NFL teams wary of Marques Colston in free agency

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Free agent Marques Colston has been one of the NFL’s most productive wide receivers over the past six seasons. He’s averaged 75 catches for 1,040 yards and eight touchdowns per year.

But Colston isn’t your typical “No. 1 receiver.” While blessed with a large catch radius, impressive body control, and ideal size (6-foot-4, 225), Colston does not create separation in the perimeter passing game and has spent much of his career playing slot receiver in the league’s most pass-heavy offense.

According to Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune, “some personnel men” around the NFL have reservations about Colston’s ability to stay so productive in another system. He has played in a dome, and for a team with an annually high-octane offense that racks up yards and points. Colston’s quarterback, Drew Brees, doesn’t miss. He’s led the league in completion rate in three consecutive seasons.

A late-February story from Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe hinted at similar concerns. Citing NFL scouts, Bedard’s report suggested fellow Saints free agent receiver Robert Meachem “could have a bigger impact than Colston elsewhere.” Meachem, of course, has been much less productive than Colston in New Orleans.

Long-term durability is another concern. The free agent has undergone at least six known surgeries in his NFL career, five of which have been on Colston’s knees. He turns 29 in June.

Colson’s is not expected back with the Saints.

39 responses to “NFL teams wary of Marques Colston in free agency

  1. Finally someone who get’s it. Rarely, will a receiver make a QB better, but a great QB will make an average receiver better every time….

  2. Indoor receiver catching passes from an indoor QB. He has to lose some credit for that.

  3. Don’t think the demand for veteran free agent WR is going to be that great all around. Very deep crop of rookies this year. Remember Colston was late round pick who stepped right in and had one of his best seasons as a rookie. There are a few like him in the draft, I think.

  4. pacodawg says:
    Mar 8, 2012 5:16 PM
    Get used to it fans………….McCoy to Colston for a TD!


    Lessean McCoy option pass??? Interesting thought. I know your not thinking that Colt McCoy will still be a starting QB next year….

  5. Colston isn’t given enough credit here.

    Not your “typical” number 1 reciever? The numbers don’t lie. They are number 1 reciever type numbers.

    He was New Orleans number 1 reciever for a pretty long time. 29 is not very old for a reciever either.

    There are easily five or six teams (Rams, Vikings, Bucs) that could potentially sign Colston to be their number 1 reciever. After Vincent Jackson, I think he is the best free agent wide reciever on the market, although Pierre Garcon is pretty intriguing as well.

    Colston is a number 1 caliber reciever.

  6. That sounds pretty accurate to me…Colston is talented and seems very mature when I hear him in interviews but he did benefit a lot from an accurate QB and a coach who is one of the best at exploiting match ups. I could see him doing well in St. Louis because Bradford has an accurate arm and Brian Schottenheimer is also good at utilizing his players’ skill sets (he did it a lot with Dustin Keller when he was play calling for the Jets, in spite of having to babysit that lazy doofus Mark Sanchez).

  7. caseyanthonymunoz says:
    Mar 8, 2012 5:17 PM
    Indoor receiver catching passes from an indoor QB. He has to lose some credit for that.

    The only thing that could be worse would be if somehow, both Brees and Colston had known what the defensive calls would be…not that would ever happen in a game and be done by any other team.

  8. I love what Marques has brought to the Saints, but hope the Saints try harder to keep Meachem, who I think can be even more productive.

  9. If he goes to New England or Green Bay we’d likely see similar production, assuming his health holds out. Anywhere else…

  10. Buyer Beware, He has a knack for dropping the ball in ALL big games. Check the 2006 NFC Championship Game, 2010 Superbowl, 2011 Opening night vs the Packers(I believe he had the lone turnover in this game), he may also have a drop or fumble vs the Seahawks in the 2011 Playoffs(can’t remember for sure). He seems to get nervous, and has made me very nervous in Big Games.

  11. Maybe he winds up wherever that OTHER Qb who has a knack for making recievers look good winds up.

  12. mikebe1 says:
    Mar 8, 2012 5:25 PM
    The bills want everybody lol y’all could have brady and still suck

    First, learn to write a sentence before posting.

    Second, who in Buffalo said anything about Colston?

    Third and last, you’re a hater.

  13. Someone will overpay for him. Santana Moss would have similar #s if he was in New Orleans.

  14. Colson’s is not expected back with the Saints.
    Only true if he gets big money from another team. If not, he could definitely be back.

  15. As a Saints fan, this is good news. More teams wary of Colston makes it more likely he’s re-sign with the Saints. Anyone who thinks Marques Colston is an average receiver either hasn’t consistently watched him play, or is just a hater. NFL players voted Colston #55 in the NFL’s Top 100 players for 2011 (ahead of Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, Brandon Loyd, and Miles Austin).

  16. Would hurt Bree’s bc he was obviously his favorite and most reliable target. Interesting that the Saints wrapped up a deal last year with Lance Moore rather than Colston.

  17. Agreed….Colston is not your typical #1 receiver…..but he’s damn good and someone will pick him up for a very high price.

  18. I would love to say the Bills should sign him, but they don’t need another slot, possession type receiver. they need a big guy that can get downfield. then the only challenge is Fitz actually throwing accurate downfield passes.

  19. He should stay with Brees, the man who made him. He’s a disappointment waiting to happen with a lesser QB. Drew Brees is Money.

    In the past I would be sooooooo worried about the ‘skins signing him. This year, not so much. They don’t need a slot guy, the need a true #1 wideout.

  20. I sure hope we get to keep our pretty reliable, big hands, fast healing, not-afraid-to-take-a-hit number 12.

    Every real Saints fan knows how great he is. Meachem just hasn’t made the same impact. I would rather wish Robert well and welcome Marques back into the fold.

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