Namath thinks Jets too dysfunctional for Peyton

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Joe Namath about the state of the Jets, but Peyton Manning’s availability has him feeling chatty.

Namath spoke to Bloomberg News and Metro New York about the prospect of Manning joining the Jets, but he doesn’t see it happening. Namath thinks the Jets have too much cleaning up to do after last season for Manning to consider joining the team.

“The Jets have to get things together on their own turf before someone with his background would be interested in coming,” Namath said.

The only Jets quarterback to win a Super Bowl also thinks the Jets should stick with the quarterback they already have. Namath thinks Mark Sanchez deserved more respect from his teammates last season and that he deserves a little bit more from the Jets as well.

“These guys — the Jets — thought Sanchez was a championship quarterback. Has that suddenly changed now?” Namath said. “I haven’t heard that. Let them come out and say it. I haven’t heard that and I don’t think they should.”

When he wasn’t sharing his thoughts about the chances that Manning joins his younger brother at the Meadowlands, Namath also shared some thoughts about his own late career shift in teams after medical issues helped ease him out the door with the only team he’d ever played for. Namath said he wasn’t prepared for how difficult it would be to go to a new team and system, but added that he thought Manning would do a better job of transitioning because of his attention to detail.

52 responses to “Namath thinks Jets too dysfunctional for Peyton

  1. Joe knows.

    Jimmy knows too.

    Jimmy Johnson ‏ @JimmyJohnson
    “Everything points to Manning signing with Miami..both sides want it..perfect fit!”

  2. Wow…I simply can’t believe how ego driven NFL players are. It’s like the media is their outlet to show how bitter they can be after they retire.

    Thank God we have other sports to learn something about sportsmanship.

  3. I find it very interesting that the icon of the franchise continues to speak the truth about the most dysfuncutional organization in the NFL. The team that make the most sense is the Dolphins but somehow Stephen Ross is going to screw it up leaving Miami as a bigger joke than the jests.

    If the Dolphins do not sign Peyton, turn the lights out the party is over !

  4. Joe Namath is one of the ONLY people with the chops to speak his truth regarding the Jets! Winning QB for the ONLY Jets team to win it all. Yeah, that should qualify him alright.

  5. There’s no way Manning would play for the Jets. He’s far too poised, experienced, and humble of a player to let a loudmouthed embarrassment be his HC.

  6. Jets ownership and management must really be loving Joe right about now. This is not the first time he’s come out publicly and dropped a big steaming one on them.

  7. “The Jets have to get things together on their own turf before someone with his background would be interested in coming,” Ok. That’s a good point.

    “These guys — the Jets — thought Sanchez was a championship quarterback. Has that suddenly changed now?” Namath said. “I haven’t heard that. Let them come out and say it. I haven’t heard that and I don’t think they should.” And there he goes again. Causing problems. Why does he have to do this?

    Be quiet Joe Namath! If you don’t have anything to say that isn’t going to cause problems, then don’t say anything at all!

  8. Namath why can you just follow the other 1968-69 Jets and shutup and live there lives. No wonder why NO OTHER COACH had you sit in on team meetings until Rex showed up. Your just a negitive influence on the organization and are making it difficult for the team staff to do there job. Your like a Frat alumni that graduated 30 years ago but still live in the frat house.

    Btw thanks for the only Ring the Jets got, but go bother Stafford and the rams. You should be able to get in the club house, I believe shotty is there.

  9. Manning is used to running the offense…..Rex Ryan won’t allow that to happen…It probably isn’t a good fit.

    Frankly, I don’t think any of the NFL franchises would know how to properly use Manning in the first season.

  10. Really? You think? That line is worthless without Nick Mangold. Rex has a big mouth. And the Jets are the ugly step sister to the Gmen.

  11. Why would all you knuckleheads that hate Namath even read this post, let alone waste your time responding? Sure, he’s an old lunatic alcoholic, but his comments aren’t really outrageous or inaccurate.

  12. If Miami gets PM that will be great. If not it won’t be because Ross or anybody else “Screwed Up”. It will just be a business transaction that didn’t work out. It happens in Business everyday. Then you move on. It’s not a matter of National Security or Nuclear Warfare. It’s Football, that’s all.

  13. Joe isn’t a Jet hater. He’s just a guy who knows the game, knows the Jets, and tells the truth. That’s never very popular with the home crowd.

  14. IvevBeen preaching the dysfunctional stance for the last few months. No way Manning will be a Jet. Thank God for that.

  15. Namath may have his own issues but recognizing the state of the Jets isn’t one of them. At least Namath isn’t living in a state of denial like jets fans have been. Jets fans like to hate on Namath because he tells the truth about the Jets, Rexy, the dysfunction within the locker room and the fans don’t want to hear it because they don’t want to believe it even though it’s been slappin’ ’em in the face for a couple of years now.

  16. Way to go Jets. By mentioning Manning, who you are not getting, you just crushed the already fragile confidence of Sanchez.

  17. In NFL News Jets traded Joe Namath to Miami, for Miami’s Undefeated Team… you know since they all hate their teams.

  18. jgava19

    Give Rex Ryan some credit. This is all part of his master plan to instill confidence, first by taking a young QB who came to the team after his junior year of college and proceeding to guarantee said young QB will lead the team to a Super Bowl that season, and when that didn’t happen, guaranteed It yet again, placing ever more pressure in the young QB hoping to develop in the media spotlight of a bombastic coach, intense media market, and a fan base perpetually in need of medication.

    Then, just when Rex’s version of a guarantee couldn’t hold any less water, Rex goes and openly guarantees that Sanchez will remain the starter as long as he’s the coach.

    Soon after that guarantee goes the way of the Super Bowl guarantees and talk of Manning arises.

    This is all part of a plan by Rex to instill confidence in a young developing fragile QB. At least that’s what Jets fans are trying to convince themselves of.

  19. WHy don’t the jets just get Cambell. I’m all in on him. He is a little underrated but he knows how to manage a game. He will also put pressure on Sanchez where Sanchez can realize that he can lose his starting spot and maybe earn it.

  20. Did they know Sanchez’s confidence was “fragile” when they traded up to take him in the top 5?

    All those who want their team to have a QB with “fragile” confidence, raise your hand.

  21. Personally I feel Tony Sparano shouldn’t have been fired. I think he should have been kept, and Matt Moore should be starting next year Miami.

    But because none of that happened, Jets fans can say goodbye to any hopes of Manning as he will most likely wind up in Miami.

  22. I thought Joe could care less about the team stru-ggl-ing? Seams like he cares to me.

  23. Agreed Joe…But Peyton just has a stiff neck…Joe, you were crippled after your third season in the Rotten Apple….and oh yes, Sanchez is a Tony Romo style choke artist. They keep trying to buy a championship and that does not work. However, Manning would simply be there with no real talent around him…Brett tried and what happened?

    Ryan is not smart enough. The GM is not bright enough and poor Woody is clinging onto the team for something to do and they keep taking that Johnson and Johnson money from him and as Jerry Jones and Danny Snyder proved, you cannot buy the golden trophy…But hey, they could always try to switch to the NFC East and get out big Bill’s wheelhouse. Sorry Jets, but you are doomed until the loud mouth coach and tag along GM are gone.

  24. Joe showed restraint when drunk. Come one, I Wanna kiss Suzy…Hell, give me a few Johnny Walker Reds and a percocet and I would tell her about what part of her anatomy may be on desired menu for the night!

  25. New Jersey don’t need two teams. The Giants are the true team of that area anyway. The NFL should force the jets to go to L.A.

  26. “Namath thinks SANCHEZ should lead the Jets is like saying you want to see the Jets fail. The Jets won his first 2 season inspite of him not because of him with all the talent the Jets had year before last when they lost to the Steelers if we had any other mature QB we would have seen the super that year. Our DEFENSE and RUN carried the team NOT Sanchez people get so absent minded in regard to him talking about how great he was he was never good! DOnt get madd at the players for being human and calling it it for what it is they are trying to leak word for help they dont want to be stuck with a loser. I like the kid but not as a NY JET quarterback. While I agree with Ole Boy that it is too toxic right now that could all change if we get rid of Sanchez and who would take him, WHO what would be get for him nothing! who would eat 14million he would get that no where else- The Jets would have to cut him to Get a QB of Peyton status now we going to probably have to face him with you golden boy Sanchez smh- I am a fan and a realist… We CAN’T! win with Sanchez!

  27. It sounds like Joe’s on the jug again, Ray Charles in his present state can see Sanchez is a bum. Joe you’re better off chasing pu$$y rather than evaluating the Jets needs.

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