Peyton Manning’s camp has already heard from 12 teams


NFL teams are wasting no time in declaring their interest in free agent quarterback Peyton Manning.

Of the NFL’s 32 teams, 12 of them contacted Manning’s representatives in the hours after the Colts made his release official, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Among the teams that have reportedly reached out are the Cardinals, Seahawks, Broncos, Dolphins, Redskins, Titans and Jets. At least five other teams that are keeping their intentions quiet for now have also privately reached out.

Manning said there is no favorite because he has had no time to start looking ahead, but that he expects that process to start soon.

“I literally have not had one conversation with anyone about these teams,” Manning told reporters upon arriving in Miami. “But now I realize that process has to start. I haven’t thought about teams.”

The process will include Manning showing teams that he can throw, perhaps at individual workouts or perhaps at a pro day-style workout that every team is welcome to attend. While Manning said on Wednesday that his throwing is improving, he didn’t say it’s back to where it was before last year’s neck surgeries. So it’s not clear whether he’s ready to throw for teams now.

But when he is ready, at least 12 teams want to be there.

16 responses to “Peyton Manning’s camp has already heard from 12 teams

  1. So if Peyton decides to go on this cross country tour, count Miami out, because they will be signing Matt Flynn as of 4 pm on Tuesday..The video of Manning with the reporters looked to me as if he may have his eyes elsewhere other than Miami.

    There is absolutely no way he hasn’t given all of this any thought. He has known for months what was going to happen. That was the purpose of the whole Duke video thing. I kinda wonder if he may do a workout or two, then ultimately retire.

    Leaving everyone in Indianapolis at ease..

  2. I kinda wonder if he may do a workout or two, then ultimately retire.

    Leaving everyone in Indianapolis at ease..

    I’m thinking he will pick a stacked young defense with some good young offensive parts. He will play 5 more years, win 2 superbowls and have a tough choice as to which team he goes into the HOF with.
    Now let’s see who fits that mold: Niners, Chiefs, Broncos. These are all teams people consider longshots, but are the better situation for him long term.
    Chiefs really stand out as they are almost $40 million under the cap. They can bring him, Wayne and a starting Left Tackle in. With their defense he would be a contender for 3-5 years.

  3. Jets ?: Nope. They may want him, but he doesn’t want to compete in his brother’s city. Also, Rex has that team a mess right now. It is too old of a team and to unstable for Payton to hand his legacy on.

    Dolphins?: Maybe because of warmth, but their key parts are starting to age as well, and it would be a tough road to the playoffs every year.

    Any team on west coast?: Probably not. The only team to consider west of the Rocky Mountains is the Niners because they are stacked. Every other team out there resides in Media Siberia. Think of when Archie wouldn’t let his son play for San Diego. It was about the marketing, not about the team. Teams on the west coast get about 1/3 the coverage of those on the east coast and 1/2 as those in midwest.

  4. I can’t see him working out for each team separately but rather a pro day where all comers show up. Otherwise his arm would be spaghetti before the season starts.
    I get the feeling the one of those teams who want to be silent is Denver, in ‘don’t tell Tebow’.
    I do not believe the owners and GM have as much faith in that guy as they sprout in the news.

  5. Peyton may have known his release was coming, but this man is a worker trying to recover from serious injury. He makes the final decision on where he will play. His agent is paid to field the calls.
    Knew 6 teams were immediately in the hunt, but 12! Obviously the surprise entries in the hunt don’t want to upset their current QB’s. They also must feel that even a recovering Peyton Manning is much better, more reliable than what they have. There has to be 1 team interested that would send shockwaves throughout the league. (I have an idea who it is, but not sayin’). Having already read 8 different newspapers this morning, Peyton is a WANTED MAN! It’s incredible, but so is he. Dan Marino is reported to be recruiting for him as well. Fans expecting to see Flynn-if you think he’s better than Manning (even at 85% recovered), you are crazy. Flynn has only started 2 games. Wake up. Miami would go far into playoffs first year with Peyton!

  6. 12 teams seems believable. I jotted down 10 teams that I thought would be highly likely to be interested (MIA, NYJ, CLE, DEN, KC, WAS, AZ, SEA, JAX, and TEN). I counted another 4 that might take at least make a phone call (BUF, OAK, MIN, SF). The other 18 wouldn’t be interested.

  7. I am glad to see that Peyton is willing to prove he is worth the money that teams are willing to spend on him

    Also hope that the Bucs are one of those teams that “privately” contacted him. Sounds like what the Glaziers would do.

    Go BUCS!

  8. @miamiwesley – No offense, but if you think Miami has ruled out Manning for Matt Flynn, you are crazy! He is not close to the QA Peyton is.

    @chris6523 – Those are good predictions and I would agree on most of them, however, I think Peyton would/will rule out the Jets. I dont think he wants to be in the same city as his little brother, too much press attention for that.

  9. It makes too much sense, it’s Kansas city. Hey have the cap room, the offensive line, the running back, the defense… He only needs a WR… and I hear Reggie Wayne is available. There’s a reason the Chiefs didn’t keep Brandon Carr… That reason is Peyon Manning.

  10. The team that makes the most sense is SF, they are a superbowl contender now. If you add Manning and a consistent wide out on the outside they would be the definite favorite to win it all. They have a great defense, one of the most explosives tightends in football in Davis as well as a good running game with Gore. With out a doubt where ever he decides to go Peyton wants to win now. That’s why SF is the best fit. I just hope that the SF front office is one of the 12 teams that called. Smith had a great year, but he is not Peyton.

  11. My sense is that every team who wants Payton Manning thinks he is just going to step in and BOOM superbowl ring for everyone. No doubt he was a great quarter back, but I do`nt think 2012 he will be anything more then average for him…or less. Unless he is carful, this has a Brett farve ending written all over it.

  12. SF would be great. Go win a a ring or 2 with a great D something manning has never had. I also think Dallas would be instant winners if JJ wants to win now. Tony Romo sucks. As a pats fan I’d like too see him go to the JETS n SUCK.

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