he win?

  24. @realitypolice

    If he wants “revenge” on the Colts, the Chiefs would almost be better than the Dolphins because the Colts come to Arrowhead in 2012. It would surely be a night game, and there’s nothing quite like the crowd at an Arrowhead night game.

  25. @yelix:

    That’s a great point. And I actually think the Chiefs are a good landing spot- they become the absolute clear favorite in that division with him.

    And he could get revenge on the franchise without having to subject himself to going into the Stadium that he built and doing it in front of the fans he still loves.

  26. Really Dan “a couple of off years”, I think that figure is closer to 30 off years, team has been irrelevent for a while now…sad that Dolphin fans can’t see it!

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