PFT Live: How is Sanchez dealing with Manning chatter?

Mike Florio talks with New York Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta. Mehta talks about the Jets’ interest in Peyton Manning. Florio senses deja vu if the Jets get Peyton Manning, referring to their past acquisition of Brett Favre. Mehta also talks about how Mark Sanchez is taking the news about Manning.

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2 responses to “PFT Live: How is Sanchez dealing with Manning chatter?

  1. Sanchez SUCKS i dont care who we replace him with ne xt year get Rid of him and Ryan too for being such an idiot cheerleader and The GM is the worst of the 3.. We let one bad OC go only to get one that limits us just as much now we will miss out with Peyton, Farve is no Peyton who would take Farve over Peyton WHO? Sanchez should be feeling lucky to have burned the Jets for so much money and taking credit for his Defense and Running backs carrying him the first two years!

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